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Significance and Effect of the 6th House in Astrology

Significance and Effect of the 6th House in Astrology

Vedic astrology houses are called “Bhavas”. Every zodiac sign as well as every planet occupies each house. There are effects of these occupancies, which reflect on our lives. Study of these positions help us understand the effects occurring In our lives due to them.


Significance of the sixth House in Kundli Predictions


The sixth house as per Kundli predictions is about hurdles, problems, and liabilities. The sixth house provides the strength and abilities to overcome these challenges. The sixth house also deals with disagreements and authoritative activities. As per Vedic Astrology, this is called Shatru Bhava.


The Zodiac sign Mercury rules the sixth house.  The body parts related to digestion are covered in this house.


Effect of the sixth House in Kundli Predictions


Sun in the Sixth House


When Sun is in the sixth house, you tend to play safely in everything you do. You avoid taking risks and drive for perfection in your assignments. Due to the precision in your work, you will be able to reach heights.


Moon in the Sixth House


Moon in the sixth house indicates that you have a high emotional quotient. You tend to care for everyone and helping others is your approach to life. You have a strong wish to excel in whatever you do. On the negative side, the imbalance in the house can affect your peace of mind badly.


Jupiter in the Sixth House


Jupiter in the sixth house provides you with a mission for life and a completely satisfying purpose. It will enable you to motivate yourself in service to society. Giving a helping hand to those who need it. They are usually very systematic in their lives.


Venus in the Sixth House


The presence of Venus in the sixth house represents materialistic pleasures. Ornaments, food, and traveling are all they want. And are fortunate enough to have all of these things.


Mars in the Sixth House


Mars being in the sixth house will ensure that you have to put all your efforts into doing a certain job. Nothing comes easy and in handy. Following someone’s instructions is the least preferred situation. You love to work on your own terms.


Mercury in the Sixth House


With Mercury in the sixth house, you become the one putting the highest effort in a job. Working hard becomes your instinct. Others tend to notice this involvement and appreciate the same too. You tend to become the center of attraction.


Saturn in the Sixth House


Saturn in the sixth house, as a planet, represents all work and No play. You get to remain dug in the work all the time because of your responsibilities. It is advisable to take some break from the work and enjoy. Other worldly beautiful things will definitely relax your mind.


Rahu in the Sixth House


Rahu’s presence in the sixth house is very positive. There is an urge to help others who need it and also to successfully manage disagreements and conflicts. You can give this service not only to individuals but on a macro level to the whole society. It also suggests turning your back to arguments that are unnecessary.


Ketu in the Sixth House


The presence of Ketu in the sixth house leads to minute-level attention. You avoid doing the same errors again and again and learn from them. Physical fitness and good health are gifts from Ketu in the sixth house. Ketu also helps in speedy recovery if in case there is a mild illness.




In this science of Astrology predictions help us predict our future depending upon the placements of planets in these houses. We can even understand our past and design our present too. These leads help us to make this journey of life a little less mysterious.


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