Significance and Effect of the 7th House in Astrology

Significance and Effect of the 7th House in Astrology

Vedic Astrology is now developed so much that if can guide us along the journey of life, to make it better and easy to deal with. With the division of Kundli into 12 houses, we can check the effects of placement of each planet in every house on our lives.


Significance of the Seventh House in Kundli Predictions


The Seventh house as per Kundali predictions is about adjustments and compatibility. The Seventh house displays personal and professional equations with our close ones. The Seventh House also impacts the connections we have with people. As per Vedic Astrology, this is called Kalatra Bhava.


The Zodiac sign Libra rules the Seventh house.  The lower side of the back and the kidney are covered in this house.


Effect of the Seventh House in Kundli Predictions


Sun in the Seventh House


When Sun is in the Seventh House, you gain from your personal and professional partnerships. Quick progress awaits you making you feel secure and confident.


Moon in the Seventh House


Moon in the Seventh house means nothing but love, affection, support, and positivity from life partners or business partners. Whether it’s a marriage or a business relationship, the moon in the seventh house provides emotional security.


Jupiter in the Seventh House


Jupiter in the Seventh house provides success, positivity, and optimism. It gives a high chance of winning in any kind of relationship. But expecting too much from a connection can be disastrous. Jupiter makes these ties famous and successful.


Venus in the Seventh House


The presence of Venus in the Seventh house leads to a beautiful married life. There is enjoyment, pleasure, depth, and strengthening in our life. You can have a life full of contentment with monetary and societal progress. Not expecting too much from your partner and having deep love can make your life enjoyable.


Mars in the Seventh House


Mars is in the Seventh house and displays passion, courage, and confidence. The attitude of doing what you feel, without any fear, may cause problems in your married life but can prove to be a boon for your business.


Mercury in the Seventh House


With Mercury in the Seventh house, there is a lack of commitment. There is a preference for pleasure against commitment and engagement. Therefore this is not suitable for romantic relations. Honesty and being upfront will prove to be beneficial.


Saturn in the Seventh House


Saturn in the seventh house, as a planet, represents loyalty and emotional bond. Motivation received from a partner to put in the best can win success. The connection, bond, and relationship will tend to last long even if there is a lack of fulfillment and content in it. This position proves to be most favorable for romantic couples.


Rahu in the Seventh House


Rahu’s presence in the Seventh house displays an urge for impartiality and justice in associations. There is an unusual emotional connection between partners. However, it may not prove to be a good indication of the sense of being faithful. There is an attraction between people who are weirdly different from each other.


Ketu in the Seventh House


The presence of Ketu in the Seventh house is a very unfavorable position on both personal and professional fronts. There can be health problems for you as well as your partner. You might feel the need to be aloof, with yourself alone, and be away from the situation of pleasing everybody around. There can be tiffs in your business partnership too, which may lead to incurring losses. Overall, an unpleasant position.



Astrology predictions help us find out the effects of placement of planets in each house. These placements affect our lives in both positive and negative manner. In Astrology, we can study these effects to deal with our lives in a better way.


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