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Yearly Horoscope 2025

From the House of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla
Prediction by Chirag Daruwalla - Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Ganesha says the year 2025 is in front of you, so you can already make necessary changes in the programs of the coming year. With the efforts of expert astrologers of Bejandaruwalla.com, the year “Horoscope 2025” has been prepared in such a way, that it can include all dimensions of life. This is your horoscope for 2025. Here we have written predictions for 2025 for all zodiac signs. Now when we are telling you the predictions for the year 2025, we know very well its importance and usefulness. Hence, these astrology predictions have been prepared under the supervision of our expert astrologers who have made these predictions keeping in mind the planet transits and retrograde in 2025.

Annual Horoscope As Per Planetary Positions

At the beginning of the year, Mercury will transit in Sagittarius on 4 January 2025 and the last transit of the year will also be in Sagittarius on 29 December 2025. Meanwhile, there will be many such transits that will affect the zodiac signs, some of which are that Venus will transit in Pisces in January 2025, Saturn will transit in Pisces in March, Mars will transit in Cancer in April, Jupiter will transit in Gemini in May. The effects of all the transits and retrograde planets on the zodiac signs during this year are also described in Horoscope 2025.

We have covered various aspects of life including career Astrology, business Astrology, love Predictions, marriage Predictions, health Astrology, family related astrology for the year 2025. Apart from this, while preparing “Bhavishyafal 2025”, we have made a deep study of the movement of stars and its effects. If you have not yet prepared for your future life by looking at the future, then do not delay this time. This “2025 Predictions Astrology” will tell you everything in advance about the coming year. Suppose, you already know that your health may remain bad in October, then you can stop yourself from traveling outside or doing any such work in that month, which can affect your health.

Let us talk some more about the predictions for 2025. Because prediction is an important part of astrology and if everyone believes in astrology, then the main reason behind it is horoscope. Our first task is to provide you with the best predictions for the year 2025. Being the largest astrology-based web portal, we consider it our responsibility to ensure that you get the right and genuine services. For the past many years, we have been working hard to provide correct and useful information to people in the field of astrology. Based on our hard work, we have won the trust of millions of people.

Talk more about our efforts, every year we come to you better. Therefore, while preparing for Annual Horoscope 2025, we have worked harder than before. This time we have tried to bring everything for you. Be it health, love relationships, married life, work, business or job or career. You will get everything here. Many people have been working in the field of astrology for many years. However, only a few of them have been able to make their mark. We are also one of them. It is our responsibility to provide you with the best astrology services. So, take full advantage of Astrology 2025 and make life easier.

Astrology 2025 Analysis

According to Astrology 2025, this year can bring happiness to many zodiac signs and may also bring some problems in the lives of some. Astrological predictions for the year 2025 will prove helpful for the natives. The year may be very good for most of the zodiac signs like Aries, Taurus, and Leo, whereas for the remaining zodiac signs, the year 2025 may bring ups and downs. No situation in life remains the same, hence if people have to face problems in life then they should wait for the right time. Due to the transit in this new year, many zodiac signs may get different results according to the position of the Sun, Moon, and planets.

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Aries 2025 Horoscope

Ganesha says according to Aries 2025 Horoscope, this year there may be a change in your workplace or you may travel abroad for your work. Venus will retrograde on March 2, 2025, which will affect the lives of Aries people, due to which businessmen are likely to get huge profits from their business. Employed people may stay away from their families. This year will be somewhat mixed for you in terms of financial gains. There are chances of students facing problems in their studies. They should not be careless about their health either. Your married life is likely to be very good, but your spouse will have to take care of his/her health also. This year 2025 is not looking favorable for love affairs. You will have to maintain coordination with your lover, otherwise misunderstandings may arise in the relationship. Your health situation is going to be much better. You will continue to enjoy good health. But along with work, it will be important for you to find time for your fitness also.

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Taurus 2025 Horoscope

Ganesha says according to Taurus 2025 Horoscope, this year you will make some new plans regarding your workplace. Mercury transit Taurus on 23rd May 2025, due to which Some people may change their jobs and some may change their business. You will have to keep pace with your superiors and colleagues. The economic situation is likely to be excellent. It is also possible that you may travel long distances to earn money. You can also take some loans this year. There are indications that you will get financial support from your father also. The education of the students will be excellent. Students studying in the fields of esoteric science, research, management accounts, etc. will make great progress. Your married life can be very sweet. Your spouse is likely to make a lot of progress in his/her professional field. This will be a golden time for love relationships. You will get a lot of happiness from your lover. There are signs of your health being very good. Many people will be impressed by your impressive personality.

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Gemini 2025 Horoscope

Ganesha says in the year 2025, you may get some big success in your job. Promotion and attainment of higher positions are also possible. There are signs of getting good profits for those doing business. Jupiter in Gemini in May 2025 may be bad for the Gemini natives. The economic situation will remain strong. This year you can earn a lot of money. Students' education is expected to be good. Some students may also go abroad to pursue higher education. Father's health may remain unfavorable during this period. With Jupiter Transit Gemini in December 2025, you are going to have a very focused attitude towards your career. Married life is likely to be quite pleasant. You will continue to get immense happiness and support from your spouse. The wishes of couples wishing to have a child may be fulfilled during this period. It is possible to organize some auspicious program at home. Mother will have to take care of her health from the month of September onwards. During this period, you will have to be a little cautious about your health. There is a possibility of joint pain and long-term diseases.

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Cancer 2025 Horoscope

Ganesha says according to 2025 Predictions Astrology, people with the Cancer zodiac sign may travel continuously due to their jobs, which will be beneficial for them. Mars transit Cancer in April 2025, due to which you are likely to get a promotion. You will be blessed by senior officials. You can take a loan for business. There are indications that you will get good support in business from friends and partners. You will have to be a little cautious regarding financial matters. Avoid investing money in the stock market and lottery. Students' education will be mixed. There may be some dullness in marital life. It would not be right for your spouse to ignore your health. Venus transit Cancer in August 2025, due to sweetness will be reflected in your love relationships. If you are thinking of expressing your feelings to your beloved person then the time will be favourable. This time will be full of fun for you from the health point of view. On the basis of good efficiency, you will be able to complete many of your tasks on time.

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Leo 2025 Horoscope

Ganesha says according to Leo Horoscope 2025, you may have to face a transfer in the job this year. Because of this, you are likely to stay away from home. Mars enters Leo in June 2025, this time will be beneficial for those doing business. During this period your opponents will remain under your control. There are signs of a good economic situation. New doors of income are likely to open for you. Students can get amazing results in education. There will be an atmosphere of happiness and peace in your home. Your interest in spiritual and religious matters will increase. Your married life looks very happy. Married life will be satisfactory. Your relationship with your partner will be very good. This year, intimacy in your love relationships will increase. For those who are alone, a new person may enter their life. Sun transit Leo in August 2025, your health appears to be a little weak during this period. You may have to struggle with airborne Diseases and persistent poor health.

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Virgo 2025 Horoscope

Ganesha says the year 2025 can bring a new dawn for employed people. This year you will get ample opportunities to progress. Businessmen are also likely to make huge profits. You will keep trying new tricks to earn money which can also give you big profits. The economic situation is likely to be much better. You can also spend some money on social or religious activities. Mars transits Virgo in July 2025, due to which there are signs of students getting new dimensions in the field of education. You will remain focused on your studies and your morale will also be very high. Your concerns regarding your mother's health may increase. The spiritual activities of you and your spouse are likely to intensify. Your interest in sciences may awaken. Your relationship with your spouse will be cordial. Venus transit Virgo in October 2025, due to which the mutual love between you both will increase day by day. This year is generally going to be favorable for love relationships. But do not adopt a stubborn attitude in love and take care of each other's respect. Health will remain healthy and you will feel mentally happy.

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Libra 2025 Horoscope

Ganesha says according to Horoscope 2025, you will feel a lot of enthusiasm and energy this year. You may get some sudden benefits or promotions in your job. Just keep in mind that you have to maintain coordination with your superiors and colleagues. If you are thinking of changing your job, it is possible during this period. Any problem related to family and children can increase your anxiety. You can also travel by air for work. Students will concentrate a little less on their studies. Sun Transit Libra in October 2025, due to which Libra will also be important for them to take care of their health. Businessmen doing business related to machinery, beauty, or art are likely to get good profits. But make big investments only after thinking carefully. Mercury Transit Libra in November 2025, due to which you maintain coordination with your spouse, family life will continue smoothly. Due to some reason, there will be less time for lovers to meet or talk to each other. Not getting success even after trying will increase your anxiety. This year you will need to be a little cautious regarding health.

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Scorpio 2025 Horoscope

Ganesha says as per Astrology Predictions 2025, there are chances of you getting unexpected money from the stock market. You can also invest in land, houses, etc. Mercury transit Scorpio in October 2025, due to which there are signs of an increase in your family's happiness. This time will be best for students. They will have the possibility of getting more benefits from less hard work. It is also possible for you to get respect and prestige in your workplace. You will work hard in your field of work and your bravery will increase. You can achieve complete success in whatever work you undertake. Venus Transit Scorpio in November 2025, due to which you can get financial benefits with the help of friends and siblings. With the help of your spouse, financial gains are possible for you. Your spouse may achieve great success in his or her professional field. The train of married life will continue to run smoothly. In love life, you will remain in a very romantic mood and you will feel mental happiness due to having eye contact with a loved one. Your health is likely to be very good this year. Due to a good morale level, your work will progress at a fast pace. Common diseases will not be able to block your path.

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Sagittarius 2025 Horoscope

Ganesha says there is a possibility that happiness will remain in your family life in the year 2025. You will be successful in mesmerizing people with your impressive speech. Your respect and honor in the family is expected to increase by double the day and quadruple. There are signs of the mother's health being quite good. This time seems to be better for getting financial benefits. Your interest in spiritual subjects will awaken. Mercury transit Sagittarius in January 2025, due to which you will be likely to get full support from higher officials. Also, on the basis of your hard work, you will be successful in getting respect in your job and business. You can also undertake a long-distance journey for work related to your work. Students have chances of getting complete success in education. There are signs of a happy married life. During this time, you can also enjoy an exciting trip with your spouse. In terms of love life, you may be more inclined towards your lover. At this time you can enjoy some great moments with them. You will also be likely to receive an expensive gift from them. Your health will be good. You will feel a new surge of strength and energy in your body.

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Capricorn 2025 Horoscope

Ganesha says you will work hard in your job but the results may be less than expected. There are also possibilities of transfer of some people. You may see changes in the field of business. You can also start a new business. Mercury transit Capricorn in January 2025 due to which, you will remain mentally very strong. Your wisdom and decision-making power will be good. You may benefit from it somewhere. This time can be very auspicious for students. There are full possibilities for them to achieve extraordinary success. This time can also bring a new dawn for married life. Married life can be very good. Your life partner is likely to get a lot of respect and prestige in the family and society. During this time, you will put more emphasis on acquiring luxuries. As far as love is concerned, love can knock in the lives of those who are living a lonely life soon. Relationships between loving couples will become stronger. If you are thinking of proposing your love to someone then what could be a better time than this? This year it will be important for you to be cautious in terms of health.

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Aquarius 2025 Horoscope

Ganesha says this year you are going to be very energetic and active. Mercury transit Aquarius in February 2025, due to which your stalled work may pick up pace again during this period. You can also go on a long religious journey. Mother will have to be conscious of her health. At this time, brothers and sisters may get some extraordinary success. Your relations with them will be much better during this period. There are also possibilities of you joining some religious institution. Long-distance travel is possible for your job. Marital life is expected to be harmonious. Your spouse's sympathy will be more during this period and he/she will fully support you in all your work. This time will be a little cautious about love affairs. Arguing with your lover unnecessarily can create sourness in relationships. Respect your lover to strengthen your relationship. Traveling with them to some beautiful place can be a great option. This year, some physical problems may suddenly arise regarding health. Practicing yoga and meditation early in the morning is a medicine to remain fresh throughout the day.

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Pisces 2025 Horoscope

Ganesha says as per 2025 Astrology Predictions, you will be able to earn more profit with less hard work in your job and business. You will be expected to get full support from friends and elder brothers. Venus transits Pisces in January 2025, due to which you will dominate your opponents during this period. Students preparing for competitive exams may achieve some major success. You may undertake a trip related to your work. During this period your spirituality will increase. Relations with the spouse will remain sweet. There is a hope of getting a promotion and respect in the job. Brothers and sisters will have to be cautious about their health. Any foreign trip of his is also visible. This time can be full of happiness for married life. During this period, your coordination with your spouse is expected to be very good. Spirituality may develop between you and your spouse during this period. You will continuously get many opportunities to meet your lover. Saturn transit Pisces in March 2025, due to which at this time you will find that your lover is more inclined towards you. They will give you more love and support than before. Your health will be very good. Keep exercising or doing yoga to stay fit, otherwise you may suffer from obesity.