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11th House in Astrology Significance and Effect

11th House in Astrology Significance and Effect

Kundli is a part of Vedic astrology which represents the positions in the sky at the time of your birth. All of the nine planets are placed in different houses. Houses are parts of the Horizon that are apart from each other by 120 degrees. There are 12 such parts and they are called houses. The placement of these planets in the houses has individual effects on human life.


Significance of 11th House in Astrology


The Eleventh house as per Kundli predictions talks about friends, associates, and our supporters. The Eleventh House also decodes our social activities and their different aspects. As per Vedic Astrology, this is called Labha Bhava.

What is Eleventh House in Astrology

The Zodiac sign Aquarius rules the Eleventh house.


Effect of the Eleventh House in Kundli Predictions


Sun in the Eleventh House


When Sun is in the Eleventh House, we have an enthusiastic approach to life, and determination to fulfil our dreams and we are career oriented. It is about climbing the ladder of success with the help and assistance of your well-wishers. We tend to have a human touch in our actions.


Moon in the Eleventh House


Moon in the Eleventh house makes us be our own self. The concentration is on what we think and feel about others around us. We are socially active and keen on helping others, who are in need. Our connections become strong with the people we deal with and we tend to support each other, whenever required.


Jupiter in the Eleventh House


Jupiter in the Eleventh house provides us with friends who are always offering a helping hand to us and we also do not turn back when they need us. We tend to have a macro level of understanding of helping and supporting needy people. We are socially active and try our best to contribute to social enhancements.


Venus in the Eleventh House


The presence of Venus in the Eleventh house displays our pleasant side. People connected with us tend to like us and find us their favorite. We constantly think about development and improvement in social causes. We are born animal lovers and empathetic towards females and children and try to be always supportive to them.


Mars in the Eleventh House


Mars is in the Eleventh House and displays a strong dedication, focus, and passion to reach to our goals. We love to be leaders and enjoy our friends following us. We find it easy to break the ice with strangers and become friends with them. Please beware of the possibility of your friends misusing your kindness to their benefit.


Mercury in the Eleventh House


With Mercury in the Eleventh House, wisdom, philosophy, and intellect hold a high position. We get along well with people having similar interests in literature and educational topics. We think out of the box and enjoy discussion on these thoughts for proper implementation. Social activeness is more important to us than corporate success.


Saturn in the Eleventh House


Saturn in the 11th house, as a planet, represents determination and practicality. We can be of help to others in every way possible. Having closeness with our acquaintances can be a bit challenging. But, if done, there is no untying this relationship knot. We need to be beware of the selfish motives of our friends.


Rahu in the Eleventh House


Rahu’s in the Eleventh house makes us hungry for success and we are pretty career oriented. We are always charged up to be successful in the competitive world. Social networking will prove to be beneficial to us. We may get tempted to use the wrong ways to earn, but we need to control that emotion of ours.


Ketu in the Eleventh House


The presence of Ketu in the Eleventh house brings success and stability. We tend to be content with what we have. We are not very comfortable with crowds and we are happy in small gatherings with close people. We are culturally and socially very active.



As per the Astrology predictions, the eleventh house represents friends, associates and our supporters. You can talk to Astrologer to know more about this house.


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