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8th House in Astrology Significance and Effect

8th House in Astrology Significance and Effect

The 12 divisions of Kundli, which are 120 degrees apart from each other are called houses. These houses have individual importance of their own. And it’s necessary to understand its significance and effects on our lives.


Significance of 8th House in Astrology


The Eighth house as per Kundli predictions represents a very unsteady graph of happiness and prosperity. The Eighth house displays the bulls and bears related to one’s emotions.

What is Eighth House in Astrology

The Eighth House also reflects changing situations from time to time. As per Vedic Astrology, this is called Aayu Bhava.


Effect of the Eighth House in Kundali Predictions


Sun in the Eighth House


When Sun is in the Eighth House, be ready to face the uncertain waves in life, but avoid making wrong decisions in a time of crisis. You have that urge to bring the situation under your control, but sometimes you have to deal with the unexpected.


Moon in the Eighth House


Moon in the Eighth house touches your creative side of yours. You can be the source of excellent ideas that will give creative satisfaction to your soul. Always hard work may be sometimes overridden by smartness. Being calm and composed to solve an issue will help you to get out of the crisis faster.


Jupiter in the Eighth House


Jupiter in the Eighth house displays efficiency. An efficiency of getting to the base of an issue to understand it and thereby solve it. Issues once taken care of do not seem to bother you again and again. Issues cannot affect you.


Venus in the Eighth House


The presence of Venus in the Eighth house is all about extravagance. You live a luxurious life with your partner and enjoy every bit of it. Relations that are not special, will not move you. The importance given to luxury and wealth will fade away from the romantic pleasures of life. The luxury and comfort will rule the house.


Mars in the Eighth House


Mars is in the Eighth house and displays passion. Being intuitive is your strength. You are weak at the quality to express yourself to others. If you wish for something, you do not leave any stone unturned and finally get it. Being passionate will help you achieve your dreams.


Mercury in the Eighth House


With Mercury in the Eighth house, there is an urge to get the information about anything till the deep end. Partial information does not satisfy you. Your curiosity will help you dig all the knowledge and help you solve mysteries.


Saturn in the Eighth House


Saturn in the eighth house, as a planet, represents difficulty in accommodating the change. However, you are hardworking and patient. You are financially stable with your economical matters. Discipline is in your blood, but doing out-of-routine things kicks off your anxiety.


Rahu in the Eighth House


Rahu’s presence in the Eighth house confirms how creative and innovative you are. The desire of solving mysteries, and investigate gets an accelerator when Rahu is in the eighth house. The detective inside you gets a back and stars are on your sides.


Ketu in the Eighth House


The presence of Ketu in the Eighth house reflects bravery and extra effort. Games and sports turn you on. Spirituality will take over a major portion of your life and getting inclined to spiritual things will happen sooner or later.



Uncertainties in life can make our lives very difficult. But if we use this tool of Astrology, which is Kundli predictions, then the effect of the uncertainties can be handled in a better way. We can be at least prepared for what is being predicted. These astrology predictions are different from one person to another.


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