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2nd House in Astrology Significance and Effect

2nd House in Astrology Significance and Effect

In a horoscope, there are 12 houses that are symmetrically divided at a distance of 120 degrees. These houses represent different faces of our lives since we are born. These Kundali Predictions help us to understand why a person is behaving in a particular manner.

2nd House in Astrology Represents

The second house, ruled by Taurus and the planet Venus, is related to your possessions, but it is not focused only on tangible things. Being placed in the second house can help you gain insight into all things that matter to you. Whether it is your money, investments, and physical environment or your inner self, needs, desires, and abilities. The value in the name of the second house refers to both your finances and your inner values. The second house represents wealth, eyes, mouth, speech, and family.

2nd House Lord

The ruling planet of the second house is Venus and the causative planet is Jupiter.

Significance of 2nd House in Astrology

The 2nd house represents wealth, finances, economical elements, and materialistic values. It is related to both – the value of materialistic things and the value of one’s own self. In the Vedic language, it is called Dhana Bhava. It is all about possessions. How we utilize our resources for leading a better life and how we value our relationships with our close ones.

What is Second House in Astrology

Taurus and Venus rule the 2nd house. The face, mouth, and sense organs are the body parts that are associated with the 2nd house and close friends and family are the people who are associated with it.

Effect of the 2nd House in Kundali Predictions

Sun in 2nd House

The presence of the Sun in the 2nd house represents your identity linked with your wealth, family, and values. A strong sun implies independence. But, the adverse effect can also be where it may even become greed.

Moon in 2nd House

The presence of the Moon in the 2nd is a very positive sign which attracts smartness, wealth and getting famous. It contains the joy of support from family. It can have a negative side too with chances of getting tempted to earn quickly through illegal ways. This is like challenging one’s value system.

Jupiter in 2nd House

The presence of Jupiter in the 2nd house provides you success in business. It will fetch you more amount of wealth, happiness, and respect. The negative aspect is that you may face financial problems and hurdles in education. It may also make you mean and self-centered.

Venus in 2nd House

The presence of Venus in the 2nd house blesses you with wealth, support, and comfort from all sides. You will see growth in your prestige and wealth. Your business will earn high profits. But, on the negative part, you can do uncontrollable spending and invite trouble for yourself. Your values also may be compromised.

Mars in 2nd House

The presence of Mars in the 2nd house will bring confidence, independence, and passion to follow the ambition. You will have your full focus on earning well through hard work and proper channels. The adverse effect of Mars’s presence can be aggression and rudeness in your behavior.

Mercury in 2nd House

The presence of Mercury in the 2nd house will bring kindness and gentleness to your nature. It will make you more organized, disciplined, smart, and efficient. And all these good qualities will be used to earn good money. The dark part about this is the chances of making wrong decisions.

Saturn in 2nd House

The presence of Saturn in the 2nd house will fetch you good wealth through your hard work and focus. You will be wise and a good manager of your savings. But your work may lack satisfaction. The negative aspect may bring laziness into your life.

Rahu in 2nd House

If Rahu is present in the 2nd house, will make you holy in financial matters. But, the negative side shows that it will lead you to do reckless expenses.

Ketu in 2nd House

Ketu present in the 2nd house will bring financial problems, unnecessary spending, self-doubt, and dissatisfaction with your own values.


These Astrology predictions, help us understand our past and present and give us a link or direction to carve our future. We know, where to take care and what to avoid. Let’s design a better future with the help of these resources.

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