From the House of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla
Prediction by Astro Friend Chirag - Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

From November 29, 2021 – December 05, 2021

29 November

You may feel extremely happy and joyous today. You may work efficiently at work; your hard work may pay you now. Property related disputes with siblings are likely to get resolved. Today you will have good internal strength. You may enjoy work today. You are likely to implement new ideas in the family business. Today your perfection will help you to implement the plan successfully.

30 November

Today you will face all challenges confidently and will not hesitate to look in the face of hard challenges. You will turn some tough situations in your favor today. You may plan a trip with your partner. You may also get a chance to bring your hidden artistic talent to the fore. If you obtain an opportunity in music, painting or showbiz it might become your true calling. Today your happy go lucky nature will help you to treasure your relationship even more.

01 December

Today will be a good day. You may get a chance to surprise people with your creative ideas. You may impress your colleagues with your great personality and communication skills. Today you are likely to focus on your emotional side and prioritize your relationship over everything else. You may be filled with happiness upon completion of your duties to fruition. The new possibility may open up today.

02 December

Today your day will be extremely great. You are likely to execute your plan with perfection. Pending legal matters related to an ancestral property will work in your favor, bringing you financial benefit. Today your day will be incredible. At work, you may obtain great results in your ongoing projects. You may spend your day with your friends. You will have a busy day at work today.

03 December

Your day will go great today. Today things will turn out the way you want as you have a lot of luck. One new opportunity will arise which will come immediately today itself and make you a lot of profits. Stars are in your favor which will help you navigate through any problems easily regarding this new opportunity.

04 December

You are very lucky today because you will get what you wish for; make sure you use the luck you have today to benefit yourself and not others because only then it will remain a positive thing for you. You will experience new feelings and emotions today as you work on breaking down your walls to be emotionally available for someone that you love. You might find it difficult to do so in the beginning, but you’ll soon realize that this was for the best as your relationship has been stuck at the same stage for a while now and it will move forward today.

05 December

You will get a lot of time to work on the skills that you’ve learnt from your experience. Use this time to improve your health and go on an adventure you’ve been wanting to for a long time. It necessarily does not mean you need to be good at it. Just focus on having fun and enjoying yourself.