From the House of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla
Prediction by Astro Friend Chirag - Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

From MAY 16, 2022 – MAY 22, 2022

16 May

Ganesha says your friends and family members would provide good support to you. Professionally things look much better and you would move around with new confidence and energy. A change for the better in your business or career seems likely later in the year. Those involved in art, writing and other creative professions should expect recognition and monetary gains. Health would definitely need more attention. Meditation and yoga should be practiced for physical and spiritual gains.

17 May

Ganesha says today your confidence will grow. You would benefit from remarkable business entrepreneur skills. New projects and assignments would enhance your prosperity. You may spend some good time with your partner at home. This year will give some exhilarating news from overseas which will boost up the spirits of the entire family. Travelling would be beneficial for building new alliances.

18 May

Ganesha says the day would bring you financial gains and happiness. You shall leave no stone unturned to achieve your goals. Businessmen will venture into new and more profitable avenues. Investment in stocks and real estate would be highly beneficial. Property disputes if any would get settled to your satisfaction. Time spent with friends would be worthwhile, as they would be supportive to your concerns. Meditation and Yoga will prove to be highly rewarding especially for spiritual as well as physical gains.

19 May

Ganesha says today you should expect new assignments and hold positions of important responsibilities. Your financial position stabilizes as past investments start raking profits. Improved finances bring in prosperity and happiness at domestic level. Good year for girls and women as far as love is concerned. Some gains through inheritance or expensive gifts from relatives cannot be ruled out. Frequent travel would be undertaken bringing good monetary rewards.

20 May

Ganesha says today an increase in responsibility or a change in job for some. New foreign contact or a financial transaction will bring handsome results. A sudden influence of a spiritual person will have a deep impact on your personality. Partner will be understanding and provide you with love and affection. Ancestral gains for some. Friends will be supportive and helpful.

21 May

Ganesha says today your employer would appreciate your confidence and enthusiasm. You would be able to accomplish many tasks that you earlier thought were impossible. Monetary benefits would accrue from new contacts. Pleasure trips or friendly get-togethers will be exciting and intellectually stimulating. Family members will be supportive and friends will be helpful. Minor domestic tensions and stress will bother you. Health needs extra care therefore be careful of what you consume.

22 May

Ganesha says your communication skills and charms would impress those around you. Your income would improve, but your expenses would be erratic which would make it extremely difficult for you to save. New romance for those unattached, but your work is likely to suffer if you keep fantasizing about this special person. You should not let anything interfere with your career objectives if you desire to achieve your goals. Elders and children in the family will demand a lot of your attention.