Significance and Effect of the 4th House in Astrology

Significance and Effect of the 4th House in Astrology

In Vedic Astrology, out of the 12 houses, each house has an individual significance. The effects of different positions in the house determine the map of human life.


Significance of the 4th House in Kundali Predictions


The 4th house as per Kundli predictions is all about home, the structure of the home, the things used to build a home, the members living in the home, and everything related to home. A home is a very significant part of human life and you cannot separate the two. The 4th house also gives us an idea about the person’s mental status and level of inner peace. As per Vedic Astrology, this is called Bandhu Bhava.


The Zodiac sign Cancer rules the 4th house.  The body parts covered in this house are the chest, lungs, and breasts.


Effect of the 4th House in Kundali Predictions


Sun in the 4th House


The presence of Sun’s in the 4th house is related to the soul and mind of a person. It positively impacts one’s thoughts and brings out a thoughtful and caring nature. The adverse side of Sun being in the fourth house is that it can destroy the peace at home and lead to clashes and conflicts. It can badly affect the peace of mind.


Moon in the 4th House


The presence of the Moon in the fourth house is strongly related to Motherly nature. Just like a mother, a person gets the quality of taking care of and supporting the family members and especially the children in the house.


Jupiter in the 4th House


Jupiter represents wisdom, intellect, and spirituality. The presence of Jupiter in the fourth house brings intelligence, smartness, philosophy, and learnedness to the family. The member has a knack for learning things and gaining intelligence about different aspects of life.


Venus in the 4th House


Venus in the fourth house brings love and admiration for all nice and beautiful things. It’s a sign of luxury and pleasure. The family members tend to be attracted to pleasant things and love prevails in the family. However, it must be kept in mind that all that looks good, not necessarily be so.


Mars in the 4th House


The presence of Mars in the 4th house is directly related to courage, discipline, and decisiveness. This can influence the mind in a strong way. It can change our perspective to see the fault of others in everything. It can create problems in the house as it ignites greediness, jealousy other ill feelings house.


Mercury in the 4th House


Mercury’s presence in the 4th house indicates governance of creativity, joyfulness, and intelligence. People be happy and enthusiastic to learn new things and display their creativity. They feel like doing a lot of things in life and they put effort into fulfilling the same.


Saturn in the 4th House


Saturn in the fourth house, as a planet, represents fear, low self-confidence, detachment, sadness, and biting of consciousness. Any of these things experienced in childhood will affect the person throughout life and can adversely affect adulthood.


Rahu in the 4th House


Rahu’s presence in the fourth house means there are disturbances and uncertainties in the house. It gives you a self-centered attitude towards others and displays a high amount of immature behavior and an unpleasant approach.


Ketu in the 4th House


The presence of Ketu in the 4th house leads to ambiguity in thoughts. One gets a very hazy picture of the situation and the perception of everything gets wavery.




In Astrology prediction, it is said that the fourth house depicts our journey from birth to death. It comprehends our life and decodes the effects happening. It symbolizes the roots and our strong connections with them. Astrology picks up the things influencing our lives and defines our life map with its help.


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