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Saturn In The 11th House Navamsa - Marriage, Love, Spouse, Appearance & Career

Saturn In The 11th House Navamsa - Marriage, Love, Spouse, Appearance & Career

The Saturn in the 11th house makes a person very particular and articulate. These natives are diplomatic yet nice towards friends, family, and loved ones. The people with Saturn in the 11th house believe in building a powerful impression and personality, which makes them egoistic and angry, but at the same time, they are kind to their people who they love and appreciate. These natives are moody, they earn a substantial amount of fortune by their work, and make a respectful name in their work area, and society. Natives are sharp, intelligent, and wise. They build a bond with family members.



Saturn in 11th House Love As per Vedic Astrology



The natives with Shani in the 11th house experience exciting, romantic, and adventurous love relations. The natives have a great love experience in their life. They are very fond of their partners but they don’t appreciate and express enough to their partners. The native's love affairs might not end in marriage sometimes, they have to face a hard time in achieving it.  As per love marriage specialist astrologer, the problem in this native life is that they have a dominating nature and nagging around all the time around their spouses, so it makes their love life tough. If these natives work hard in their love life with patience and positivity, they can achieve it, possibly.



Saturn in 11th House Marriage As Per Vedic Astrology



The marriage predictions for Saturn eleventh house are complicated, the natives might have a hard time finding the right time and may experience failure one or two times. And even when they find partners with whom the marriage lasts long, it won’t be a happy marriage. The natives will have to work on themselves. They need to compose their egoistic, angry, and self-centered nature to make their spouse happy. There will be lots of ups and downs in these natives' marriages, but if they work calmly and positively on their marriage, they will achieve a significant result in their married life.



Saturn in 11th House Career As Per Vedic Astrology


The natives are very skilled, sharp, diplomatic, and knowledgeable. They are fantastic at their work and earn great respect in their field. The natives will have a charming personality which makes other people at work respect these natives and learn from them. As per career report, The natives always tries to learn and implement new things in their life, there is an only big concern in these natives workspace is their attitude, their impolite and angry attitude will be an obstacle in their life and make issues in their workspace with others, and because of these, the people will reach to their goal a little late than dedicated. So natives need to be careful in this department.



Saturn in 11th House personality As Per Vedic Astrology



From a young age, these natives' personality is diplomatic and sharp, these natives are witty. They tend to build a powerful personality and impression and because of that; they have an angry and egoistic nature. These natives are kind towards friends and family members, often helping them in a tough time in life. These natives are moody and work according to it, which might not be convenient for others to deal with, all the time. So the natives need to make sure that they keep their unwelcoming nature to themselves and make others suffer because of it. As per personalised predictions, these natives are nice and emotional towards their loved ones.


Saturn in 11th House Positive outcome


The natives with Shani in the eleventh house have a powerful impression and personality. They work hard towards their goal in career and personal relations, but they often face a major drawback in them because of their rude attitude towards others. So, they need to be careful of it and live a life with a positive approach in that direction. Talk to astrologer to live life with a positive attitude. 


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