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Scorpio Lagna: Characteristics, Qualities, Gemstones, and Planets Of Scorpio Ascendant

Scorpio Lagna: Characteristics, Qualities, Gemstones, and Planets Of Scorpio Ascendant

The people of Scorpio ascendant are strong-willed and determined. They are sure only after completing the task they set out to do. The people of Scorpio ascendant stand in front of the struggles and difficulties in their lives and eventually overcome them.



Scorpio Lagna Qualities




Scorpio is the eighth sign in the zodiac and the expansion of this zodiac on zodiac ranges from 210 degrees to 240 degrees. This zodiac is calculated in the form of a water element, so the person can be flexible due to the effect of this zodiac.


This amount has been calculated in a fixed amount, so the person does not like to change too quickly. The ruling planet of this zodiac is Mars and Mars has been given the status of commander among the planets. The symbol of this zodiac is considered to be a scorpion. Due to the influence of this zodiac, the person is also going to answer back like a scorpion.



Vrishchik Lagna Characteristics



Scorpio sign comes in the eighth house in the horoscope and the eighth house is considered to be of obstacles. When the eighth house is formed in the birth chart, then the person may have to face some obstacles in life. He may have to go through many ups and downs.


The lord of your Scorpio ascendant is Mars, due to which the effect of Mars will be more on you. You will be a person of stable nature but stubborn nature. Once the hold that you have in your mind, then no one will be able to change it.


The Scorpio zodiac is calculated in the form of a water element, so you can be flexible like water. The sooner you get angry, the sooner you will melt. You will be courageous and mighty. The amount of energy within you will also be more. Once in life, if there is enmity, then we will never shake hands with him again.



Auspicious Planets For Scorpio Ascendant



The lord of Scorpio ascendant is Mars being auspicious. The moon becomes very auspicious for this ascendant by being the lord of the ninth house. The ninth house is a strong triangle and is also the house of luck.


Jupiter is also auspicious for this ascendant being the fifth lord, although his second zodiac sign falls in the second house, even then Jupiter will be considered auspicious. For this ascendant, Sun becomes the tenth lord and becomes equal.



Inauspicious Planets For Scorpio Ascendant



After the auspicious planets, efforts are being made to tell you about the inauspicious planets also. Saturn is not considered an auspicious planet for Scorpio Ascendant. Saturn is the lord of the third and fourth houses in kundali. Mercury is also considered inauspicious for this ascendant. Mercury becomes inauspicious by becoming the eighth and eleventh house.


Venus is considered very inauspicious for this ascendant because Venus becomes the lord of the seventh house and becomes the lord of the twelfth house. Venus acts as a strong Marrakesh for this ascendant.



Gemstones For Scorpio Lagna



Red Coral, pearl, and Pukhraj are considered auspicious gems for Scorpio ascendants. Pukhraj gemstone is worn for Jupiter but Jupiter is also considered to be the lord of the second house, so the position of Jupiter should be assessed first in the horoscope, only then Pukhraj should be worn. Red coral gemstone is worn for Mars and pearl is worn for Moon. Wear them only when the auspicious planets related to these gems are weak in the horoscope, otherwise, you should not wear them. 


Remedies For Scorpio Lagna 



Mantras related to the planet whose Dasha is going on in the horoscope must be chanted. This will make the planet more capable of giving auspicious results. In the case of an inauspicious planet, along with chanting the mantra, charity, fasting, and bathing with the objects of that planet can also be done. This reduces inauspicious results.



Scorpio ascendant makes progress and progress in their life with their hard work. Their married life would have been generally successful, but for that their spouse has to work according to their wishes. If you want to know more about Scorpio Ascendant then you can know through astrology phone consultation.

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