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Cancer Lagna: Characteristics, Qualities, Gemstones, and Planets Of Cancer Ascendant

Cancer Lagna: Characteristics, Qualities, Gemstones, and Planets Of Cancer Ascendant

All the twelve zodiac signs located in the Bhachakra have their own independent significance. Each has its own causality, characteristics, and importance. When anyone's zodiac sign rises in the Ascendant, then its effect falls on the horoscope of the particular person. In this series of zodiac signs, we will talk about Cancer, what are its effects when it rises in the Ascendant. Which are the auspicious and inauspicious planets for Cancer ascendant?


Cancer Lagna Qualities 


Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and its expansion is from 90 degrees to 120 degrees. The ruling planet of this zodiac is Moon and its sign is crab. The crab lives in the marshy land near the water.

The element of this zodiac is water and it is a feminine sign, so feminine behavior can be seen in men of this zodiac. The cancer zodiac is calculated in the variable zodiac, so the person with the influence of this zodiac always keeps doing something or the other.


Kark Lagna Characteristics


If your Ascendant is Cancer, then your mood will remain like the moon phases, which means that you can get angry very quickly about anything, then you can also be happy about some other thing very soon.

Cancer ascendant is a water element so you will be a very emotional person. You will be the person who melts sooner than the misery of others. Your mind can become restless and disturbed by the slightest thing. Being overly emotional can cause your emotions to be involved in all your decisions. Therefore, before taking any decision, you must think once.

You are a flexible person, so you are also able to mold yourself in any kind of situation. You will be like a crab, that is, the way a crab grabs something in its claws and then does not leave it easily. Similarly, whatever you catch, then you will not leave it. Once a friend has become a friend, they will give their life for his friend, but whoever has become hostile, then he will play the enmity well with him.

If you get emotionally attached to a person, then you also play him for years. You dream more of big plans but at the same time, you are hardworking and enterprising. You are interested in the fields related to art. Apart from this, you also have a love for natural beauty. You like aquatic places and you are a traveler.


Auspicious Planets For Cancer Ascendant


Moon is the lord of Cancer ascendant, so it will be a very auspicious planet for you. Mars is the yogic planet for this ascendant, so it will also be very auspicious for you.

Mars being the lord of the fifth house and the tenth house gives auspicious results. The fifth triangle place is the tenth center and when the center/triangle is related, auspicious results are obtained. Jupiter is the lucky planet for this ascendant and gives very auspicious results. Pisces, the second sign of Jupiter, comes in the ninth house. Although the original triangle sign of Jupiter, Sagittarius comes in the sixth house, even then Jupiter does not give inauspicious results.


Inauspicious Planets For Cancer Ascendant


The Sun is considered even for this ascendant because it is the lord of the second house and the second house is even. The second house is considered to be an antidote, but the Sun does not feel the fault of an antidote. Hence it becomes even for Cancer ascendant.

Mercury being the lord of the third and twelfth house is very inauspicious for this ascendant. Venus is the lord of fourth and eleventh house but it is not auspicious. The fourth house being the center becomes neutral and is called the eleventh house.

Saturn is considered most inauspicious for Cancer ascendant as it is also the lord of two inauspicious houses. Shani is the lord of the seventh and eighth house and both houses are inauspicious in astrology. The seventh house is the killer and the eighth house is the triple house.


Gemstones For Cancer Lagna


It will be auspicious for the Cancer ascendant to wear Pearl, Red coral, and Pukhraj.


Remedies For Cancer Lagna


You should wear these gems only when their lord planets are situated in a weak state in the horoscope. You can wear pearl for the moon, coral for Mars, and Pukhraj for Jupiter.

If the Dasha or Antardasha of an inauspicious planet is going on in your birth chart, then you must chant its mantras, this will reduce the inauspicious results. You can also do charity and fast related to the planet whose Dasha is going on in your horoscope.


The mood of the people of Cancer ascendant will remain like the moon. If you want to know more about the people of Cancer ascendant, then you can know from online astrology consultation.

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