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Leo Lagna: Characteristics, Qualities, Gemstones, and Planets Of Leo Ascendant

Leo Lagna: Characteristics, Qualities, Gemstones, and Planets Of Leo Ascendant

According to the Sun, the nature of the people of Leo ascendant is majestic. They are of strong stature. Leo sign people have a high and broad head. The people of the Leo zodiac do not like to be under anyone. The leadership potential is very high in the people of the Leo zodiac. The people of the Leo ascendant get respect and prestige in society. They are skilled in social guidance. His friends are the best.


Leo Lagna Qualities 


The expansion of Leo's zodiac is spread from 120 degrees to 150 degrees. This zodiac is placed in the category of the fire element.

Leo's zodiac is calculated in a fixed sign, that is, the person coming under the influence of this zodiac remains stable, he likes stability in life. The ruling planet of this zodiac is the Sun, which has got the title of king among all the planets. The symbol of Leo's zodiac is the lion and the lion is also considered the king of the jungle.


Sinh Lagna Characteristics


If you are born in Leo Ascendant then you will be full of courage. You will be a bold and mighty person. You are not an easy person to panic even in adverse situations. You can be the efficient operator of your organization or whatever work is given to you, you manage it very beautifully and succeed.

Leo is a sign of a stable nature, so there will be a stagnation in your work and you will take wise decisions. You will not like to do any work in a hurry. You will first see its far-reaching results and then move forward.

You will have all the qualities of leadership and you can become a good leader. You have all the attributes to move your team forward. You can be a stubborn person. Once the stubbornness is determined, then just determined, no one can change it again. You also have high ambitions and make every effort to fulfill them. You are full of confidence, and that is why no one can easily shake you with your intentions.

Leo zodiac is counted in the princely zodiac and its lord Sun has been given the title of king among all the nine planets, so you also have the desire to participate in politics and as soon as you get a chance, you become a member of some organization. To also participate in the elections.


Auspicious Planets For Leo Ascendant


Which planets can be auspicious for Leo Ascendant, let us discuss them. Sun becomes very auspicious for this ascendant. Jupiter is the second auspicious planet for Leo ascendant. Jupiter is the lord of the fifth house which is always auspicious. Although the Pisces sign of Jupiter falls in the eighth house, even then it is considered auspicious.

The root of Jupiter falls in the triangle sign Sagittarius, Trikona place, fifth, hence this planet is considered auspicious. Mars being auspicious for this ascendant is auspicious because Mars is the lord of the fourth and ninth house.

The fourth house is considered a center and the ninth house is considered a triangle. Therefore, Mars becomes very auspicious by being the lord of the center/triangle.


Inauspicious Planets For Leo Ascendant


Which planets have the ability to give inauspicious results for Leo ascendant, now let us try to know about them. For Leo's ascendant, Venus becomes even by being the lord of the third and tenth house.

For Leo Ascendant, Saturn becomes very inauspicious by being the lord of the sixth and seventh. Moon being the lord of the twelfth house is inauspicious. The twelfth house is also seen as the house of expenditure. Mercury is the lord and lord of the second and eleventh house for this ascendant. 


Gemstones For Leo Lagna


In the end, Leo also discusses the auspicious gems for the marriage. Being a Leo Ascendant, Ruby is an auspicious gemstone for you because the Sun is the lord of your Ascendant and Ruby comes under the authority of the Sun.

It is also auspicious for you to wear Pukhraj and Red coral. You can wear Pukhraj for Jupiter and you can wear Red Coral for Mars.


Remedies For Leo Lagna


You must also chant mantras related to the planet whose Dasha is going on in the birth chart. In the condition of a planet related to an inauspicious planet in the horoscope, you can also do charity and can also take bath with the things related to the inauspicious planet.


People with Leo ascendant mostly get high administrative posts and high positions in politics. They are hardworking and fair. Leo Ascendants are highly ambitious. They are eager to reach the highest peak of life. They have great respect. If you want complete information about the people of Leo Ascendant, then talk to astrology.

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