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Aquarius Lagna: Characteristics, Qualities, Gemstones, and Planets Of Aquarius Ascendant

Aquarius Lagna: Characteristics, Qualities, Gemstones, and Planets Of Aquarius Ascendant

The people of Aquarius ascendant are reflective and a little self-centered. They have more confidence. The people of Aquarius ascendant are tireless and hard-working, once they set a goal, they are satisfied only after working hard to achieve it. The people of Aquarius ascendant like a lonely life.



Aquarius Lagna Qualities




Aquarius is the eleventh zodiac sign of the zodiac and the expansion of this zodiac is spread from 300 degrees to 330 degrees. The ruling planet of this zodiac is Saturn. This amount is calculated in the air element zodiac. By nature, this zodiac is kept in a fixed sign. The symbol of this zodiac is a person who has a pitcher on his shoulder. The person is wearing a dhoti below and nothing on top. Water spilled from the pitcher is also falling on the person.



Kumbh Lagna Characteristics



You have an attractive personality and people get attracted to you. The principles you make once in your life are difficult to change. You are a person who follows principles.


You remain loyal to your spouse and are completely devoted to him. It is a difficult task for other people to understand you because the meaning of Aquarius is a pot, until you look inside it, it is not known how much is empty and how much is full. That's why only those who are very close to you can understand.


Aquarius Ascendant is a fixed Ascendant, so stability remains in your life as well and you leave your permanent marks everywhere. You are free-thinking like the wind, you keep many desires in your mind. Humanists are minded and seekers of human welfare. You are also an honest person.


As your ascendant is an air element, you think a lot and remain immersed in serious contemplation. Some are shy by nature and do not share their words easily with anyone.



Auspicious Planets For Aquarius Ascendant



Let us now try to give you information about the auspicious planets for Aquarius Ascendant. The lord planet of Aquarius ascendant is Saturn being ascendant.


Mercury being the fifth house is auspicious, although its second zodiac sign falls in the eighth house. Therefore, if Mercury is weak in the horoscope then it may be unable to give auspicious results and if Mercury is in a benefic position then it will give auspicious results related to the fifth house.


Venus becomes the yogic planet by becoming the fourth lord and ninth lord. The fourth house is the center and the ninth house is a strong triangle house and the planet becomes auspicious when the center/triangle is formed.



Inauspicious Planets For Aquarius Ascendant



Let us finally talk about the inauspicious planets for Aquarius Ascendant. Jupiter is not considered auspicious for Aquarius ascendant. Jupiter is the lord of Marak Bhava. In Aquarius ascendant, Cancer falls in the sixth house and Moon is its lord, so Moon becomes inauspicious by being the sixth house.


For this Ascendant, the Sun becomes the lord of Marak Bhava i.e. seventh house, although there is no fault of Marak. For this ascendant, Mars is the lord of the third and tenth house. Mars is also not counted among the auspicious planets.



Gemstones For Aquarius Lagna



If Saturn is weak in your Kundali by being the Ascendant, then you can wear Neelam. Emeralds and Diamonds are also useful gems for you. Emerald can be worn for Mercury and Diamond for Venus.



Remedies For Aquarius Lagna



If the Mahadasha related to inauspicious planets is going on in the horoscope, then the mantra should be chanted 108 times regularly. Those auspicious planets which are situated in weak positions in the Kundli must wear gems.




The people of Aquarius ascendant are sometimes seen to behave harshly. The married life of Aquarius natives is normal.  Due to this, they have differences from their spouses. If you want to know more about the people of Aquarius ascendant, then talk to astrology


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