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Gemini Lagna: Characteristics, Qualities, Gemstones, and Planets Of Gemini Ascendant

Gemini Lagna: Characteristics, Qualities, Gemstones, and Planets Of Gemini Ascendant

The people of Gemini ascendant are quick-witted and agile. Gemini ascendant people with the symbol of Twins are charming and friendly. The curious nature and cleverness of Gemini ascendants make them the center of attraction for social gatherings and parties. Gemini ascendants are not only good speakers but also good listeners. The people of Gemini Lagna often keep making people aware of new information during the conversation. For this, the people of Gemini ascendant always keep themselves updated with new information.


Gemini Lagna Qualities 


Gemini is the third zodiac sign of the zodiac and its expansion ranges from 60 degrees to 90 degrees. By nature, this zodiac comes in the category of a two-natured zodiac, that is, it has the qualities of both variable and fixed signs.

The element of Gemini is air and due to this, the people of this zodiac are highly imaginative. This is the first zodiac sign of the wheel whose sign is human and he has a musical instrument in his hand. That is why the people of this zodiac love music or have an attachment to some or other art.

This zodiac has a color and it is considered to be a male cognizant zodiac. This zodiac is considered strong at night. This is considered to be a dorsal sign, that is, the back part rises first.


Mithun Lagna Characteristics


Let us try to know about the qualities of Gemini people. The Gemini sign falls in the third house in the Kundli. The third house is of might and courage. Therefore, when the third house is formed, then the person has to do more in life. The person is very hardworking.

Due to the influence of Mercury on this zodiac, you are a person of versatility. Your talent shines day by day and everyone is impressed by your work. Due to the air element of this zodiac, your mind is always on the move. You are always busy making new plans. You can also remain lost in the world of your imagination.

Mercury has been given the title of the prince among all the planets. Therefore, due to the influence of Mercury, you will always consider yourself young and energetic. You may be interested in Song, Music, Dance, and Art. You may also be interested in writing activities.

You are a humorous lover and a person interested in entertainment. You cannot be serious for long. You like to laugh. Exceptions - In disputes and arguments, there are very skilled and smart people. You are skilled in management-related work instead of manual labor.


Auspicious Planets For Gemini Ascendant


Let us now classify the auspicious planets for Gemini Ascendant. Mercury becomes auspicious for this ascendant by being an ascendant and fourth lord. Venus being the lord of the fifth is auspicious because it is a triangle place. Although the second sign of Venus, Taurus falls in the twelfth house, more importance has been given to the zodiac sign of the triangle and then the auspiciousness of Venus depends on its strength.

Saturn is also auspicious due to Saturn falling in the ninth house of the original triangle zodiac Aquarius. The auspiciousness of Mercury, Venus, and Saturn also depend on their position in the birth chart. If it is strong by being auspicious then it will increase in auspicious results and if it is weak by being auspicious then it can also decrease its auspiciousness.


Inauspicious Planets For Gemini Ascendant


Know about the inauspicious planets for Gemini ascendant. For this Ascendant, Moon becomes the lord of the second house and becomes neutral because it does not feel the fault of the antidote. Sun is inauspicious by being the third lord. The third house is counted as an inauspicious house.

Mars being the lord of the sixth house and the eleventh house is inauspicious. Jupiter is not auspicious even after being the seventh lord and the tenth lord and it acts as a barrier for Gemini ascendant. 


Gemstones For Gemini Lagna


Emeralds, Diamonds, and Neelam are auspicious gems for you. Emerald is worn for Mercury, Diamond for Venus, and Sapphire for Saturn.


Remedies For Gemini Lagna


If Mercury, Venus, and Saturn are auspicious and are in a weak state in the birth chart, only then you should wear their gems. If the Dasha of an inauspicious planet is running in the birth chart, then you must chant its mantras. You can also keep a fast along with chanting the mantra related to the Dasha of the planet in the birth chart.


Gemini people are beautiful in appearance. If you want to know more about the people of Gemini Ascendant, then you can know from Astrology Consultations.

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