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Mercury In The 1st House Navamsa - Marriage, Love, Spouse, Appearance & Career

Mercury In The 1st House Navamsa - Marriage, Love, Spouse, Appearance & Career

Mercury is a planet that is mainly related to academics, intelligence, communication skills, and diplomacy. It lays a strong influence on our daily lives. When mercury is placed in a strong and positive position, then the person will love traveling and will get the opportunity to travel to various places. They will have a very strong sixth sense, excellent skills in writing, a very good mathematician, and an occult scientist. When mercury affects a person negatively, then they get involved in an illegal love relationship. They also get into the habit of stealing and becomes thief by losing their ethics, principles, and moral values in life and starts doing mischievous activities. 


Mercury in the 1st House Love as per Vedic Astrology


Love Problem Solution Astrology is always there to provide you guidance in all kinds of your problems in the relationship and helps you enjoy a smooth and romantic partnership with your lover. You will go through a very exciting phase in your relationship where you will have a very good bonding with your partner. You will enjoy freedom and pleasures in love affairs due to your independent nature. The opposite sex will get attracted to their charming and enigmatic personality and they will catch their attention very easily. They will be very famous in their social circle and sometimes the center of attraction who is like an eye-catcher. They enjoy their early days with various partners and spend quality time with them and enjoy a very romantic love affair. 


Mercury in the 1st House Marriage as per Vedic Astrology


Marriage horoscope by date of birth Predicts that if mercury is not positioned in the afflicted place then they will enjoy a very smooth and loving relationship with their partner with enough love and support for their spouse. Their partner will not have the habit of overspending and they will have a very disciplined and calculated approach to financial matters. They do not spend money unnecessarily and they are always having the intention of savings and investment. Their married life will be full of bliss and they will enjoy marital bliss with their partner due to their loving and compassionate nature. They might get married at a young age to love and will lead a very happy and prosperous life. 


Mercury in the 1st House Career as per Vedic Astrology


Career Prediction says that the person will become successful by choosing the profession as a journalist, media person, blog writer, or content writer. They are career flourishes if they choose to become teachers, college lecturers, or professors in subjects like economics or math. Mercury’s placement in this house will help the native achieve stability in their career growth and will become successful in their respective career. They will gain high profits from investment and stock markets. Mercury’s negative effect makes the natives get involved in illegal affairs and they will get involved in malicious activities like gambling. 


Mercury in the 1st House personality as per Vedic Astrology


Personalized prediction Says that they are very wise and happy-go-lucky kind of person who loves spending their life in happiness and laughter. They are treated with love and affection in their family. They are very genius in subjects like economics, maths and business studies. Their excellent communication skills will help them win many debates competition. They will use their intelligence in writing skills and will be very good writers. They will become very successful in engaging themselves in any sort of business and have excellent quality in delivering a speech as an orator. They will also excel in their career as a proof-reader. 


Positive Impact of Mercury in the 1st House


They can also try their luck In the movies, film direction, dancing, and many more. Their imaginative nature will help them shine in their career in art and the creative field. This kind of person is mostly driven by their excitement and curiosity for exploring the unknown things in life. They are having a magnetic personality and people get easily attracted to them. They are always having a flexible mindset where they can adapt themselves to the change in situations and times. They are a very knowledgeable person who always loves to stay updated with various ideas and current events. They never fear going outside their comfort zone and love exploring new things in their life.


Negative Impact of Mercury in the 1st House


Your wish to try new things in life might affect your life negatively. Like, you may find it very interesting to start working on any new project but you will lack the enthusiasm to finish it within time. This negative trait of yours will take a heavy toll on your career. You should try to be patient and learn to come out of your comfort zone to gain success in your life. 


Astrology Phone consultation is always there to guide you through all negativity and ill effects of mercury in your life. You are a very wise person with a strong and interesting personality. You will not have the patience to continue with a task in your life when it gets hard. You should learn to be patient in life in order to gain a name and fame and become successful in your profession.


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