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Mercury In The 12th House Navamsa - Marriage, Love, Spouse, Appearance & Career

Mercury In The 12th House Navamsa - Marriage, Love, Spouse, Appearance & Career

They are very shy in nature and are not having an outgoing personality and don’t love to interact with the outside world at a young age. They will love spending time with themselves and are very imaginative in nature. They are very likely to make their career in journalism, Become a famous author, poet, or editor in a media house. In the early 30s, they will face a lot of hardships with money. They will become very rich after crossing the mid-30s. They are very arrogant and self-centered in their nature due to which they don’t care much about others. They would take some childish decisions which they have to regret later in life.


Mercury in the 12th House Love as per Vedic Astrology


Love Problem Solution Astrology says that they will not get success in their love life due to the 12th house position of mercury. Their love affairs will mostly last for a temporary period. They are mainly flings and casual in nature. Their affairs will be very passionate with their lovers. They would spend many romantic moments but they would result in breaking up and hearts breaking suffering from pain and sorrow. They will meet their soul mate in their later 20s or early 30s. Their life will be filled with hardships and sorrow and they will rarely get successful in their love affairs. They will face dejection and spend their lives very lonely and boring where they cannot share anything with anyone We would make them depressed in their life.


Mercury in the 12th House Marriage as per Vedic Astrology


Marriage horoscope by date of birth is saying there’s a chance of second marriage in their birth chart. They might get separated or divorced from their partner due to cheating or breaking their trust. They are likely to break their spouse's hearts and have a secret affair behind their back. They won't be satisfied with their partner in a physical relationship and they will face several problems in their intimate life after marriage. They would also have to suffer from fertility problems and might face issues with pregnancy. They would also face problems in bearing a child and many would not have a child in their lifetime.


Mercury in the 12th House Career as per Vedic Astrology


Career prediction speaks that their career will fit the rules as an astrologer or a Clinical psychiatrist. They will make a huge amount of money by working in any digital marketing. Writer, actor, and occult scientist. They would mostly become successful by working on their own where they are not required to interact much with the public. They can also become very good sports people, in athletics because of their strong bodies and physical appearance. They can also try their luck in the Navy or any kind of martial arts where they will become very wealthy by starting any business related to important export, trading in the stock market, and share market. They can be working as an IT professional where they will also get promotions and other prospects very well. They are highly skilled to become radio jockeys.


Mercury in the 12th House Personality as per Vedic Astrology


Personalized prediction speaks that they are having a very curious mind which is highly inclined to acquire more and more knowledge. For their higher education, they might travel to a distant place that is far from their hometown. They are not much interested in gaining spiritual and religious knowledge in life and would happily enjoy and live their life on their own terms and conditions where they do not like anyone’s interference and intervention. They would spend their money living a high-class lifestyle which they always desired. They would spend most of their income and they would not earn a very high amount of money but all of their money will be spent fulfilling their desires and necessities. They always aspired to lead a very comfortable life with a lot of luxuries. They might have to deal with some problems related to their family members and children. They would get the opportunity to visit many places due to their profession and personal reasons.


Positive Impact of Mercury in the 12th House


The natives are having a very imaginative and creative mind whereas people also know them as visionary. They are very interested in learning and gaining knowledge to improve their quality of life. They take interest in learning about various topics which include astrology, spirituality, occult science, and religious matters. They have a very unique type of mind where they can stay highly focused and can concentrate on subjects which they are interested in and gain an in-depth understanding of the deeper meaning of life. They have a very good power of imagination which boost their creative skills. They are having a very strong sixth sense and their interests in the world of metaphysics can be a great achievement for humanity. If they’re misled, their good qualities might get derailed and they would lose their direction in life.


Negative Impact of Mercury in the 12th House


They are in the habit of spending excessively without thinking about savings. They would spend a lot of their money on buying various unnecessary luxurious goods for leading a very high-class lifestyle to show off in society. They will spend more than their earnings and would have very little savings in their bank balance till their early 30s. They would stay in touch with many influential people, from whom they try to gain any favors. They will not be able to save money in their bank and would face a financial crisis in their time of need. They will start earning from a very young age with a low income but would acquire a high post and get promoted to a very respectable position in their middle years. There then they would earn a very high income to fulfill the needs of the family.


Astrology Consultation Is always there to provide you with all the knowledge in overcoming the ill effects of mercury’s 12th house. If you seek our astrological guidance our experts will always help you to improve your health, family life, career, and other things. You are likely to suffer from hearing issues in your ear. You should always stay careful with your enemies because they will keep no stone unturned to demotivate you. You should increase your self-esteem and become more confident about yourself in lives in life to neglect the tiny things that are hindering your progress in life. Talk to our astrologers, who will show you the right path to living a life with joy and contentment.


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