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Divisional Charts In Astrology: D Chart Importance and Principal

Divisional Charts In Astrology: D Chart Importance and Principal

Divisional charts are miniature horoscopes that are inspected to give a more detailed assessment of a specific everyday issue. Vedic astrology is the only one with this thought. Divisional Charts help sort out the secret force of your fate as well as the specific idea of a planet. A divisional chart gives a tiny understanding of a specific part of your life, for example, your marriage or work, similar to an amplifying glass. It gives a complex examination of a solitary significant theme.

D Charts in Astrology

The divisional charts, frequently called Varga charts, are among the most critical and particular instruments in Vedic astrology. These are special charts that are made by separating each indication of the horoscope into more modest segments, then got from the essential birth Chart or the D-1 chart.

Each fragment connects with a particular part of life and has an unmistakable significance and worth. One can find out about the genuine person and force of the planets, notwithstanding what they mean for different parts of life, including marriage, career, success, well-being, and different regions, by inspecting divisional charts.

What are Divisional Charts

The divisional charts likewise uncover a planet's hidden power or shortcoming, which the birth Chart probably won't have the option to uncover. For example, a planet might have a great situation in the birth chart, yet its gainful impacts might be lessened if it is frail or impacted in the divisional Charts.

Since they offer a more careful inside and out assessment of the horoscope than the natal chart alone, divisional Charts are huge. An individual's overall potential and tendencies are demonstrated by their birth chart, and their particular areas of indication are shown by their divisional charts.

Types Of Divisional Charts

D1 Chart – Rashi/Natal Chart

D1 Chart is essential because it is where a horoscope analysis begins. Every other divisional chart must display impacts based on the birth chart’s overall promise. To put it briefly, the birth chart and all divisional Charts are complementary. To make forecasts, a birth chart analysis is sufficient. To ensure that a promise is replicated, it is usually a good idea to refer to other divisional charts. Read more about D1 Chart

D2 Chart – Hora Chart

Typically used to determine an individual’s level of wealth and future income sources. In the Hora of the Sun, male planets are considered advantageous, whereas in the Hora of the Moon, female planets are useful. It is believed that the native acquires money via hard effort if the greatest number of planets are located within the Sun’s Hora, yet the amount of income may be extremely high. Read more about D2 Chart

D3 Chart – Drekkana Chart

Usually perceived as knowing the native’s siblings’ pleasure and promise. It becomes crucial for longevity analysis, though. As is customarily claimed, the native’s general well-being and longevity are negatively impacted by the lord for the 22nd Dreshkona. In addition, the native is not thought to benefit from the planets lying in Sarpa Dreshkona or Phasha Dreshkona. Read more about D3 Chart

D4 Chart – Chaturthamsa chart

Usually used to determine the degree of contentment among the locals overall, mostly about the likelihood of owning real estate. You can view this graphic about potential international immigration and residency changes. This horoscope can also predict a girl child’s marriage, as it typically results in the girl moving to a new house. Read more about D4 Chart

D5 Chart – Panchamsa Chart

Essentially, the Panchamsa constitutes a divisional chart that assesses how the planets are affecting the matters under the 5th House. Since Indian astrologers interpret the 5th House to be centred around children, the Panchamsa serves to assess a person’s capacity for procreation. Read more about D5 Chart

D6 Chart -Shastiamsa chart

The D6 divisional Chart, once in a while alluded to as the Shashtamsha Kundli, covers the locales addressed by the 6th house in a native’s birth chart. The everyday compensation (routine pay), contenders and adversaries, maternal family members, protection guarantee and will advantages, workers and administrations, obligations and prosecution, and general ailment are completely displayed in D6 chart. This chart should be analysed considering the birth outline's 6th house. Read more about D6 Chart

D7 Chart – Saptamsa Chart

It’s to be taken as confirmation of childbearing and the joys associated with parenthood. It is necessary to pay attention to the Karaka and avashtha that constitute the fifth lord in the birth chart as well as the placement and effects on the fifth house and fifth lord in the aforementioned divisional chart. Read more about D7 Chart

D8 Chart – Ashtamsa Chart

The Ashtamsa divisional chart is the seventh one. D8 Chart illustrates unforeseen and sudden events and problems, such as lawsuits or significant mishaps. It also suggests significant obstacles and turning points in a person’s life. Read more about D8 Chart

D9 Chart – Navamsa Chart

Navamsha is a zodiac that is used to learn about the native’s marriage. The utilisation of D9 divisional chart conceals certain predictive astrological mysteries. Predictions should normally never be made without first consulting the Navamsha for confirmation. The Maraka dasa and the computation of longevity depend heavily on the Moon’s lord of the 64th Navamsha. Read more about D9 Chart

D10 Chart – Dasamsa chart

When D10 chart is viewed broadly, it provides a clear image of the native’s occupation. In this case, the birth chart’s tenth lord’s position and Avastha are significant. In addition, the native’s profession and any rise or dip in it should be evaluated based on the Rashi rising in the tenth house of this divisional chart and its influence on the 10th house. This divisional chart must work in tandem with the basic chart, just like any other. Read more about D10 Chart

D11 Chart – Labhamsa Chart

The D11 chart is also referred to as the Rudramsa chart and the Labhamsa chart in astrology. It is connected to profit and loss and is used to illustrate the buildup of monetary gain. It can also be used to illustrate speculation, unexplained money, and unearned income.  The D-11 chart is reserved for kings and politicians; it is not utilised for regular horoscopes. Maharishi Jaimini’s Kryta Upadesa Sutra is typically used to teach it. Read more about D11 Chart

D12 Chart - Dwadasamsa Chart

D12 chart is typically used to comprehend the advantages of having parents. This chart explains the respective lifespans of the two parents. It is also claimed that this chart discloses the native’s Purva Janma Punya. It is also said that D12 chart can indicate whether a person gets an illness from either of his parents. Read more about D12 Chart

D16 Chart – Shodasamsa Chart

This is to observe the potential of native-born transportation as well as accidents caused by transportation. Venus, the Karaka for transportation, must be viewed to achieve this. Along with Venus’s ailment, the 4th Lord and the 4th sector must also be observed. If the Birth Chart also contains promises to the contrary, this could result in terrible accidents. Read more about D16 Chart

D20 Chart – Vimsamsa Chart

D20 chart is used to understand the native’s spiritual development. It is also claimed that this chart provides information about the native’s favoured god and Upasana. Here, the planets in the fifth and ninth houses are significant. An indication of the native’s total spiritual development can be found in the general exaltation or weakness of the planets. Read more about D20 Chart

D24 Chart – Chaturvimsamsa Chart

It is said that D24 chart provides a more accurate image of each person’s educational background. The fifth house is the one to be taken into account. In addition, the Avastha of the fifth Lord in the birth chart must be considered, as well as the impacts on the fifth house. The fifth lord’s relationship to the sixth, eighth, and twelfth lords is thought to cause disruptions and alternative education. Read more about D24 Chart

D27 Chart – Saptavimshamsha Chart

The purpose of D27 chart is to help you grasp the native’s general strengths and limitations. It can occasionally be used to determine a person’s level of physical strength, endurance, and stamina. Read more about D27 Chart

D30 Chart – Trimsamsa Chart

This chart is typically used to determine the hardships, illnesses, and sufferings that a specific native would face. It is also claimed that this chart in women’s horoscopes reveals the native’s character. It is claimed that if a woman’s Trimshamsha of Mars is increasing, her character is suspect. But in the event of a male native, D30 chart may also be examined to confirm the character. Read more about D30 Chart

D40 Chart – Khavedamsha Chart

This is typically done to research the native’s horoscope’s favourable and unfavourable impacts. It should be emphasised, however, that D40 chart is not very useful for prediction because a mere few seconds in time difference can alter the Lagna. Use of this is limited to horoscopes that have been fully corrected. Read more about D40 Chart

D45 Chart – Akshvedamsa Chart

This is used to determine the native’s character as well as the overall effects of auspicious and inauspicious. Similar to the last example, D45 chart is too time-sensitive in this situation, making it challenging to consider when making predictions. Read more about D45 Chart

D60 Chart – Shastiamsa Chart

D60 chart has been highly valued by Maharishi Parashara. Every forecast should consider this. This graphic adds interest to the reading and ensures that the analysis is accurate. Once more, though, this is limited to use on an astrologically balanced chart. Read more about D60 Chart

Importance of Divisional Charts

This chart is fundamental because it is where a horoscope analysis begins. Every other divisional chart must display impacts based on the birth chart’s overall promise. To put it briefly, the birth chart and all divisional Charts are complementary. To make forecasts, a birth chart analysis is sufficient. To ensure that a promise is replicated, it is usually a good idea to refer to other divisional charts.


Divisional charts are the metaphorical counterpart of the saying that it’s critical to look past what’s initially apparent. The depth of the Zodiac that we can reach now is entirely due to the diligent efforts of the Rishis-Munis plus all the individuals from many civilizations who have contributed to the advancement of this Astral Science. Talk to our astrologers on online astrology consultation to get proper guidance in your personal and professional life as per D Charts.

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