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D3 Chart – D3 Drekkana Chart in Astrology

D3 Chart – D3 Drekkana Chart in Astrology

D3 Chart offers an exhaustive assessment of boldness, dauntlessness, and siblings and is an enhancement of the third house. They can likewise sub for an individual’s deepest contemplations, ways of behaving, and secret characters. Each sign in this chart is addressed by three equivalent sections of ten degrees each, known as the Decante, Drekkana, and Dreshkana. Around 36 Drekkanas exist, three for each sign (there are 12 aggregate). There are multiple ways of working out D3 charts; the four principal graphs that are ordinarily utilized are alluded to as,

  • Parashara Drekkana: the most frequently used Vedic visionary equation. Sage Parashara outlined them.

  • Jagannath Drekkana: used to analyze previous existences as one with the D60 chart.

  • Somanath Drekkana, which is utilized in Prashna Jyothisha's strategies, supports the examination of charisma, drive, and closeness.

  • The Prashna Jyothisha branch likewise utilizes the Privritti-tray Drekkana. Reflects insights concerning an individual’s drive, centered around their objectives, and enterprising soul.

D3 Drekkana Chart

Vedic astrology utilizes the Parashara Drekkana Chart on account of its unpredictable portrayal of numerous aspects of life. The planets in the underlying 10° sign are put in a similar sign in the Drekkana chart, as per Sage Parashara. The fifth Drekkana chart addressing the sign shows planets in the middle 10° of the sign. To wrap things up, the 10th Drekkana chart from a sign addresses the planets in the last 10° of the sign. These first, second, and third Drekkana are controlled by three sages and mean various characteristics of the spirit, brain, and five detects.

  • The first D3 Drekkana Chart Is represented by Sage Naradha, who is prestigious for his unfaltering devotion. This house addresses the idea of the spirit.

  • The heavenly bodies in the Drekkanas under the administration of Sage Naradha address the local’s otherworldly and karmic propensities as well as their relationship with their sibling.

  • Sage Agastya, the fifth Drekkana, is an area of strength with an immense measure of insight and information. This residence is an image of the mind. This addresses the local’s psychological and mental attributes.

  • The 10th Drekkana, Sage Durvasa, is prestigious for his expertise in controlling the five detects. This house represents an individual’s five receptors and faculties. This house shows local solaces, both tactile and physical.

D3 Astrology

  • The D3 Astrology is fundamental for translating the secret nature, characteristics, and conduct of neighborhood individuals.

  • It gives data on a local’s family members and their associations with them. Examining the D3 chart could assist one with grasping numerous parts of sibling connections and their temperament.

  • This chart can be utilized to decipher the subtleties of sibling connections, like the number, nature, orientation, mental bond, and prosperity of siblings.

  • Monetary issues: this chart additionally empowers us to research monetary issues including siblings, like monetary benefits, misfortunes, or expenses caused by more youthful siblings. This realism likewise shows the chance of legitimate issues emerging from siblings.

  • Siblings bond: The local’s association with their siblings, including their connection of friendship, backing, and strength, or their distance or partition from them, is demonstrated by this chart.

D3 Chart Astrology

  • Grasping a local’s character, conduct, and other secret characteristics is conceivable through the Drekkana ascendant.

  • D3 Chart Astrology gives every single insight regarding the local’s sibling, including their number, request, and orientation.

  • Drekkanas have major areas of strength for a local’s physical and intellectual capacity. With the utilization of this chart, various physiological and mental issues can be recognized and settled.

  • The 22nd Drekkana is called Khara and gives data about the sort and reason for the death of the neighborhood.

  • The local acquires an enormous arrangement of rank, notoriety, and notoriety on the off chance that any of the gainful planets involve the Drekkana ascendant. They are areas of strength for incredibly, capable craftsmen thus.

D3 Chart Predictions

  • The first house represents the relationship and prosperity of the Local siblings. Proposes the chance of a more youthful sibling too. It likewise exhibits the local’s relentlessness and approach to everyday life.

  • The subsequent house, which is the twelfth from the third place of mental fortitude, addresses an absence of boldness and tendency. It likewise shows how much cash is spent on more youthful siblings as well as the abundance obtained from them.

  • The Third House represents drive, focus, and the achievement or disappointment of the endeavor. It additionally represents the more youthful sibling of the local.

  • The local’s sibling’s satisfaction and enjoyment are addressed by the fourth house.

  • The fifth house addresses the local’s arranging propensities and attitude towards their sibling.

  • The Sixth House delineates the difficulties in accomplishing the planned result.

  • The sexual inclinations and wants are addressed by the seventh house.

  • The Eighth House relates to khara, life span, and deterrents to one’s aspirations.

  • Nine represents favorable luck in achieving objectives.

  • The expression 10th house alludes to how much work is expected to accomplish objectives.

  • The eleventh house portrays the fulfillment of desire and wants.

  • The twelfth house is an image of losing endeavors, enduring difficulties, and being separated from siblings.

  • The Drekkana chart holds incredible importance as it addresses the Purvapunya. Moreover, it represents the third house in the horoscope and could uncover whether a local’s activities or endeavors will bring about a great or negative end.

D3 Chart Analysis

The chart addressing more youthful siblings, dauntlessness, ailments, unexpected beginning, hands, creative mind, over a significant period of lives, and nature is known as the Drekkana or Dreshkamsa chart. For every 12 signs, there are 36 Drekkana. We see the planet Mars as the sibling and Venus and Mercury as the sister. As per the Brihat Parashar Horo Shastra, the quantity of planets compares to our number of siblings, going from the ascendant master to the third house. Be that as it may, this isn’t generally the situation. This is a careful clarification of how to look at the Drekkana/Dreshkamsa chart.

Since Drekkana is determined as 1/3 of 30 degrees for each sign, for instance, on the off chance that your natal is Pisces at 17 degrees, Pisces is the main sign in Drekkana, trailed by Disease and Scorpio. Subsequently, cancer is the ascendant. Dreshkana’s ascendant is Scorpio on the off chance that the ascendant is 26 degrees. The Dreshkana chart outlines nature, mentality, and general body shape. D3 chart is the move we make to do karma, and D10 is the karma.

Ketu in the third house can keep somebody from having a sibling. Regardless of whether they, their relationship probably won’t area of strength for be. Then, you should figure out where Ketu is situated in the zodiac.


A local probably won’t have a sibling if a planet like Mercury, the Sun, or Ketu is in the third house. Jupiter’s arrangement should be noticed simultaneously. The individual might not have siblings, or on the other hand, assuming they have, it will be like residing alone assuming Ketu is in the eighth house, that is 6th from the third house. They have phenomenal correspondence with their sibling assuming Mars is in the 11th house. If Mercury or Saturn are in the fifth house, it tends to be challenging for them to consider and they couldn’t encounter joy from having kids. Then, we can inspect the Drekkana chart’s ashtakvarga to decide the house’s power. Talk to astrologers online to get proper guidance regarding the D3 Chart.

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