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D6 chart – D6 Shastiamsa Chart in Astrology

D6 chart – D6 Shastiamsa Chart in Astrology

A variation of the natal chart’s sixth house is the D6 Shastiamsa Chart. This represents favorable luck, fate, assets, security, acquired property, and home. Different names for this divisional chart are Bandhu-Varga, Padmamsa, and Turyamsa. Sage Parashra thinks of the D6 Chart’s ideal technique. In Vedic astrology, it is broadly used to anticipate resource deals or rentals, property misfortunes, and movements.

Six units of seven degrees thirty minutes each relate to each sign or Rashi in the D6 chart. The final quarter of the birth chart (D1) is augmented in the Shastiamsa chart.

The sign in which planets fall in the underlying Shastiamsa chart is something similar. Planets in the subsequent division are situated in the sixth house through the sign. Planets in the third division are situated in the seventh house from the sign in which they are found, while those in the sixth division are situated in the 10th house from the sign in which they are found. In a specific order, the sages Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanatkumar, and Sanatana oversee these homes.

D6 Shastiamsa Chart

  • We can decipher and fathom a local’s Bhagya, or destiny, predetermination, or fortune, with the utilization of a D6 chart. This chart can likewise be utilized to peruse maternal harmonies, clairvoyant and close-to-home security, and the adoration and warmth of one’s mom.

  • This divisional chart shows the responsibility for, steadfast property, and any additions, misfortunes, or legitimate questions connected with this significant fortune.

  • This is particularly obvious concerning the legacy of property, the area and kind of a home or business environment, a vehicle, and other unmistakable property.

  • The D6 chart portrays a local’s ability to buy or sell land as well as the connected monetary elements, for example, applying for credits.

  • The D6 chart can be utilized to figure benefits like rental pay, property ventures, and homes, as well as misfortunes such as home loans and hypothecations.

  • The realistic can likewise be utilized to figure out moving, evolving homes, or investing energy past the properties because of movement.

  • The idea of the house or resource — be it enormous, intriguing, or unassuming and basic — as well as the extravagance vehicles are likewise figured out through this home.

D6 Astrology

  • To acquire a more profound comprehension of the D6 chart, let us look at how the planets are represented in Shastras.

  • Sun is referred to be King.

  • he Moon in her regal role.

  • Planet Mercury in the role of Prince 

  • Venus, a powerful minister, 

  • Planet Mars as the Chief Commander for his valor, 

  • Jupiter is a spiritual guru on the planet 

  • Planet Saturn is the kingdom’s obedient attendant. 

  • This can help us in deciding the degree of abundance given the belongings or gathering of local resources.

  • The resources are regularly majestic, princely, and in the possession of the Sun or Moon when they are the Ruler of the Sixth House or affect the Sixth House and its Master.

  • On the other hand, when Saturn is in an equivalent position or circumstance, the resources are typically little or immaterial.

  • The sort of resource is likewise impacted by the force of the planets. Not at all like areas of strength for a, even a feebly arranged Sun or Moon can goodly affect property riches.

  • This hierarchy represents the royalty and wealth of the asset: Sun, Moon (very wealthy), Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Mercury, and Saturn, who are the least wealthy.  

D6 Chart Astrology

The planets Mars and Venus, as well as the sixth house in the birth chart, the D6 chart, are analyzed for activities connecting with resources and monetary success.

One of the fundamental elements in deciding the aggregate sum of assets a local can claim in the course of their life is the ascendant, or first house, in the D6 chart. The natal chart’s ruler of the 10th house is related to the ascendant of the D6 chart, which demonstrates rental salaries and total abundance gathering.

D6 Chart Predictions

  • The chart’s subsequent house addresses the limit and fitness to acquire resources.

  • The D6 chart’s sixth house has outstanding worth. It displays details about the type and maintenance of the purchased assets. This house’s beneficent planets bring in money from investments. When malefic planets like Saturn or Rahu Ketu are inhabited, it signifies property loss and difficulties in keeping the property maintained.

  • Abhorrent Planets in 6, 8, and 12 houses highlight difficulties, sadness, and issues buying land or other material merchandise. Land status and monetary security are presented by Mercury in the eighth house.

  • The chart’s 10th house addresses the karmic inclinations connected with purchasing and keeping up with land.

  • The suit might follow if this house is feeble or malefic, prompting property misfortunes because of government strategies or acquisitions.

  • The Ninth and Eleventh Houses demonstrate involving wealth for admirable missions, profound pursuits, and thoughtful gestures. The social standing and outstanding development of these manors are ascribed to great planets.

  • The twelfth house addresses unimportant spending, property misfortune, abundance lost to compulsion, indecencies, and extortion.

  • Shastras like Sarvartha Chintamani, Saravali, and Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra may be counseled for more natural learning draws near.

D6 Chart Analysis

Children of Master Brahma are known as the rulers of Shastiamsa or the D6 divisions. Ruler Brahma and Master Vishnu are currently joined together. Vishnu ji is an image of riches and satisfaction. Subsequently, in the d6 division, the Masters of Shastiamsa (d6) planet administers rapture.

Sanaka Division: The meaning of erraticism is Sanaka. The individual has an odd fixation on acquiring riches and bliss, and they might turn out to be strongly centered around it. Additionally, the psyche or the moon, if present, bears witness to something very similar.

Sananda Division: Persistent satisfaction, or Ananda, is represented by the sananda division. To put it another way, the individual appreciates cash and perspectives satisfaction with pleasure.

Sanat Kumar Division: She seldom grumbles about the same things overall. An individual might be encountering energetic bliss while the planet is in the Sanat Kumar division, which is normally somewhere in the range of 15 and 22 degrees and 30 minutes.

Sanatan Division: Endlessness, otherwise called Sanatan, addresses enduring happiness. In this case, the individual’s happiness doesn’t decrease and he is for the most part healthy.


The Shastiamsa, or D6, relates to extreme destiny and fate, thriving in all structures, and happiness for any Person. It expresses that it applies to all types of abundance, including fluid cash (money), gold, land resources, gems, and gemstones. The D6 division, regularly known as Shastiamsa, additionally covers moves, changes in the home, vehicles and vehicles, mishaps, and public discernment. Talk to astrologers online to navigate through the positive and challenging aspects of the D6 chart.

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