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D16 Chart –  D16 Shodasamsa Chart in Astrology

D16 Chart – D16 Shodasamsa Chart in Astrology

The sixteenth divisional chart, or Shodasamsa, is used to inspect a native’s movements, vehicle, and material connections. This chart is utilized in Vedic astrology to conjecture travel, stable living, and karma connected with vehicles. The Kalamsa chart is one more name for this one.

There are 16 pada, each estimating 1°52'30". Shodasamsa is the name of this pada or amsa. The divine forces of the Shodasamsas are Ruler Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu, the Hindu god, and Surya Deva. This succession applies to odd signs and is transformed for even signs; it rehashes multiple times for a sum of sixteen amsas in each sign.

The planet's position in a sign gives the premise for the D1 chart's calculation.

Including starts in Aries if the planet is in one of the moveable signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn).

The planet counts from Leo on the off chance that it is in a specific sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius), and from Gemini assuming it is in a double sign (Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo, Gemini).

D16 Shodasamsa Chart

D16 Shodasamsa Kundali in Astrology gives significant and more profound bits of knowledge regarding the excursion of life as far as methods of transport that impact individual life. This chart goes about as a device that permits one to see the increases in vehicles; the conviction that all is good given by cover and; the sensation of having a make one can phone call "home." It fills in as a helpful system for estimating the gamble of mishaps and hazardous circumstances for vehicular or different methods of transportation.

Also, the D16 chart goes further into the individual's being concerning mobilities and transportation. The feelings of how happy or anguished one becomes because of the use of the assets are uncovered which assists individuals with exploring their profound terrains with lucidity.

Too, D16 Shodasamsa shows often significant issues concerning the acquisition of the vehicle and we want to recognize gainful periods for that reason. It empowers the advancement of determining possible misfortunes because of burglary, defacement, or mishaps that lead to the development of assets or conveniences. Generally, this chart is a realistic portrayal of the mind-boggling transaction between transportation, close-to-home prosperity, and material security.

D16 Astrology

D16 astrology has a D16 chart or Shodasamsa chart that highlights the extravagances, solaces, and incomes of versatile properties, particularly vehicles. As per Maharishi Parashara, the lagna (ascendant) of the D16 chart reflects extravagance and agreeable situation from versatile belonging. If the benefic planet dwells the lagna, the locals might claim an extravagance vehicle like the game's vehicles. Venus, Mars, and the Moon are significant, they impact buying vehicles and the idea of driving.

This can bring about adverse results and satisfied wants with regards to claiming a vehicle because of the underhanded planet situation in the house or aspected crippled lagna ruler. Assuming that the sixth and eleventh houses are in the lucky signs (sixth and eleventh), gain from moveable resources and karma when the sixth and eleventh houses have negative impacts, monetary misfortunes, and issues in question. Kark and Navamsa houses can offer either fortunate or unfortunate hints concerning status, joy, and pay, in this way malefic impacts can prompt misfortune through robbery, mishaps, or legal disputes. Vehicle spaces non-freely, in this way, are suggested by fourth and seventh houses; notwithstanding, beset planets show that the chance of costs from leased vehicles is unmistakable.

D16 Chart Astrology

Venus, Mars, and the Moon play a significant part in characterizing the idea of a relationship with vehicles and solace, by relying upon their situation and perspective with different planets.

Malefic planets can drag the strength of the ascendant or its master, while the big-hearted ones are connected to simplicity and income from portable stuff. The sixth and eleventh houses regarding the monetary states of the vehicles are under Scorpio negative arrangements, proposing credit issues and gain misfortunes. The third and the ninth houses represent the societal position and bliss associated with the transport method, however, on the off chance that a few malefic planets underline these houses, there is a gamble of misfortunes through robbery, mishaps, and legal procedures. Through the fourth and seventh houses, we can get solace from outside sources, like bosses or family members, while moderated planets might suggest costs from others' vehicles.

D16 Chart Predictions

Lagna Importance: Benefic positions in the zodiac indication of lagna connote responsibility for vehicles, however, malefic situations propose a digit of battle or misfortune through the cycles.

Monetary Viewpoints: The sixth and eleventh houses address benefits or deficiency of cash associated with the vehicles; here malefic arrangement can convert into credit issues or monetary misfortunes.

Economic Wellbeing and Joy: The third and ninth houses show social position and solace in vehicles; this might emerge out of awful position and pay misfortune through robbery or mishaps.

Outer Help: Solaces are drawn from outside by the fourth and seventh houses that address bosses and family members.

Costs from Non-claimed Vehicles: Costs connected with movement, or at least, vehicles other than those that have a place with the local are made when the weakened planets are in the fourth and seventh house.

D16 Chart Analysis

D16 Chart, generally known as the Shodasamsa chart in Vedic astrology, is a prophetic chart that investigates an individual's karmic way and otherworldly development. In sixteen sections, it uncovers previous existence impacts, irritating issues from past manifestations, and the profound development and examples of the current life. This chart addresses the basic instrument in the process that involves figuring out the intricacies of a person's karma, accordingly, giving profound experiences into the more supernatural ways of otherworldly development. Looking at the D16 Chart considers the gathering of a more profound comprehension of the spirit's meandering, providing individuals some insight on the best way to do their otherworldly excursion with more noteworthy mindfulness and shrewdness.


The D16 Shodasamsa chart in Vedic Astrology (Kalamsa chart) is utilized to analyze the previous existence karma, the profound senses, and the potential for otherworldly turn of events. It is partitioned into 16 sections that are relegated to each indication of the zodiac, permitting extra comprehension of the otherworldly excursion of an individual. Shodasamsa chart shows planets that can connote various everyday issues except those influenced by past activities. That is karmic designs which are expected to be learned. Such a chart gives essential tips into one's profound excursion and it is a decent instrument for edification and self-improvement. Understanding should be made mindfully considering the space rocks' arrangement as well as the general subjects of the chart. Talk to astrologers online to get more insights into the D16 Chart.

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