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D20 Chart – D20 Vimsamsa Chart in Astrology

D20 Chart – D20 Vimsamsa Chart in Astrology

Vedic astrology utilizes local charts, one of which is the D20 chart, otherwise called the Vimsamsa chart. Inspiration includes grasping individual predetermination, positive turn of events, and previous existence. Use chart D20 to grasp confounding issues, previous encounters, and their importance to the individual's ongoing life.

Alongside the nuances uncovered in the natal chart (D1 chart), every section gives an understanding of the profound excursion and karmic fate. Inspiration is to analyze the hints of occasions in the other world and to acquire information on the essential highlights of one's presence.

D20 Vimsamsa Chart

D20 chart can show the planetary changes of an individual about occasions and voyages. It incorporates place of birth, date of birth, and month of birth. The chart comprises eleven equivalent parts, each related to a particular zodiac sign.

Vimsamsa, frequently referred to as D20 is a Varga, Amsa, or Profession Chart in Vedic Astrology. Vimsamsa is partitioned into 20 sections or amsas and doles out a similar number to every planet or position in the Vimsamsa, which is the Lagna or position in the natal chart.

D20 Astrology

D20 Vimsamsa chart in the field of astrology, which is the most complicated science dealing with genealogical links and spiritual affinity, analyzes deeply into the family relationships and spiritual bonds with others. This makes clear the strength of a parent (mostly the mother) in the life change of an adoptee. This chart is woven by weaving the threads of ancestral karma into a complex fabric that provides the potential(beneficial) and the obstacles (challenging), inherited from the families. One will pass through the 20 gateways of D20 to see their life’s journey through the chart, and the spiritual journey is passed that age has bequeathed.

The numbers postulate in real estate, vehicles, and luxuries, which gender the class, wealth, and strong lives. It is the message we hear, and it makes us a compass into the past, helping us look for the points of our ties with ancestors with the hope of revering and understanding what is good versus what is not. Through D20, the symbolism, people can explain the functions of both the family and the community, as well as the relationship between the interpersonal and the ancestors. By dint of the process, they are made to attain the harmony between the spiritual and the material planes of existence. In brief, the D20 horoscope plays the role of the compass that shows us the way to the distant spiritual area - the topic of karmic origins and Spiritual development.

D20 Chart Astrology

The D20 chart, also known as the Vimsamsa chart, is an important part of the eighth position of the D1 chart. Local people know about grandparents and ancestors. To understand the complexity of local relationships, charts D3, D7, and D9 were analyzed. Another name for this image is "Suryamsa". Vedic astrology usually uses the D20 sastra chart of sage Parashara or Jaimini.

D20 Chart Predictions

The karakas of the father and mother are the sun and the moon separately; The karakas of the maternal and fatherly grandparents are Jupiter and Mercury. Benefits locals can get from positions in regards to the position of these planets in the D20 chart.

The sun and the moon connote karaka for mother and father; Jupiter and Mercury address the karaka of grandparents and incredible grandparents. The position of these planets in the D20 chart decides the quality individuals can get from home.

If there is a decent planet in the ascendant, family members will give warmth to the town and help with different things in the rest, for instance, the leader of the ascendant in the subsequent position, fifth position, tenth position, or 11th position.

Consequently, assuming the birth star is ascendant or the male star is in the realm, in the positions, the individual sitting close to the youngster will be frustrated when he grows up and turns into a grown-up because he is there. He is certainly not a caring guardian.

D20 Chart Analysis

The Vimsamsa chart is a useful tool for understanding one's early years and the impact it has on one's family.

This chart shows history, heritage, and childhood.

With the help of this chart, the basis of the current situation of society can be investigated.

Focus on the native’s closeness to their families, their love and care for them, and all the problems in their relationships.


In Vedic Astrology, the D20 Vimsamsa chart which primarily concerns the guardians, especially the mother's impact on the native's otherworldly way and common belongings, determines those viewpoints that incorporate responsibility for, engine vehicles and group connection. The chart is dissected to comprehend the karmic associations that one has with the progenitors and the family's profound genealogy. It gives you a brief look into your family sprinkled with both great and terrible, driving you to respect and settle your karma. By and large, the D-20 chart makes us completely mindful of our starting points, so any activities connected with material or otherworldly life that natively take are in equilibrium and congruity. Talk to astrologers online to know the positive and negative effects of the D20 Chart.

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