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Tuesday Fast - Rituals, Method, and Benefits

Tuesday Fast - Rituals, Method, and Benefits

Tuesday is considered the best day for worship and worship of Bajrangbali, who is known as the God of Kaliyuga. In India, many people fast on Tuesdays and Saturdays to please lord Hanuman. Fasting on Tuesday is very beneficial for the devotees of lord Hanuman. If the planet Mars is weak in the Kundali of a person, then he should keep fast on Tuesday. Hanuman Ji is pleased with Tuesday's fast and blesses them to get a child. Enemies are destroyed by fasting on this day, but also one gets freedom from Shani Dosha.


Tuesday Fasting Method


  • Tuesday fasting can be started by any person on the first Tuesday of Shukla Paksha of any month. This fast can be kept till 21 or 45 Tuesdays. Many people keep this fast for life.

  • To observe this fast, wake up early in the morning on Tuesday and take bath and wear red colored clothes.

  • After this, keep a post for the seat of lord Hanuman in the northeast of the house and install an idol or picture of lord Hanuman in it. Keep in mind that lord Hanuman is the ultimate devotee of Lord Rama, so you must also install an idol or picture of Lord Rama and goddess Sita along with them.

  • Now take water in your hands and take a vow of fast while meditating on lord Hanuman and worship Lord Rama and Goddess Sita by lighting incense.

  • In this worship, you should offer red colored flowers, clothes, vermilion, etc. to lord Hanuman. Offer jasmine oil in cotton to the lord Hanuman.

  • After this, recite Hanuman Chalisa or Sundarkand and offer jaggery and gram to lord Hanuman.

Tuesday Fasting Ritual

Tuesday's fast is a full day's fast. Devotees who observe a fast on Tuesday should only take food usually consisting of any food made of wheat and jaggery. Most Hindu people can do 21 Tuesdays without any breaks.


Tuesday's fast is done to appease Lord Hanuman and Mars. Lord Hanuman is considered to be the savior of trouble and by keeping a Tuesday's fast we can remove difficulties and evils from our path. By observing Tuesday fast we can create paths of happiness for ourselves.


The underlying belief is that Lord Hanuman helps in overcoming the difficulties in the lives of his devotees especially created by the interference of the planet Mars. Apart from this, it is also fasting by couples who want to have a son.


Tuesday Fasting Benefits

By observing Tuesday's fast, the blessings of lord Hanuman are obtained, as well as all the defects related to Mars in the Kundali are eliminated. Those who are not having children, get children with the blessings of lord Hanuman.




Lord Hanuman is worshiped on Tuesday's fast. By the grace of Lord Hanuman, the problems in a person's life are reduced. Talk to Astrologer to know about Tuesday's fast.


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