Saturday Fast - Rituals, Method, and Benefits

Saturday Fast - Rituals, Method, and Benefits

Shani Maharaj is the lord of Saturday. He gives fruits to the person according to his karma, hence he is called the god of justice. The people having Mahadasha of Shani should observe a fast on Saturday because if Shani Dev will be pleased with your worship, then there will be an end of sorrows in your life. Shani Dev likes black things very much, so black sesame seeds, black clothes, oil, and urad are very dear. 


Saturday Fasting Method 


A person observing a Saturday fast should wake up before sunrise in the morning on the day of the fast. In the morning, after completing his daily work, he should purify the house by sprinkling Ganga water or any other holy water in the house. After bathing, wear blue or black clothes and worship Shani Dev. Worshiping the idol of Shanidev made of iron kept in an iron vessel containing sesame oil is auspicious. Along with the material of worship, especially black flowers of Kagmachi or Kalagraha, two black clothes, black sesame seeds, and boiled rice should be gifted to Shani Dev. One should worship the Lord with Shani Chalisa, Stotra, Mantra, and Aarti. Shani Vrat Katha should be recited. Also, one should visit the Shani temple in the morning and evening to see Shani Dev. Offer prasad of sesame oil, black urad dal, black items, black sesame, and food made of oil in the temple of Shani Dev. The story should be listened to while worshiping. Food should be eaten only after 2 hours of sunset. Food items made from urad dal should be given to the beggar first and then eaten. Donations should be given to poor people according to the capacity of the individual. Donations can include a black blanket, umbrella, sesame seeds, shoes, etc. If possible, chant the mantra of the Shani planet as many times as possible.


Saturday Fasting Rituals 


Shani Dev rituals should be done on the last Saturday after fasting on the 17th, 27th, 37th, and 57th, or as many fasts as you had resolved to do. After completing the resolution of the fast, wake up on the next Saturday morning, after retiring from daily activities, take a bath by pouring Ganga water and black sesame in the bath water and chant the mantra. After this, chant the Beej Mantra of Shani Dev at least 108 times or more times according to your reverence, or by offering Shani Stotra by King Dasharatha to the sacrificial fire by offering Shami wood and material in the Yagya. After the completion of the havan, donate the shadow pot and the materials related to Shani Dev to the poor.


Saturday Fasting Benefits 


Worship of Shani Dev increases hard work, discipline, and ability to make decisions. Worship of Shani Dev leads to disease-free life and an increase in life. By observing a fast on Saturday, the defects of the planet Shani end, and the wrath of Shani Dev can also be avoided. By observing Saturday fast and worship one gets freedom from the effect of Sade Sati. People's work gets done. Worship on Saturday brings success in job and business. By fasting and worshiping Saturday, happiness-prosperity, honor-respect and wealth-fame are attained. By observing fast on Saturday, happiness and peace remain in the house.


Shani is called the God of Karma. Shani Dev is pleased by fasting on Saturdays. Talk to Astrologer to know more about Saturday fasting.


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