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Friday Fast - Rituals, Method, and Benefits

Friday Fast - Rituals, Method, and Benefits

According to the Hinduism religion, seven days of the week are dedicated to some deity. In this way, the day Friday also holds importance in the Hindu religion. Friday is dedicated to goddess Lakshmi and goddess Santoshi. This fast is especially observed by women. Men can also do this fast. Friday fasting is considered very fruitful. On this day there is a law to worship both goddess Lakshmi and goddess Santoshi. Some people observe the fast of Mata Lakshmi and others observe the fast of Mata Santoshi. The purpose of fasting is only one, to fulfill one's wishes and to get the blessings of the goddess.


Friday Fasting Method

To observe the Friday fast, the people should wake up in the Brahma Muhurta and take a bath and wear clean clothes. After wearing clothes, one should take a vow to fast in front of the picture or idol of Goddess Santoshi. The idol of Goddess Santoshi should be installed at any place in the house. Goddess Santoshi should be duly worshiped in the evening. One should listen to the story of Santoshi Vrat and offer it to them. After distributing the prasad, the fasting person can eat the fruit. But don't eat sour things in food.


Friday Fasting Rituals 


  • Before worshiping, place jaggery and roasted gram in a bowl over a vessel filled with water.

  • Light a lamp and keep jaggery and roasted gram in your hands while reciting the fast story.

  • Start the story by placing a pot of water in front of the lamp and after the completion of the story, offer aarti, offerings of prasad.

  • During the rituals of Santoshi Devi, the first prayer should be offered to Lord Ganesha, father of Santoshi Devi and Goddess Riddhi Siddhi.

  • Santoshi goddess fulfills all your wishes and she brings success to the business.

  • Pray to the Goddess for children, profit in business, increase income, and remove feelings and sorrows. Do not take food for the whole day on this day. Fasting regularly till 16 Fridays and during the fast on Friday, take fruits.

  • Do not consume sour food items at home in food and family members should also stay away from sour food.

Friday Fasting Benefits


Fasting on Friday is believed to complete the work that has been stuck for a long time. Friday fasting brings happiness, peace, and prosperity in life. It is believed that due to the effect of this fast, an unmarried girl gets a suitable groom. There is also recognition of getting success in court cases.


Worshiping the Santoshi goddess on Friday keeps peace in life. The worship and rituals of Goddess Santoshi should be done in the right way so that the grace of Goddess Santoshi remains on you. Talk to Astrologer to know the method of worship of the Santoshi goddess.


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