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Ketu In The 3rd House Navamsa Chart - Marriage, Love, Appearance & Career

Ketu In The 3rd House Navamsa Chart - Marriage, Love, Appearance & Career

They are having very active personalities have excellent communication skills and stay high energy. This kind of personality is very brave and takes risks in life for their growth. Though they are built of a lean and thin structure body but are quite powerful physically. They are strongly inclined towards spirituality. They become very famous by involving in religious and spiritual activities. There’s will be wealth In a very short period of time.

Ketu in the 3rd House Love as per Vedic Astrology 


Love astrology speaks, they will engage themselves in a romantic relationship with people from various cultural backgrounds. Your bond will be strengthened with your lover and your partner will stay committed to you. After facing failures in various romantic affairs they will find their love of life. The native will be very casual in his love life because he will have other important priorities in life.


Ketu in the 3rd House Marriage as per Vedic Astrology 


Marriage astrology says due to the negative position of Ketu in the 3rd House, problems might happen due to lack of understanding, ego clashes, and temperamental mismatch. Your life partner might get temporarily separated from you due to regular arguments. Marital bliss will be absent from your married life. Understanding and taking care of your partner's needs properly will build better chemistry with your spouse. Children born with them will be very witty but might face various health issues. Your spouse might face various health issues and there will be an inclination toward spiritual life. Spouse will earn honorable rank in his professional life.


Ketu in the 3rd House Career as per Vedic Astrology 


Career astrology says the Ketu in your house will influence your career very positively. A great inclination towards politics and their career will flourish in that field. Native’s interest in writing and will become successful in digital marketing career where they will work with social media and it will yield very positive results for them. The native loves being the center of attraction and being in a commanding position where he will be the boss of an organization. They aspire to become ideal personality and loves gaining fame and wants to be very popular in eyes of others. They mostly become successful after toiling very hard in their life. They might lose jobs for some time in their career due to their negligence and carelessness.


Ketu in the 3rd House Personality as per Vedic Astrology 


Personalized prediction reveals that the native would not be social and friendly in his personal life. They will take some time to mingle with others and get associated with their lives. They are very much good at managing finances in their life. Sometimes they might sound very egoistic to their near and dear ones but at times they also love helping others and lifting others’ lives. They also save their earnings and spend wisely. They rarely face financial crisis in their life since they manage finances intelligently, so thru doesn’t waste or overspend money.

Positive Impact of Ketu in the 3rd House 


Ketu also yields many positive results in the native’s life when placed in the 3rd house. Natives will do many good works in their life by helping the poor and serving people with pure hearts. Their positive deeds will make them very popular and they will become very rich in a very short span of time. They will experience many other positive effects in their life due to this amazing Ketu position in their life.


Negative Impact of Ketu in the 3rd House 


They are very arrogant and rude in their nature. They won’t share a good bond relationship with their brother and sister and cousins. The health of your sibling will be affected by this position. Your siblings will have to go through a lot of hardships throughout their life. You must take good care of your behavior because you act sometimes very unfriendly and selfish. Your bad behavior might affect relationships with your friends and relatives. You might suffer from some health issues due to the 3rd position. Your right arm might get injured And your career will be hampered.




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