Ketu In The 10th House Navamsa Chart - Marriage, Love, Appearance & Career

Ketu In The 10th House Navamsa Chart - Marriage, Love, Appearance & Career

A person lacks stability in their life and career when Ketu is placed in this house. They will mostly flourish in their career due to their excellent communication skills and will get the chance to travel around the world. They would have to struggle a lot in their life till the age of 40. They will mostly experience a roller coaster ride in their career. They are most fond of traveling and for their love and passion for traveling they will travel around various countries in the world. They will be very well settled in their career. They will bear all the responsibilities of their family and they will struggle very hard in life. 


Ketu in the 10th House Love as per Vedic Astrology


Love astrology says they will mostly experience failures and rejections in their love life after enjoying the initial phase of romanticism In each other’s company. They mostly take their love affairs very casually and they are not successful in their love life. They will experience various heartbreaks and unsuccessful love relationships during their adolescence. They will gain both positive and negative experiences where happiness and sorrow will stay side by side. They will face various mental health issues like anxious and depressed thoughts, and losing loved ones at an early age. 


Ketu in the 10th House Marriage as per Vedic Astrology 


Marriage astrology predicts that they will experience both joy and misery in their married life. Their partner might be irritated in nature and will have anxiety issues and will get irritated with small things. They might be incompatible with their spouse. Understanding and uplifting each other spiritually will make their married life happy and successful in the long run. Quarrels and misunderstandings will increase in their married life if they start doubting their partner. They will spend both romantic moments and moments of misunderstandings and arguments with their partner. They would mostly get married in the later stages of their life and will lead a very prosperous and healthy life if they prefer love marriage. 


Ketu in the 10th House Career as per Vedic Astrology 


Career astrology Reveals that Ketu's position in this house makes the person very successful in career-related to Air Force, accounts and tours, and travels. They can become a very good radio jockeys if they try their luck in the radio industry, forecasting weather, and forest department as a high-ranking official. They can also uplift their career by choosing the path of becoming an occult scientist or a spiritual guru. They have excellent skills in multitasking and can do well in handling various tasks at a single time. They will acquire the required skills and competencies in their career. They will become very wealthy by doing business in the field of real estate.  


Ketu in the 10th House Personality as per Vedic Astrology


Personalized prediction reveals they will be very fortunate in their life with a generous appearance and attractive personality. They will be very serious and carry a positive approach towards their life. They are highly conscious of themselves and their personality. They’re having a very honest and pure character who will always maintain their ethics and principles in life. They would help their siblings grow throughout their life and will guide them and correct their mistakes. 


Positive Impact of Ketu in the 10th House 


They will be highly successful in their career front in whatever profession they choose by working with honesty and dignity. They will gain high status, powerful influence, and position in society. They will have a very high IQ with a strong personality and will acquire skills in various fields. They will be very famous in their social circle and will have a curious mind who is always hungry for gaining more and more knowledge. They are having very influential characters who are praised even by their rivalries. They are quite angry and have a short temper. 


Negative Impact of Ketu in the 10th House 


They will face various difficulties while dealing with money and their profession. They will suffer due to various health ailments in the urinary system and in various parts of the body and their hearing would be affected. They will become stressed very easily and they won't live peacefully personally and professionally. The natives are mostly stupid in their character and will lack common sense in their life. They’re very haughty in their nature and mostly spend their time doing useless activities and leading an ordinary life. 


Talk to Astrologers Online to know how Ketu's placement in your chart can affect your life positively. This house will bless the person with a powerful position in society who will earn a lot of dignity and respect. They will earn a lot of names, and fame and become wealthy and prosperous financially. Their inclination towards sports will help them have a successful career. To keep away the ill effects of Ketu in your house you can keep a pet dog after crossing 45 years of age. It is also recommended to keep honey in a silver container in your home.


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