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How To Match Kundali

How To Match Kundali

The "connection" between the two persons is the most important factor in any marriage that supports a healthy and happy connection. With good compatibility, a stronger bond can work. A Vedic study of a couple's compatibility is called kundali match making. Matching Kundli ensures that married life is pleasant, healthy, and blissful. Almost every family talk to astrologer before getting married.

What is Kundali Match Making?

In Vedic astrology, the entire process of kundali match making is called AshtaKoot Milan. Kootas are categories, and Ashta here implies 8. These eight parameter groups represent several facets of life. 

These 8 factors are considered when deciding how compatible two people are. You are more consistent with the other person in your life the more the gunas match. Some points are associated with each of these factors, totaling 36 gunas.

In general, there are two ways to match a boy's and girl's horoscope:

  • Name-Based Kundali Matching

  • Kundali Matching based on Birth Date

Name-Based Kundali Matching 

A compatibility test known as kundali match making by Name uses the couple's names. Because it comprises a marriage compatibility analysis in which the Gunas of the couple are examined by their names, this is also known as Guna Milan by Name.

Kundali Matching based on Birth Date

Janam Patrika Matching, another name for kundali match making by date of birth, is based on the traditional Ashtakoota Method, which assesses a pair of people's compatibility based on their birth information. 

Eight Key Principles Of Indian Horoscope Matching

Kundali Match making, also known as guna-milan, compares the names and birth dates of the soon-to-be-married couple. The compatibility of the relationship is evaluated based on the variables listed below. Hence, the following are Gun-core Milan's principles:

Varna (1 point)

Caste can be approximately translated as Varna. If the lady and the husband share the same Varna, it is considered lucky for the couple.

Vasya (2 points)

Vasya suggests that both partners are in charge of one another and that their roles in a marriage or relationship are equally important.

Tara (3 points)

The couple's health and happiness after marriage are estimated using Tara.

Yoni (4 points)

Yoni takes into account the physical, sexual, and biological compatibility of the two partners.

Grah Maitri (5 points)

Grah Maitri establishes the wife and groom's compatibility on a mental and intellectual level.

Gan (6 points)

A marriage is considered acceptable in Vedic astrology if one pair is a Devgana and the other is a Manushya Gana.

Bhakoot (7 points)

Bhakoot has mental control. It implies that the two people are compatible regarding longevity, happiness, and excellent health.

Nadi (8 points)

Nadi shows whether the couple's health is compatible.

Importance of Guna Milan

  • Less than 18: Not recommended for marriage

  • 18 to 24: Average, Acceptable match 

  • 24 to 32: Very Good, successful marriage

  • 32 to 36: Excellent Match

Why is Kundli Match Making?

1. Compatibility

The main goal of kundali match making is to assess the degree of compatibility between the couple based on a total of 36 characteristics. The couple's score is placed against each Guna's assigned value, symbolizing a separate and crucial component of life. 

2. Stability

When two people get married, their spouse's life is also impacted by the planetary movements in their own horoscopes. The seventh of the eight Gunas, "Bhakoot," symbolizes this combined effect. Kundli match making enables us to look for crucial elements, including markers of general comfort, job advancement, and financial stability.

3. Expert Direction

Elders talk to astrologer at Vedic Astrology because they have a wealth of experience in counseling and guiding couples through challenging marital issues and toward a happy marriage.

4. Doshas

Vedic Astrology states that a star's destiny is determined by its position in the sky at birth. The incorrect alignment of the leads results in Doshas like Sarpa Dosha, Mangal Dosha, Shani Dosha, etc. After marriage, these doshas may cause problems, which Kundli match making can help identity.

Final Words

Any relationship's success is primarily based on the people involved. On the other hand, Horoscope matching can help you narrow down your options by providing a sneak peek at two people's compatibility. If you want to ensure the marriage is blessed with safety and joy, you may even talk to astrologers.

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