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Know About the Yoni Vichar in Kundali Matching

Know About the Yoni Vichar in Kundali Matching

Yoni matching in the Kundali is done to balance the ease in physical relations. The balance of physical behavior towards each other is important in marriage. Marital satisfaction is assessed by yoni matching. According to the birth constellation of the person, according to the possible sexual behavior of the person, it is divided into 14 types which are as follows:

Ashwa - Ashwini, Shatbhisha 

Gaja - Bharani, Revati

Mesh - Pushya, Kritika

Sarpa - Rohini, Mrigsheera

Shwan - Moola, Ardra

Marjar - Ashlesha, Punarvasu 

Mushaka - Magha, Purvaphalguni 

Gau - Uttara phalguni, Uttara bhadrapada 

Mahisha - Swati, Hasta

Vyagra - Vishakha, Chitra

Mriga - Jyeshtha, Anuradha

Vanara - Purvashadha, Shravana

Nakul - Uttarashada, Abhijeet

Singha - Purva Bhadrapad, Dhanishtha 

In Yoni Milan, we divide it into 5 parts. And allot the marks according to the given below.


Swabhava Yoni


If the bride and the bridegroom have the same yoni, then it is considered very good for health. It is also good for physical relations. Hence 4 marks are allotted in the tally.


Friend Yoni


When the yoni of the bride and the groom are friends of each other, then 3 marks are allotted. Having a Mitra Yoni improves the relationship with each other.


Neutral Yoni


When the yoni of the bride and the groom are neutral, this average is considered and 2 marks are allotted. This indicates a good relationship among themselves.


Opposite Yoni


When the yoni of the bride and the groom are of opposite nature to each other, it indicates difficulty in making relationships with each other. And it shows a lack of coordination in mutual relations. In this type of allotment, 1 point is allotted.


Enemy Yoni


When the yoni of the bride and the groom are the enemy of each other, then it is considered very bad for the mutual relationship and this type of relationship can cause problems and mental depression in life. Generally, they do not marry each other. and 0 marks are allotted to such matching.

In the Kundali matching, between which yonis marriage is not allowed, let us see some examples. If the nakshatra of one of the male and female is Mriga or Gaja and the Singha of the other, in the same way, Nakul or Sarpa, Shwan or Vanara and Aries respectively. Due to the enmity between these yonis, marriage has not been allowed and it is said that in this situation, there is a situation of mutual discord and dispute between husband and wife.


According to astrology, if the yoni of the constellations of the bride and the groom are the same or the constellations of both the constellations are different, then it is considered a good condition for marriage. If there is any problem in matching your Kundali, then you can get the right solution by talking to astrologers.

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