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Know About the Vashya Vichar in Kundali Matching

Know About the Vashya Vichar in Kundali Matching

Vashya literally means to be in control. In Kundali matching, a comparative study of the zodiac signs of the bride and the groom is done and it is seen whose zodiac is in control or under whose control so that it can be determined that between the bride and the girl after marriage, who will be more dominant.

In the Sanskrit language, Vashyam means one's control or domination. It is checked at the time of Kundali matching for marriage. The purpose of checking Vashya for marriage is to prevent possible conflicts between husband and wife in the future. If the birth sign of the girl is under the control of the birth sign of the groom, then there will be good harmony between the two. If the situation is the opposite, there will be a lack of mutual understanding and harmony between the two and it will result in frequent fights between the two. All the zodiac signs are classified into the following five groups: 


Vashya Chatuspad


Pet that thinks only of itself Aries, Taurus, and Sagittarius are included in the Chatuspad sign. If Vashya is a Chatuspad, the native may have some stubbornness or obstinacy. The Chatuspad feels most comfortable with the Chatuspad. But quadrupeds can also accommodate humans and Keet. But they feel uncomfortable with Vanchar.


Vashya Manav or Dwipad


Thinks about society and others too. Gemini, Libra, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius are Manav or Dwipad signs. Humans feel most comfortable with humans. But they can adjust to a Chatuspad and with a Keet. People who are human beings can be practical. Human beings try to adjust to Jalachar as well.


Vashya Jalachar


Always restless and anxious. Cancer, Capricorn, and Pisces are water signs. Aquarians are passionate and patient. Jalchar feels most comfortable with the Jalchar. But can be adjusted with Chatuspad. It also tries to adjust to the Vanchar and Keet and to some extent with the human.


Vashya Vanchar


Likes solitude but becomes violent when necessary.  The Leo sign is considered the Vanchar sign. For example, if the Vashya of the person is a Vanchar, then the Chatuspad, humans, and Keet will not feel comfortable with the Vanchar because all are food for the Vanchar. Practically speaking, Vanchar can be of fierce nature, and arrogant nature and can be the cause of mental anguish to others. Other Vashya cannot control them easily.


Vashya Keet


Keeps his feelings hidden and stings when necessary. The Scorpio sign is considered to be a Keet sign. The people of Keet Vashya are passionate as well as furious. Keet Vashya feels comfortable with the Keet. Vanchar, Chatuspad and tries to adjust to humans.




The main purpose of Vashya matching is to match physical behavior and balance among themselves. If you are facing a problem in Kundli matching or understanding, then talk to astrologers.

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