Mars and Saturn Conjunction in 7th House

Mars and Saturn Conjunction in 7th House

One of the deadliest combinations in a birth chart is a conjunction of Saturn and Mars, which requires careful analysis. Saturn and Mars both have a combative temperament (Saturn’s anger is complemented by Mars) and are determined and anti-planets that exhibit strong mental fire. Saturn and Mars in the 7th House Saturn Mars (also known as the Mars and Saturn Conjunction in 7th House good or evil or Saturn and Mars astrology) tight combination produces an inclination to perform wrong things in life and these people involved in criminal and smuggling connected activity or become unruly or kind of antisocial elements and overpowering which they utilize in the wrong route.

Effect of Mars and Saturn Conjunction in 7th House

If you are taking both planets’ energies positively, Mars and Saturn Conjunction in the 7th House are a favorable combination for your profession. If not, it will speed up your progress. Saturn If you want to have good job success in your chart, Mars needs to be strong in Kendra/Trikona and 8 degrees apart. Saturn Together, Mars represents the very top of any energy-related vocation or career where you may help others, whether through politics, an NGO, or other societally beneficial activities. Even doctors have this yoga occasionally.

Positive Effect Of Mars and Saturn Conjunction in 7th House

These persons will be of knowledgeable nature and they always want to learn something new. They have a great thirst for knowledge and they study not only to pass exams but also to gather information and facts which keeps them updated about any topic. They follow newspapers regularly and are updated about the current scenario of the country.

They have the courage to speak up the truth and never hesitate to speak it in front of their superiors. They have a friendly nature which makes them famous in their workplace.

They are most suitable for business because of their good communication skills and knowledge. They can establish themselves earlier than many others and will be successful in businesses like crude oil and petroleum. For their business, they have to deal with foreign agencies and foreign clients.

They are also suitable for the government sector as well. They may be popular among students as a guide for board examinations and they will be able to crack the student's minds and will control them accordingly.

They can be good bureaucrats with distinguished skills and will be able to know about the problems of the citizens better than others. Therefore they will be preferred over others and they will easily climb up the ladder of promotions. They can be employed as superintendents of correctional homes and jails because of their disciplined lives and will always try to correct criminals in a better manner. Even the criminals under their command will respect them. Ask One Question regarding your love life.

Negative Effect Of Mars and Saturn Conjunction in 7th House

Saturn and Mars’ alignment in the seventh house indicates separation and divorce, single life, and marital problems. The seventh house is the home of marriage; both planets there are adversaries and aren’t thought to be favorable, especially in this house, therefore there is usually conflict in relationships. Mars Marriage is typically delayed by a Saturn conjunction. It is the place where we wish to satisfy our desires through other people, but Saturn and Mars stopped all of these things, causing people to suffer significant losses in their businesses and interpersonal relationships. These people should constantly exercise extreme caution before getting married to anyone because it can occasionally become the biggest obstruction to happiness. Mars in conjunction with Saturn will make a woman hostile.

Raj Yoga makes a native wealthy and they donate to the poor people. Their mentality becomes like a king and they serve the people like God. They earn a lot of respect from society especially the lower strata of society regard them like God as they always assist the neglected people.

Mars and Saturn Conjunction in 7th House in Navamsa Chart

According to Navamsa Chart, Mars and Saturn both rule the seventh house, which indicates that our lives and our karmas and profits are somehow related. As a result, having these two planets in the same house has an impact on our ability to succeed in life. Mars and Saturn together might make a person feel insecure, but their raja yoga conjunction, which Jupiter aspects, can have a favorable effect in some favored charts.



Saturn is the Lord of Justice and will deliver the results accordingly. Those who are loyal to their task will be rewarded while those who are engaged in illegal activities will be punished.

These natives may develop minor health issues during their old age and they will be most fit at a young age. These persons are advised to perform puja on every Saturday to come out of the malefic effects of Saturn. An Astrology Phone Consultations will guide you further.

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