Mars and Rahu Conjunction in 3rd House

Mars and Rahu Conjunction in 3rd House

Rahu symbolises breaking customs and taking opportunities, whereas Mars represents deadly qualities, passion, and aggression. In Vedic astrology, the first house is known as the ascendant. It bestows appearance, ego, and self-perception. As a result, Rahu and Mars in the first house give rise to a violent disposition, a selfish mentality, and an insatiable drive for revenge. When Mars and Rahu are together in the horoscope, the Shadow planet Rahu performs impossible tasks in astrology.

Effect of Mars and Rahu Conjunction in 3rd House

A person experiences successive periods of illness, monetary loss, and surgical procedures as a result of this combination. Mars’ harsh and damaging characteristics cause natives to lose their property and belongings. However, Rahu quickly makes up the loss while playing its impulsive function. As a result, it gives a person both a malefic and a benefic status. 

Since they function in an unfavourable place because Mars and Rahu Conjunction are in their third house, these individuals change careers more frequently than average. They do, however, have a good possibility of being dismissed by employers. In the bureaucracy, they always retire early.

Positive Effect Of Mars and Rahu Conjunction in 3rd House

Mars in this house promotes bravery and generosity. Such a person is kind and supportive of others. He always acts like a figure of authority, and he has a significant number of followers. Such a person is capable of rising to the level of honorary member of the community. Rahu must be fortunate in this house in order to produce the best effects. Beneficial Rahu aids the native in realising the benefits of Mars and Rahu.

These people have a lot of knowledge and they think that a little learning can be dangerous. Therefore, they devote their time and energy to learning something new. Whatever task they do, they do it with full attention and give prime importance to even minute topics. They are often called bookworms by their friends.

They always think about the betterment of their community and always want to uplift them. They sometimes organise seminars for poor students to give guidance regarding their careers and education. They are best suitable for professions like teaching in a government-aided school, and paramedical staff of a reputed world-class hospital.

They can gain name and fame by becoming an oncologist. Their patients will give blessings to them because of their excellent contribution to their health.

Negative Effect Of Mars and Rahu Conjunction in 3rd House

When Mars and Rahu are placed in the third house, the native becomes a dishonest person. Mars may become an unfavourable planet for a native in a variety of circumstances. Rahu and the malevolent Mars may ruin catastrophe in a native’s life. The native must endure severe suffering.

These natives tend to be over-clever by nature and sometimes this leads to losses. They always want to save their money and this gives them trouble and they have to give double the money for the same thing.

They often stay in their own world and are not at all serious about their objectives and plans. But when they arrive at a decent age, they regret the mistakes they have committed in their college days.

These people prefer entertainment to do their work. This makes them spend a lot of money and lead an extravagant lifestyle. But this nature prohibits them to save money for future generations and their future generations suffer a lot of crises in money-related matters. Ask One Question to our eminent specialists about your romantic relationship.

Mars and Rahu Conjunction in 3rd House in Navamsa Chart

According to Navamsa Chart, Mars is in charge of Parakram and the third house is regarded as the house of gallantry, both planets are powerful there. The third house likewise treats Rahu favourably, but when these two planets align, it becomes Angarak yoga. However, it is Buddh’s residence in Kark Lagna. Rahu will become more powerful as a result, making the natives more religious.

In any horoscope, Angarak yoga is not regarded as nice yoga as it damages items that are connected to the home. It is necessary to perform the treatments for this yoga.


They will have many sons and daughters. Their wife may not always support them in their work and they will have a little bit of conflict with their spouse. Astrology Phone Consultations will help you maintain a harmonious relationship with your spouse.

They are physically fit from the outside but from the inside, they may have complicated health issues. Their health may be fine up to the age of 52, but after that, they may have issues with their heart and they need to have surgery in order to get treated for that condition. They should always keep their feet clean as they have a chance of developing skin-related problems.

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