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Ketu Mahadasha for Pisces Ascendant

Ketu Mahadasha for Pisces Ascendant

Pisces is a water sign which is ruled by Jupiter. Pisces is a sign of intuition, creativity, and imagination. And when the mysterious Ketu is situated in it, the native tends to get lost in the world of dreams. Being the tail of a dragon, Ketu does not have a mind of its own. In Pisces, it makes the native insolent and double-minded. However, this is a good position regarding spiritual growth. Such people are quite meditative and spiritually inclined. It is also a good place for religious and foreign trips.

People with Ketu in Pisces are dreamy. These people often suffer from problems related to their eyes and ears. They are fond of traveling and have a great interest in religion and esoteric subjects. They have a strong desire to achieve a reputation and a good situation in society. They are very polite and helpful. Disciplined and humane, these natives respect their elders and beliefs. They are also really knowledgeable. Ketu situated in Pisces also gives a lot of wealth to the native.

Result of Ketu Mahadasha for Pisces Ascendant

Ketu is the lord of the first house in Pisces ascendant. Being the ruler of the first house, Ketu represents the person's form, sign, caste, body, age, happiness-sorrow, conscience, brain, nature, shape, and overall personality of a person.

Ketu gets the responsibility of being the Lord of the Ascendant in the Pisces Ascendant, because of this it represents the form, sign, caste, body, age, happiness, sorrow, discretion, mind, nature, shape, and overall personality of the person. Being under the strong and auspicious influence of Ketu in the native's Janam Patri or its Dashakaal, the native gets auspicious outcomes in the above subjects, whereas being under weak and inauspicious influence gives inauspicious results.

The time of Ketu Mahadasha is of mixed results for the Pisces ascendant. Here one can get to see fruits in both physical and spiritual forms. The effect of a person's deeds is also achieved in this Dasha. Mentally the person can be seen surrounded by too many thoughts. There is a need to be more conscious about health.

Positive Effects of Ketu Mahadasha for Pisces Ascendant

If the Buddha is auspicious, the person has a sharp mind, is hardworking, is a good speaker, gets the support of younger-elder brothers and sisters and family, makes less than elder brother-sister but gets profit, and earns profit even from small journeys. does. Jatak's relations with his wife and partners remain pleasant, benefits are received from the partner. The daily income keeps on increasing day by day. One who respects their father becomes a religious, and attractive personality, Ketu removes problems related to children, and if there is any disease in the stomach, it gets cured. Hard work becomes a lot, the result is also good, Ketu removes the problems of younger brother and sister. travels abroad. There is success in love affairs.

There is progress in business, the person gets the happiness of land, house, and vehicle. There is an attachment to the mother. Work comes in perfect condition. The family supports, and the competition wins. If there is a job, it keeps on changing or there is progress. If there is a business, it makes a lot of progress. Opponents have to face loss in court cases.

Negative Effects of Mahadasha of Ketu on Pisces Ascendant

In the Mahadasha of Ketu, the person remains unwell, there is an abdominal disorder, there is a possibility of suffering from childhood, and there is a sudden loss. Problems remain in married life, there is a loss in partnership work, relations with their father are not good, and Jatak is an atheist, and travels abroad. The person does not get the support of money, family, and family. There is a sweetness of its own in the speech, it takes out its work from the speech. Fails in the competition. Failure comes in professional life. There is a loss of money. There is defeat in the case. Tension-depression, obstacles keep coming at every step. Relationship with children is not good, the stomach remains upset, there is a sudden loss, and the person can go into depression. Relations with elder brothers and sisters are not satisfactory. The father does not make it, the person becomes an atheist. Their mental condition is not good.

The person does not get the happiness of land, house, vehicle, and mother, there is also a possibility of any disorder in the chest. Obstacles are not going away. Work is also done in worse conditions. The work stops while going on. There is a possibility of foreign settlement. In Ketu's Mahadasha, the native may be able to work in a foreign country and turn the situation a little in his favor.


Such a person will travel a lot in the country and the world. The person will be religious and the person will be deeply interested in religion. If Jupiter is weak in the horoscope, then the person's expenses will continue to be high. There will be diseases, ripe, and debts in the lifetime. The health of the person will be weak. The native will face problems in matters related to land or legal documents. Jatak will have to spend unnecessarily in the field of court-court. The money of the native gets trapped. Many times the native also has to face difficulties in getting his money. The situation of accident and injury remains with the native. Through Astrology Phone Consultation, you can know in detail about Ketu Mahadasha in Pisces ascendant.

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