December Capricorn vs January Capricorn

December Capricorn vs January Capricorn

The December Capricorn and the January Capricorn are two completely different mystics. Capricorn is the zodiac sign of all people born between December 22 and January 19. All born between December 22nd and January 19th will definitely share some basic Capricorn traits but when it comes to how they set goals for themselves, conduct relationships, share their ideas, or process emotions, they have completely different perspectives.

December vs January Capricorn

Saturn is the planet of rules and responsibilities, and it is the ruling planet of Capricorn. But most January Capricorns may be in their second or third decade, so they have an additional planetary co-ruler that can affect their energy. December Born Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, so December Capricorns often adopt classic Capricorn personality traits. Capricorn's strengths and weaknesses are hardworking, serious, and structured.

Capricorns are introverts, focused more on their work than on their social calendar. But because Capricorns born in January are co-ruled by Venus or Mercury, they tend to be more outgoing and open to new friendships. Both Venus and Mercury bring social, chatty, and charming energy to Capricorns, allowing them to overcome their shyness and connect with people more easily.

December Capricorn vs January Capricorn Personality

December Capricorns like to take their time when doing things to make sure they do them right which makes sense considering they are ruled by Saturn, aka the planet of time and maturity. Because December Capricorns get arguably the heaviest helpings of Saturn's energy in their cosmic makeup, they're more inclined to play the long game than their January Born counterparts. Always calculated and never in a hurry, December Capricorns never lose their patience. They are never attracted to any shortcuts, as they can have endless determination when it comes to waiting for the right moment or waiting for the big payoff.

Capricorn in January talks about looking forward to your goals and building a solid foundation from which to launch them. But for 3rd decades Capricorns who are co-ruled by the logical planet Mercury, their plans will be even more thorough and systematic. If you're a January Capricorn, you may find that you're extra meticulous about the fine details of your plans and also have a strong knack for staying organized.

December Capricorn Personality

As a singular sign ruled by the authoritative planet Saturn, all December Capricorns can easily assimilate and apply life's most difficult lessons but December Capricorns approach things with a deep sense of wisdom and experience. First Decan Capricorns often come across as "old souls", as they are more fond of tradition and appreciation of the past. They wear their experiences on their sleeves, mistakes and all, and they are proud that they have also come a long way in life.

January Capricorn Personality

January Capricorn people are naturally goal driven and determined to reach their destination. The structure is important to these rule-oriented Saturn babies no matter what month they were born. But due to changeable Mercury and luxury-loving Venus being planetary co-rulers of the second and third Decans, January Capricorns are often more laid back and relaxed about things. They are less interested in achieving success and more interested in enjoying the fruits of their labor.


The memory power of the people of December Capricorn is strong. At the same time, the depth of his thoughts is also visible. Capricorn people work more carefully in financial matters. The most important thing is that the people of Capricorn can be able to do many things at the same time. That is, they are efficient in doing many things at a time. However, there remains a state of doubt in their mind and this is their negative side. The family life of January Capricorn people remains a struggle. But these people follow all their family obligations. Their married life remains happy. Capricorn people understand their duty very well. That's why they discharge their responsibilities well. However, sometimes their self-confidence appears weak. Their special interest is visible in entertainment. Talk to astrology to know more about December Capricorn and January Capricorn.