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Moti mala is a garland of pure pearls. If the Moon planet is placed inauspiciously in one's kundali, then it hinders the possibility of living a comfortable life, so a pearl garland should be worn. Wearing a Moti mala removes all the bad effects of the moon planet and gives peace. This mala helps in controlling anger and mental stress. A person who has an uncertain life is unable to make decisions and has to face adversity should wear pearls. Wearing a Moti mala brings blessings to Goddess Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth) and enjoys good fortune in their respective lives. It benefits its wearers by imparting knowledge, which in turn helps them achieve great heights in their careers and personal life.

Moti Mala is a very divine Mala and everyone should respect such mala which is associated with Goddess Laxmi and helpful in life. One should not disrespect such a divine blessing of God. If you have a Moti Mala or want one make sure to take proper care of it and not misplace it. This Mala can be used in many ways, it can be kept near God after the prayer or one can also wear it as it gives out positive energy and protection to the person. It is spiritual Mala beneficial for everyone. This Mala also holds very strong astrological benefits, the reason for 108 beds is it counts 12 Zodiac signs in 27 Nakshatra divided by 4 charans, equalizing it gives a total of 108. So, the one chant in Mala covers the whole signs and one charan means universe in the prayer.

Benefits of Shaligram Bracelet

  • The Mala brings peace to the mind and household.

  • It also gives protection against negative energy and evil.

  • Moti Mala is very effective for meditation.

  • By chanting with this Mala you purify your inner soul.

  • It helps to get rid of obstacles in life by cleansing and protecting you from issues and signs.

  • The Mala is associated with Goddess Laxmi, so it brings peace and positivity to life.

  • Wearing a pearl garland removes all the bad effects of the moon planet.

  • Moti Mala gives peace of mind and happiness.

  • It helps in controlling emotions.

  • It is helpful for anger and stress.

  • It helps in increasing wealth and luxury.

  • The effects of pearl beads are cooling and soothing.

  • Wearing pure pearl beads increases confidence.

  • Moti Mala has a calming effect on the angry nature.

  • Wearing Moti mala helps in practical life

  • Stomach-related problems are removed by wearing a Moti mala.

  • Wearing a pearl garland strengthens the mind.

  • Moti mala is very beneficial for students.

  • For those doing business, pearl garland is considered to be a RajYog factor.

Why Should Buy Moti Mala From House of Bejan Daruwalla 

Pearl is a symbol of purity, innocence, and integrity. It is said that the mala has a strong magnetic healing power. Healers believe that pearls strengthen the nerves, adrenal glands, and muscular system. Pearl is also beneficial in stomach ulcers. It supports the intestinal tract and helps stimulate digestion. Moti mala also gives relief from fever and headache. Pearls provide vitality and strengthen your eyes. Moti Mala makes a person wise and brings fame and good fortune. One who wears a pearl garland enjoys good fortune. They become sinless and gain energy and intelligence. They can attain a high position with their knowledge and become famous.

Our team delivers high-quality and energetic products that can bring mental peace, wealth gain, honor, success, and happiness to your life. Our team gives the proper guidance on every product before delivering it. So one can get all the benefits of the divine product and there is no room left to disrespect it in any way. Moti Mala helps to solve problems in life. Also, the proper Moti Maala for a particular problem will give you many benefits. If you want more knowledge about Moti Mala, then you can have an astrology phone consultation.

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