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About Daily Horoscope:-

We all are curious to know our future in order to calculate favorable and unfavorable time of our life. Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla is the best way to find answers to the mystery called year 2020. They will give you a glimpse of your life in year 2020. Free astrology reports 2020 answer questions like the impact of planets on your life; understanding 2020 through Numerology, your relationships & creativity in 2020, degree of good luck, prosperity & success in the year 2020.

No one knows when a good opportunity knocks their door. Therefore, being alert and proactive with respect to some specific dates in a year is very important. It will ensure that you never miss out any good opportunity in life. If you can adjust your perception with astrological reality of the future, it will be easier to cope up with probable challenges in life & there will be no reason left when you will regret on missing any golden opportunity that could lead to a successful life. Explore the lucky and auspicious time for you in year 2020.

With the help of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla , you can get a preview of all the opportunities and challenges year 2020 has in store for you! A graphical representation of your career graph in 2020 & 2020 will help you compare both years in context of your chances of success and challenges encountered or to expect in upcoming year. Moreover, you will know good and unfavorable time frames will help you make appropriate cautious steps and en-cash the lucky & auspicious time to its fullest.

So, it’s time to realize your desires, ambitions and initiatives in the light of challenges and opportunities in the upcoming year and compare your life in year 2020 with 2019.

I will need your birth date, birth time, birth place, currently what you are doing (short introduction of yours) and the questions that you are having. Additionally you can send the photos of you and your palms. I will answer your questions, will give you personalized predictions and will suggest you remedies(SOLUTIONS – I will suggest you which Gemstone / Rudraksha to wear, which Lord to worship, Yantras, Pujas, etc.).

You will get 1000% personalized answers and reply on the basis of your birth details.

If you have any queries than you can email me: or call on 09825470377 (India) / +91 9825470377 (Out of India) for more information on this.
I will give 60 years of experience in seeing your horoscope and guide you properly.

Delivery Policy:

I will reply to you in 48 hours. Once you receive the predictions, if you have any follow up questions than you can email me back and accordingly reply will be given to you.