Carrer Report

About Career Report:

  • What Are Your Strongest Natural Talents?
  • What Is Your Basic Approach To Work?
  • What are your planetary alignments indicating your path of success?
  • Are you born to be in the service industry, an Artist, or a Business Man?
  • Many of the times it’s sheer confusion while choosing the right stream in a professional course especially when your natural talents making you inclined towards something and your parents push you to choose something else.

Kundali Reading for Career, Job & Business – Prediction by Bejan Daruwalla Team

Career reading will guide you to choose the right career to divert the direction of your life to Success.

  • Astrological Highlights in your horoscope
  • Effects of ascendant, moon sign, etc. planets
  • Astrological Analysis of your situation
  • Specific Answer to your query
  • Astro Advice
  • Remedial suggestions like gemstone, yantra, etc.
  • Important planetary influences in the near future


Job & Career Astrology Predictions

Any individual does worry when it comes to fabricating their career and getting a suitable job! Worried about your job, career and future? Apparently, astrology has the answer to it. With some simple details of yours, Astrology can help you to get all your queries resolved. Details like date of birth, Kundali can give a kick start to your career. All you need is a learned and well experienced astrologer for correct guidance. If you seek the same then your race ends here as we at Bejan Daruwalla’s firm of Astrological experts will help to boost your career.

We, at Bejan Daruwalla’s firm of Astrological experts, can help you to get a perfect career prediction that certifies your career evolution. Our esteemed squad of Astrological specialists are trained under the blessings of Sir Bejan Daruwalla and can act as “game changer” to remove all sorts of career defects that an individual may carry by creating your Birth-Chart (Kundali). Kundali can bring out the real picture behind the career imbalance of any individual and provide solutions to overcome this imbalance in terms of career, business, professional and personal life. For more details, please reach Bejan Daruwalla’s team of Astrological experts online or at our registered office.

What Is Career Astrology and How Can It Help You?

Astrology, referred as ‘Jyotish Vidya” in hindi, is a branch of science that can predict both past and future and helps any individual to get fruitful grades out of it. We can visualise it clearly in hindu scriptures where sages forecast and make predictions of the whole life of the newly born and were believed as the bottom-line by every individual. On accounts of the experience in studying and constructing the natal chart of any individual, these learned sages were followed and believed thoughtlessly. Astrology does have a positive effect in an individual’s career growth and discovering apt opportunities. For more details on “career astrology”- please visit the Bejan Daruwalla’s firm of Astrological experts online or at a registered office to get your queries fixed.

Carrier Astrology comes into picture, in case of situations like hard work but minutest conclusions, sudden job changes, not getting anticipated career growth etc and it leads to a regular downfall in the growth chart of any individual. To overcome the above consequences, it is better to take genuine Astrological guidance from Astrological specialists rather than sitting back and viewing your own career’s collapse. For career guidance, please feel free to contact Bejan Daruwalla’s firm of Astrological experts to shape an improved future.

What Questions You Can Ask?  

  • ·        What does my astrological predictions say about getting a job?
  • ·        Does my horoscope allow me a chance to work out of India?
  • ·        What are the hindrances and solutions in my career’s astrology which are refraining me from getting a job?
  • ·        Which is more beneficial as per my career astrology, business or job? When can I start?
  • ·        Which day and time are the finest for me to join any new firm?
  • ·        Will my better half allow me to do a job?
  • ·        What should I do in order to get my dream job with a handsome salary?
  • ·        What genre of job will match in according to my job astrology prediction?
  • ·        It’s been a long time. I’m unable to find a job as per my expertise?
  • ·        Is this a perfect time to switch my job?
  • ·        How about choosing my profession as a fitness coach?
  • ·        What does my career prediction depict about my growth and the working culture?
  • ·        Which career is best for me according to my career in astrology?
  • ·        Will my career in astrology help me to choose better career opportunities for me?

Career Prediction by Date of Birth

There has always been a question in every individual’s mind whether which career they should look forward or which is the best career opportunity they should opt? The best option that can riposte in such a scenario is to reach out to an experienced Astrological Consultant and follow accordingly. Birth Date can surely act as a Carrier forecasting tool where experienced astrologers can study the planetary alignments, moon positions etc. to understand the individual’s upgoing and act accordingly for the betterment of any individual. For a better career Forecast please reach Bejan Daruwalla’ s firm online or at their registered office.

Why should you seek guidance from experts for career problems?

An expert astrologer, with the detailed knowledge of Astrology, has the access to look into the past and present of any individual. Understanding the deficits in an individual’s Career growth and providing them with the best possible efforts, can be a life changer for an individual. Carrier Astrologers are also Career Counsellors as they collect, rectify and provide the best solution for the demolition of any obstacles in one’s career growth. For all the queries related to career Astrology, please reach the Bejan Daruwalla’s team of Astrological authorities online or at their registered office to live a better life.

Consult Our Expert Career Astrologers Online for Career Guidance

We will need your birth date, birth time, birthplace, currently what you are doing (short introduction of yours), and the questions that you are having. Additionally, you can send photos of you and your palms. We will answer your questions, will give you personalized predictions, and will suggest remedies (SOLUTIONS – We will suggest to you which Gemstone / Rudraksha to wear, which Lord to worship, Yantras, Pujas, etc.).

You will get 1000% personalized answers and reply on the basis of your birth details.

If you have any queries then you can email me: or call on 09825470377 (India)+91 9825470377 (Out of India) for more information on this. I will give 60 years of experience in seeing your horoscope and guide you properly.

Delivery Policy:

We will reply to you in 48 hours. Once you receive the predictions, if you have any follow-up questions then you can email me back, and accordingly reply will be given to you.