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Shravan Somvar Vrat Katha and Importance

Shravan Somvar Vrat Katha and Importance

In the month of Shravan, Shiva devotees worship Shiva according to their devotion. The significance of worshiping Shiva in the month of Sawan has been told in Rigveda. The atmosphere around is full of devotion to Mahadev. There is an influx of Shiva devotees in Shiva temples. Devotees bring water from faraway places and perform Jalabhishek of God with that water.

This month of Shravan is considered a symbol of devotion and faith in Shiva. In the year 2024, the month of Shravana will start on the 22 of July. There are certain dates for the beginning of the journey of Kanwar to bring water. It is auspicious to visit Kanwar on these dates only. Fasting and worshiping Lord Shiva on Mondays coming in the month of Shravan is especially fruitful.


Shravan Somvar Puja Vidhi


This fast starts in the early morning on Monday. After waking up in the morning, taking a bath, and cleaning the house, the house should be purified by sprinkling Ganges water or pure water all over the house. After this, an idol or picture of Lord Shiva should be installed in the northeast direction of the house. After the installation of the idol, a vow should be taken for the month of Sawan. In the month of Shravan, not only Lord Shri Shankar is worshipped, but Lord Shiva should be worshiped along with the family.

In Monday's fast, along with Lord Shiva, Shri Ganesh ji, Goddess Parvati and Nandi Dev, and Nagdev Mooshak Raj, all should be worshipped. Water, milk, curd, sugar, ghee, honey, Panchamrit, moli, cloth, sandalwood, roli, rice, flowers, betel-leaf, cannabis, aak-datura, lotus, bundle, prasad, betel nut, cloves, cardamom, dry fruits, Dakshina are offered. Aarti should be performed with camphor by lighting incense lamps on this day.

Food should be taken once after worship. By fasting during Shravan, a person gets freedom from sorrows and attains happiness. Sawan Somvar Vrat is observed starting from sunrise till sunset. On the day of fasting, the Monday fasting story should be heard. And the fasting person should eat once a day after sunset.


Shravan Somvar Importance


Shravan month is very dear to Lord Shiva. In this month, by worshiping Lord Shri Shiva every Monday, a person gets all the happiness. According to a famous mythological belief about the month of Shravan, all the wishes of the person who fasts on Mondays of the month of Shravan are fulfilled. The charity and worship done on these days give fruits like the darshan of all Jyotirlingas. This fast can be observed for many purposes.

For the long life of married life and for the happiness and prosperity of children or to get the desired groom. Shravan Somvar Vrat is supposed to give overall growth, attainment of Lakshmi, and happiness and respect. In these days, when Lord Shiva is worshiped with Bilvapatra, the Lord fulfills the wishes of his devotees quickly. Lord Shiva is believed to reside in the root of the Bilva, therefore, worshiping this person gets result in taking a bath in all the holy places.


Sawan Somvar Vrat Katha


There was a Sahukar who was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. He had no shortage of money grains or anything. But he had no child and with this wish, he used to go to Lord Shiva's temple every day and light a lamp. Seeing this devotion of his, one day Mother Parvati said to Shivji Lord, this Sahukar is your only devotee. If he is troubled by something, then you must remove it. Shivji said that O Parvati, this Sahukar does not have a son. He remains unhappy because of this.

Mother Parvati says O God, please give him the boon of a son. Then Bholenath said that O Parvati, there is no chance of a son in the fortune of a Sahukar. In such a situation, even if he gets the boon of having a son, he will live only till the age of 12 years. Even after hearing this, Mother Parvati said O Lord, you have to give the boon of a son to this Sahukar, otherwise why would the devotees worship you? Bholenath gave the boon of a son to the Sahukar on the mother's repeated request. But also said that he would live only for 12 years.

The Sahukar was listening to all these things, so he was neither happy nor sad. He continued worshiping Bholenath as before. On the other hand, Sethani became pregnant and in the ninth month, she was blessed with a beautiful child. There was much rejoicing in the family but the Sahukar remained as before and did not mention the child's age of 12 years to anyone.

When the boy turned 11 years old, one day Sahukar's sister-in-law asked for the boy's marriage. So the Sahukar said that he would now send the child to Kashiji to study. After this, he called the child's maternal uncle and told him to take him to Kashi to study and at whatever place he stops on the way, perform yagya and feed the brahmins. They were also going in the same way that there was a marriage of a princess on the way. The one she was to marry was blind with one eye. So when his father saw the very handsome Sahukar son, he thought why not make him sit on a mare and get all the marriage functions done? So he talked to his maternal uncle and said that if he would give immense money in return, he also agreed.

After this, the Sahukar son sat on the marriage altar and when the marriage ceremony was over, before leaving, he wrote on the edge of the princess's Chundri you were married to me, but the prince you will send with is an eyesore. After this, he left for Kashi with his maternal uncle. On the other hand, when the prince found this written on his Chunari, he refused to go with the prince. So even the king did not see off his daughter with the procession. The procession returned. On the other side, the maternal uncle and nephew had reached Kashiji.

One day when the maternal uncle had organized a yagya and the nephew did not come out for a long time, the maternal uncle went inside and saw that the nephew had died. He was very upset but thought that if he started crying now, the Brahmins would go away and the work of Yagya would remain incomplete. When the yagya was over, the maternal uncle started crying. At the same time Shiva-Parvati were going from there, then Mother Parvati asked Shivji, O Lord, who is crying? Only then do they come to know that he is the son of a Sahukar born with the blessings of Bholenath.

Then Mother Parvati says O Lord, make him alive, otherwise, his parents will die while crying. Then Bholenath said that O Parvati, his age was only this much, so he has already suffered. But on the repeated requests of the mother, Bholenath brought her back to life. The boy woke up while chanting Om Namah Shivay and the maternal uncle and nephew both thanked God and returned to their city. The same city lay on the way and the princess recognized them, then the king sent the princess along with the Sahukar son with a lot of money and grains.

On the other side, Sahukar and his wife were sitting on the terrace. He had taken a vow that if his son did not return safely, he would jump off the roof and sacrifice his life. Then the maternal uncle of the boy came and told the news of the Sahukar son and daughter-in-law coming, but when they did not agree, the maternal uncle swore, then both of them got faith and both welcomed their son-daughter-in-law. The same night Lord Shiva appeared to the Sahukar in a dream and said I am pleased with your worship. Similarly, whoever reads or listens to this story, all his sorrows will go away and all his wishes will be fulfilled.


The month of Shravan(Sawan) is dedicated to Lord Mahadev. The Mondays and fasts of Sawan are the most special in this month. If there is any problem in life or if the financial condition is bad or success is not being achieved in a career, then all the troubles of life can be overcome by fasting on Sawan Mondays and reading Vrat Katha. Talk to astrologers to know more about Mondays of Sawan.

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