Significance of Dussehra Festival Rituals, Story, and Muhurat

Dussehra is the festival of celebrating the win of justice over evil. The festival shows the significance of Lord Ram’s divinity and Goddess Sita’s purity over the evil fate of Raavan. The word Dussehra indicates ten-headed Evil power, which was Raavan. These festivals come after the nine days of Navratri. On the 10th day of Navratri, Dussehra is celebrated as the win of good over evil. Every year this festival is celebrated according to the Hindu calendar dates. The festivals are celebrated as per pancham shown in the Calendar. The Dussehra 2021 will be on 15 October. On this day the entire country will celebrate the joyous festival by killing the statue of Raavan, as the idea of killing evil from the society.


Vijayadashami 2021


This day is also celebrated as Vijayadashami, there is also the great importance of the Vijayadashami festival, it is the same day where Goddess Durga killed the demon Maahishur, the Vijayadashmi 2021 will be also celebrated on the same day as Dussehra on October 15. Both the festivals have been of importance on these particular days. People worship Lord Ram and Goddess Durga on this day by doing a puja in their honor and ask for protection from evil from the Gods. They also try to kill the evil in their surroundings during these divine festivals.


Dussehra 2021 Importance and Rituals



As per astrology and astrologers, if we try to understand the pure meaning of these festivals and walk on their path of nobility, then we all can overcome the problems, obstacles, negativity, and evil in our life. The astrologer gives the complete guidance of doing puja and works on other remedies which will help in the enlightenment process during these delight festivals. Some rituals need to be followed in these festivals like Raavan Dahan in Ramleela to be portrayed in the honor of Dussehra festival. Same Way in Bengal and another part of India, Durga puja is held which is celebrated by ladies by doing puja of Goddess and asking them for strength and protection from the evils in their life. 

To know more about these divine festivals, rituals, importance, and how they will impact and change your life into blessings. For that, talk to astrologers online and get all the information regarding these fruitful days.

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