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Ganesh Sthapana 2024

Ganesh Sthapana 2024

The 10-day Ganesh Utsav is scheduled to start on 7 September 2024. The preparations for Ganesh Chaturthi are going on in full swing. For the arrival of Bappa, pandals are made at all places. Special decorations are also done. During this time tableaux are also made in the houses. According to the belief, Lord Ganesha was born on this Ganesh Chaturthi day. In this festival starting from Ganesh Chaturthi, Bappa is established from house to house, worshiped, and served with devotion for 10 days, then Bappa is immersed on Anant Chaturdashi. Let us know the auspicious time and date for the establishment and immersion of Ganapati Ji on Ganesh Chaturthi. 


Ganesh Sthapana Muhurat 2024


Chaturthi Tithi Start - 06 September 2024, 03:01 pm

Chaturthi Tithi ends - 07 September 2024, 05:37 pm

Ganesh Sthapana Muhurat - 11:03 am to 01:34 pm (07 September 2024) 


Ganesh Sthapana Mantra 


गणेशपूजने कर्म यत् न्यूमधिकम कृतम।

तेन सर्वेण् सर्वाचार्य प्रशान्त अस्तु गणपति सदा मम...



Ganesh Sthapana Vidhi



    • Lord Ganesha should be installed in the northeast corner of the house with complete rituals.

    • First of all, it is necessary to purify the post by sprinkling Gangajal on it.

    • After this, spread a red colored cloth on the post and keep it intact.

    • Install the idol of Lord Ganesha on the post.

    • Bath Lord Ganesha and sprinkle Gangajal on him.

    • It is necessary to keep betel nut on both sides of the idol in the form of Riddhi-Siddhi.

    • Place a Kalash filled with water on the right side of the idol of Lord Ganesha.

    • Meditate on Ganpati Bappa with Akshat and flowers in hand.

    • Chant the mantra Om Ganpataye Namah of Ganesh Ji.

While establishing the idol of Bappa in the house on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi, definitely offer these things. Let us know about them-


Durva - Offering Doob grass to Lord Ganesha is considered very auspicious. On this day clean the Doob grass with Gangajal and make a garland out of it and offer it to Lord Ganesha.


Modak - Ganesh Ji loves Modak very much, so keep Ganesh Ji in your house every day, and offer him Modak every day.


Banana - Lord Ganesha also likes bananas very much, so include bananas in Bhog to Lord Ganesha.


Sindoor - Sindoor is offered to Lord Ganesha. Sindoor is considered a symbol of Mars. In such a situation, apply vermilion tilak to Lord Ganesha every day during this time.



Ganesh Visarjan Muhurat



It will end on 17 September 2024 on Anant Chaturthi. On the last day, the idol of Bappa is immersed.


Morning Muhurta - 09:11 AM to 01:47 PM

Afternoon Muhurta - 03:19 PM to 04:51 PM

Evening Muhurat - 07:51 PM to 09:19 PM

Night Muhurta - 10:47 PM to 03:12 AM, September 18



Ganesh Visarjan Method



    • Before immersing in the idol of Lord Shri Ganesh, the women of the house should make a swastika by pouring Ganges water on a wooden track.

    • Now put Akshat on the track and spread a pink, yellow, or red colored cloth on it.

    • Bappa's idol should be installed at that place by laying the cloth.

    • After installing Bappa on the track, it is necessary to offer flowers, fruits, and Modak on it.

    • Before sending off Ganesh Ji, duly worship the idol.

    • Dress Bappa in new clothes.

    • After that, tie Modak, money, Durva, and betel nut in a silk cloth and keep that bundle near the statue of Bappa.

    • Now the members of the house should chant Bappa Moria Re, Bappa Moria Re while doing Bappa's aarti.

    • Later, everyone apologized to him with folded hands in front of the idol of Ganpati Bappa. Tell in front of God that if we have done any mistake in this worship, then please forgive us.

    • Now take the idol of Bappa for immersion. Keep in mind that while immersion, other things coming out of the idol of Bappa should not be thrown here and there. Let him also flow into the water with respect.




If you are facing any problem in the installation and immersion of Ganesha, then for this, talk to astrologers.

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