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Buddh Purnima Story, Importance, and Rituals

Buddh Purnima Story, Importance, and Rituals

Buddha Purnima is one such festival that is celebrated in countries other than India as well. In India, it is also known as Vesak or Visakha Puja. This festival is very special for the followers of Buddhism, but this day is also considered very special in Hinduism. Gautam Buddha is considered to be the ninth incarnation of Lord Shri Vishnu and the founder of Buddhism is also here. That's why it is also celebrated as the birth anniversary of Gautam Buddha. According to the Hindu calendar, the full moon day falls in the month of April or May of the year. It is said that when Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment, on the same day he left his body and became free from human life.

Buddh Purnima Story

Once upon a time, Prince Siddhartha of Kapilavastu was trying to attain Buddhahood. Slowly his courage started to run out. While trying, a time came when Siddhartha felt that it was futile to leave his home for the sake of attaining truth and knowledge. According to beliefs, at that time a lesson from a small squirrel helped Siddhartha to become Gautam Buddha.

It is believed that when Siddhartha failed to attain truth and knowledge, then the thought started coming to his mind that he should return to the palace. After having such a thought in his mind, he started returning to go his kingdom Kapilvastu. While walking on the way, he felt very thirsty. He saw a lake and went near that lake to quench his thirst.

Going near the lake, he saw a squirrel there. The little squirrel used to go to the lake again and again to drink water and after dipping its tail in it, it would return to the sand. Seeing this, a question arose in Siddharth's mind what is this little squirrel doing? They felt that perhaps the squirrel was trying to dry up the lake, but in this way, the squirrel's effort would never be successful.

Then he felt that the squirrel was trying to say something to him. Siddhartha felt as if the squirrel was telling him that if a person is determined to do a task in his mind and remains firm on it, then that task becomes successful. We should never give up trying. Then Siddharth realized the weakness of his mind. He returned from there and got engrossed in penance. After continuous efforts, he attained enlightenment.

Buddha Purnima 2024 Muhurat

    • Buddha Purnima - 23 May, 2024 Thursday

    • Buddha Purnima Date Begins: 22 May 2024, at 06:47 PM

    • Buddha Purnima Date Ends: 23 May 2024, at 07:22 PM

Buddh Purnima 2024 Importance

In Hinduism, it is believed that Lord Vishnu took his ninth incarnation on this earth on this day. That's why this day is considered very holy. On the other hand, on this day, along with the birth of Gautam Buddha, he got the knowledge of the truth. On this day, along with adopting a virtuous life, a vow is taken to renounce violence, and prayers and worship are done.

Bodh Gaya is seen as a very sacred pilgrimage site, on the day of Buddha Purnima, this day is celebrated by organizing a special festival at this pilgrimage site. Gautam Buddha was a great man who spent his life as an ascetic, renouncing all wealth and worldly pleasures for the attainment of enlightenment. People have great faith in them and hence the day also has special significance for the devotees and followers of Buddhism. Prayers and worship have been done with devotion on this day to get rid of all the troubles.

Buddh Purnima Rituals

    • Buddha Purnima is celebrated in the month of Vaishakh. Therefore, by taking a bath in the river at an auspicious time on this day, the sins of many births are destroyed.

    • Gautam Buddha was against animal violence, so do not eat non-vegetarian food on this day and do not allow it to be eaten.

    • Donating clothes and food to the poor on the day of Vaishakh Purnima gives the same result as donating cattle.

    • Donating sesame and honey on this day gives freedom from sins.

    • Buddha is considered to be the ninth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, so worshiping and donating to Lord Vishnu on this day gives virtuous results.

    • Donate Sattu, sweets, water vessels, food, and clothes on the day of Buddha Purnima to get merit.

    • Go to holy places of pilgrimage and bathe in the river and take water in your palm and put black sesame seeds in it and offer it to the ancestors.

Why Buddha Purnima is celebrated

According to popular beliefs in northern India, Gautam Buddha was the ninth incarnation of Lord Shri Vishnu, and Buddha Purnima is celebrated considering the birthday of the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. On the other hand, the followers of Buddhism believe that when Gautam Buddha went out in search of truth and enlightenment, he decided that he would only do penance until he attained enlightenment. Only then, on the full moon of the month of Vaishakh, he attained enlightenment.

For these reasons, Buddha Purnima is celebrated and worship of the Bodhi tree and Satyanarayana is organized on a large scale. The traditions and rituals performed on this day may be different depending on different religions and places, but in every religion, this day is dedicated to Gautam Buddha. According to beliefs, Lord Buddha did his harsh penance while sitting under the Bodhi tree. That's why this tree is considered very sacred.


At the age of 29, Mahatma Buddha renounced his kingdom and chose the path of asceticism and spirituality. He traveled to many places for many years and at the age of 25 meditated under a Peepal tree in Bodh Gaya. If you want to know more about Buddha Purnima then talk to astrologers.

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