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Which Number And Day Are Lucky For You?

Which Number And Day Are Lucky For You?

The mathematics of all the things that are operated in this world revolves around the numbers from 0 to 9. The game of numbers affects every single aspect of life. The math of all the numbers in the world is made up of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. Numerology is also one of the many genres of astrology. In which astrological calculations from 1 to 9 digits are done. Let us know which planet, attack, and number are auspicious for you according to numerology.


How To Know The Lucky Number


For astrological calculations in Numerology, it is necessary to know the auspicious number of that person. The auspicious number of a person is ascertained according to his date of birth. The sum of the digits of the date on which one was born is called the Radix, while the total sum of the date of birth, the month of birth, and the year of birth is called Bhagyank.

Suppose your date of birth is 01/07/1981, then your number is 1 (sum of date of birth 01 digits is 0+1=1) and your Bhagyank is 0+1+0+7+1+9+8+1=27=9 That means your lucky number is 9. Similarly, if the date of birth is two digits i.e. 11, then your radix will be 1+1=2.


Numbers And Their Ruling Planets


There is a description of 9 major planets in astrology. Thus the lords of numbers 1 to 9 are considered different planets.


Ruler of Number 1


The lord of number 1 is the planet Sun. The natives who were born on 01, 10, 19, or 28, have Number 1 and their lord is Sun.


Ruler of Number 2


According to astrology, the lord of number 2 is Moon. In such a situation, for people who were born on 02, 11, 20, or 29, their radix is 2, according to which your lord is Moon.


Ruler of Number 3


The lord of number 3 is Jupiter. For people who were born on 03, 12, 21, or 30, their radix is 3 and their Number lord is Jupiter.


Ruler of Number 4


Rahu has been considered the lord of number 4. The natives who were born on 04, 13, 22, or 31st have a radix of 4, the lord of their radix is Rahu.


Ruler of Number 5


The lord of number 5 is Mercury. The natives who are born on 05, 14, or 23 will have a radix of 5.


Ruler of Number 6


Venus is considered the owner of number 6. The number of people born on 06, 15 and 24 is 6.


Ruler of Number 7


Ketu is considered to be the lord of number 7. The number of people born on 07, 16 and 25 is 7.


Ruler of Number 8


Number 8 is the number of Shani Dev. For those who are born on the 8th, 17th, or 26th, their radix becomes 8.


Ruler of Number 9


The owner of number 9 is considered Mars. Those people who were born on 09, 18 or 27, their number is 9.


Auspicious Day According To Radix And Bhagyank Number


Lucky Day for Number 1 - Sunday

Lucky Day for Number 2 - Monday

Lucky Day for Number 3 - Thursday

Lucky Day for Number 4 - Saturday

Lucky Day for Number 5 - Wednesday

Lucky Day for Number 6 - Friday

Lucky Day for Number 7 - Sunday

Lucky Day for Number 8 - Saturday

Lucky Day for Number 9 - Tuesday




In numerology, every planet has its own special number. That is, different numbers have been fixed for all the planets. Like the number 1 has been fixed for the Sun. That is, one number is dedicated to Lord Surya. Similarly, two are fixed for Moon, three for Jupiter or Jupiter, four for Rahu, five for Mercury, six for Venus, seven for Ketu, eight for Saturn, and nine for Mars. Now each of these numbers has been linked to one or the other number. The radix is the sum of the dates of that person. If you want to know about the planet related to Radix, then talk to astrology.

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