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Venus Mahadasha for Taurus Ascendant

Venus Mahadasha for Taurus Ascendant

Taurus itself is a sign ruled by Venus and people with Venus in Taurus at birth are quite beautiful because Venus is the planet of love and beauty. Such people are independent, they do not like to snatch their freedom. There is strong affection towards nature, happiness, and enthusiasm in life. People with Venus in Taurus are quite elegant and refined with refined manners. His taste in dance and music is extraordinary and quite rich. They are fond of artistic activities.

These people have a strong desire to live a luxurious lifestyle, which is full of wealth, luxurious houses, and vehicles. These people also want to look attractive and spend a lot of time and money on their beauty. They also want praise. Their sex drive is quite brown; They are quite practical when it comes to their needs. However, they want stability in their life so they remain loyal and persistent. In the matter of love, their approach is quite straight and simple. They take their relationship seriously and handle love life carefully.

Results of Venus Mahadasha for Taurus Ascendant

Venus is the ruler of the first and sixth houses. Being lord of the ascendant, it represents the person's form, sign, caste, body, age, happiness and sorrow, discretion, mind, nature, shape, and overall personality of the person. And being the sixth represents all kinds of references like Jatak's disease, debt, enemy, insult, worry, doubt, pain, Nanihal, untrue speech, yoga practice, landlord, merchant, and moneylender. Both these expressions have a very deep connection with the health and self-confidence of the native of Taurus ascendant. When Venus is strong and auspicious in the Janam Patri or Dashakaal, there is a benefit for the body and health in every way and the self-confidence of the person increases by getting auspicious results in the mentioned contexts. On the contrary, when Venus is weak or under the malefic influence in the Janam Kundli or Dashakaal, problems arise in the above-mentioned subjects, causing problems in their health and weakness in self-confidence.

Venus is the lord of the first and sixth house in Taurus ascendant. It represents the person's form, sign, caste, age, body, happiness-sorrow, discretion, intelligence, nature of the person, physical shape, and complete personality. Venus in the seventh house represents things like disease, debt, enemy, insult, worry, doubt, pain, maternal uncle, false speech, yoga practice, landlordism, and moneylender.

Positive Effects of Venus Mahadasha for Taurus  Ascendant

Panchamahapurush yoga is formed named Malavya. The person is full of all comforts, intelligent, and handsome. Spouse meets beautifully. There is a sum of profit in partnership. Sweet voice. Gets the support of the family. The person can remove all obstacles with his speech and ability. The person is hardworking, younger sister's yoga is formed. He is a devotee of his father and travels abroad. Full of comforts, get the happiness of the mother. Professional life is good. Spouse meets beautifully. Married life remains happy. There is a sum of profit in partnership. The native is a devotee of his father, a believer, travels abroad, takes care of his younger brothers and sisters, and is very hardworking. By coming into the tenth house, the person is full of happiness and facilities and gets the happiness of the mother. There is progress in job/business. There is a benefit from an elder brother and little sister, all wishes are fulfilled.

Negative Effect of Venus Mahadasha on Taurus ascendant

Virgo is the low zodiac sign of low Venus. There is a delay in having a child, upset stomach, trouble from elder brothers and sisters, lack of ability to take the right decisions, there is a possibility of sudden loss. There is no victory in the competition, there is a delay in winning the court case, and there is one or the other disease which gets cured after some time. Venus is self-ascendant, so the opposite Rajyoga is not formed. There is a hindrance, delays in every work, lack of money, the family does not get support, and diseases can occur. The person who gets happiness is expensive. There is a possibility of getting some disease which gets cured after some time. If Venus is situated in the third, fifth (debilitated zodiac), sixth, eighth, and twelfth house, then it will give unfavorable outcomes according to its strength, because being in these bad houses, it loses its Yogyakarta. The gemstone of Venus is not worn here, because by sitting in these houses, Venus gives fruits like an enemy, to reduce its inauspiciousness, donations, and recitation of Venus are worshipped.


Shukra Mahadasha will bring extraordinary results as it is the lord of Lagna (1st house) and 6th house. Although he is the lord of the sixth house, he will bring good results as the lord of the Lagna. Venus is considered a benefic planet for the Taurus ascendant. Hence, the native will get all kinds of luxuries, love, romance, and prosperity in artistic and creative fields. A person is likely to develop laziness during Shukra Mahadasha. Native will have immense wealth, luxurious cars, palatial buildings, and attraction of the opposite sex. If Venus is afflicted by malefic planets like Shani, Rahu, Ketu, and enemy Mars, then the native will suffer a lot during Shukra Mahadasha. Health will deteriorate and mobility will not be yours. Through Astrology Phone Consultation, you can know in detail about Venus Mahadasha in Taurus Ascendant.

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