Venus Mahadasha for Aries Ascendant

Venus Mahadasha for Aries Ascendant

Aries is fire, ruled by Mars, which is also a fiery planet. Both planets Venus and Mars are neutral towards each other. When a watery female planet is in the zodiac of Mars, the native becomes assertive in his expression, especially in love life. Such people are cheerful, with tremendous enthusiasm for life. They are fun to be around and there is a sense of excitement in their aura. In romantic situations, these people are overly energetic and impatient.

They can also be careless at times in their love life. Their way of loving someone is quite straight and simple. They cannot cover up their romantic feelings by labeling the relationship as a friendship. They can also be aggressive. But they are sincere, full of adventure, and full of zest for life. Venus and Mars both represent passion and sexuality and the amalgamation of their energies gives rise to extreme sexual feelings and attraction. Venus in Aries also gives a tendency to show interest in the life partner of others. They are also irreligious and very much driven towards materialistic or indeed material aspects of life. Yet they possess an attractive personalities. They are artistic beings, with a powerful inclination towards creative pursuits, beauty, and the fine arts.

Results of Venus Mahadasha for Aries Ascendant

Venus is the lord of the second and seventh house, here the position of Venus should be studied thoroughly. Because Venus here, being the second ruler, is the representative of finance and family, and being the seventh lord, it is also representative of one of the main aspects of life, i.e. marriage. Family, eyes (right), nose, throat, ears, voice, diamonds, pearls, gems, jewelry, beauty, singing, speech, family, and education matters are under the control of Venus due to being in the second house, sacrifice and auspicious effect of these fruits Will increase and weak and weak Venus will provide deficiency in these matters.

Venus is the master of the second and seventh house in Aries ascendant. It tells about wealth and family. Also, it tells about your marriage. If an Aries Ascendant wants to know about all these things, then he must see the place of Venus in his Kundli and study it. Apart from all these, your family, eyes, nose, throat, ears, voice, jewelry, women, sex, theft, quarrels, and business also decide the result of all these things by the position of Venus.

Positive Effects of Venus Mahadasha for Aries Ascendant

The person will be handsome. If one looks at his house (seventh house) from the seventh point of view, then the husband/wife becomes beautiful. There will be a decrease in aggressiveness and you will have to face difficulties at work. Due to Venus being in Taurus in the second house, wealth, happiness of the family is necessary and the speech remains sweet. Looking at the eighth house, there is a possibility of obstruction in every auspicious work. There is trouble from the in-laws' side and women like mothers. Due to being a female house and feeling of younger brother and sister, here Venus creates the yoga of younger sister. There is a possibility of discord between wife and partners. By getting direction in the fourth house, happiness gives benefits of all means of prosperity, but the mind remains estranged from the mother, and tension remains in professional life. When Venus is in the fifth house and Venus is also the lord of the seventh house in the horoscope of Aries ascendant, there is a possibility of a love marriage. Due to the combination of intelligence and speech, understanding and understanding are reflected in the speech of the person. The sum of a daughter is formed. You don't get along well with your elder brothers and sisters.

Negative Effect of Venus Mahadasha on Aries ascendant

There is a shortage of money. The wife remains ill. The expenditure remains constant. There is a lack of money in the family and hitched life is also not joyful. Relations do not remain sweet, the person does not believe in religion or is an atheist. The fortune of the native rises after marriage. Being a deadly house does not allow the work to be settled. The situation of demotion also arises. Work can also change. There is a loss in the changed work in the Mahadasha of Venus. There is no shortage of money here. Money becomes the sum of profit, benefits are also received from partners, as well as there is some problem with elder brothers and sisters. Venus is strength in the twelfth house, in the horoscope of Aries ascendant, there are also high signs in the twelfth house. There is a possibility of marriage abroad and married life remains happy, along with this, one has to face the problems related to the sixth house. There is expenditure on diseases.


Venus is the lord of the Ascendant (1st house and 7th house). That's why it is considered a deadly planet. The planet Venus generally gives negative results for the people of Aries ascendant. Venus can be extremely injurious when infested, debilitated, and afflictted by malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Sun, and Mars. Afflicted or weak Venus can make you penniless. The native will have to face business loss, marital discord, and career-related problems. If the planet Venus is placed in an exalted sign in the 12th house, it will give extremely beneficial results. 12th Venus is called Shukra Yoga. It will bring wealth, wealth, knowledge and social prestige etc. If Venus is exalted in its own sign and aspected by auspicious planets, it gives very auspicious results. Through Astrology Phone Consultation, you can know in detail about Venus Mahadasha in Aries ascendant.

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