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Effects of Planets in Aries Ascendant

Effects of Planets in Aries Ascendant

People born in Aries ascendant usually do the nomadic type of business. For example - hawkers, traveling, salesmen, etc. In religious views, the attitude of the people of Aries ascendant is different. You are a worshiper of power. They are rich in their words and fanatics of the condition. The people of Aries ascendant usually do not want to get into any quarrel, but if they do not like any thing, then they do not believe without teaching a lesson to the person in front.


Effect of  Moon in Aries Ascendant


In Aries ascendant, the lord of the mind, and Moon is the lord of the fourth house. This person's mother, land, building, vehicle, quadruped, friend, partnership, peace, water, public, permanent property, kindness, benevolence, deceit, deceit, conscience, consumption of aquatic substances, accumulated wealth, false accusation, rumor, Expresses love, love affair, and love marriage. Due to the weak/strong Moon in the horoscope or Dasha period, happiness and sorrow are obtained from the above-mentioned subjects. For all this, along with the Moon, the conjunction and vision of other planets should be studied thoroughly.


Effect of Sun in Aries Ascendant


The Sun spreading light is the lord of the fifth house. The person's intellect, soul, memory power, power to acquire education, policy, self-confidence, management system, devotion to god, patriotism, renunciation of job, ways to get money, effortless wealth, gambling, lottery, speculation, gastritis, son Children, worship by the mantra, fasting, fame of the hand, self-respect, expresses ego. According to the good and bad position of the Sun in the Kundali or Dasha period, there is a modality of these fruits. By studying the position of the Sun well, it is known how much benefit the person will be able to take from these things. If the Sun is strong then good fruits increase and the weak Sun produces deficiency in these fruits.


Effect of Mars in Aries Ascendant


Mars is the lord of the first and the eighth house in Aries ascendant. Being this ascendant, is representative of the person's form, sign, caste, body, age, happiness, sorrow, conscience, mind, nature, shape, and complete personality of the person. If Mars is strong in Aries ascendant, then auspicious results are obtained in the entire horoscope, strong and auspicious Mars increases in fruits, while weak Mars creates a deficiency in these fruits.

Along with the Ascendant, Mars is also the representative of the eighth house i.e. Ashtmesh in Aries ascendant. Mars being the eighth lord, disease, life, age, cause of death, mental anxiety, sea voyage, atheistic thought stream, in-laws, misfortune, poverty, laziness, secret place, prison journey, hospital, raging operation, ghosts, witchcraft, life It is also a representative of the horrific pain of sorrow, etc. All these fruits can be known only by studying the position of Mars. In Aries ascendant, Mars is the eighth lord as the ascendant, so it is not considered guilty of being the eighth lord. Inauspicious or low, being weak also gives some inauspicious results.


Effect of Venus in Aries Ascendant


Venus is the lord of the second and the seventh house. Here the position of Venus should be studied thoroughly. Because Venus being the second house here is representative of wealth and family and being the seventh house is also representative of a major house of life i.e. marriage.

Family, eyes (right), nose, throat, ears, vocals, diamonds, pearls, gems, jewelry, beauty, singing, speech, family, and education, being the second lord here, Venus is under the influence of sacrifice and auspicious effects. will increase and the inferiority complex and weak Venus will provide deficiency in these matters.

The matters of Lakshmi, women, sex, death sex, theft, quarrel, disturbance, nuisance, genital, business, etc., being the seventh lord in Aries ascendant are subordinate to Venus. Auspicious and strong Venus is very auspicious in these fruits and weak and malefic Venus gives less in these matters.


Effect of Mercury in Aries Ascendant


Mercury is the lord of the third house of Aries ascendant. Auspicious and strong Mercury is here to increase auspicious results, whereas Mercury with weak and sinful effects gives deficiency and inauspiciousness in these results.


Effect of Jupiter in Aries Ascendant


Jupiter is the lord of the ninth house of Aries ascendant. The is representative of religion, virtue, fortune, guru, brahmin, deity, pilgrimage, devotion, mental attitude, fortune, modesty, austerity, migration, father's happiness, pilgrimage, charity, and peepal, is represented by Jupiter. The position of auspicious and strong Jupiter makes the people of Aries ascendant get very auspicious results of the mentioned fruits, whereas even an auspicious planet like Jupiter with inferiority and sinful effect is unable to give these results.


Effect of Saturn in Aries Ascendant


Shani is the lord of the tenth and eleventh houses. Being Dashamadhipati is representative of state, honor, karma, father, sovereignty, business, authority, havan, rituals, opulence enjoyment, fame, leadership, foreign travel, paternal wealth, etc. And being the representative of the eleventh house, it is representative of greed, profit, selfishness, slavery, servitude, childlessness, daughter-in-law, maternal uncle, brother, elder brother, sister, corruption, bribery, dishonesty, etc. Saturn with sacrificial and benefic effects gives auspicious and weak and sinful effects of the above-mentioned results.


Effect of Rahu in Aries Ascendant


Rahu is the lord of the sixth house. Rahu is responsible for the fruits of disease, debt, enemy, humiliation, worry, doubt, pain, maternal, untrue speech, yoga practice, landlordism, merchant behavior, moneylender, advocacy, addiction, knowledge, any good and bad addiction, etc. If Rahu is benefic, then auspicious results are obtained, and because Rahu with inauspicious effects, inauspicious results are obtained.


Effect of Planet Ketu in Aries Ascendant


Ketu is the lord of the twelfth house. Ketu is responsible for the subjects like sleep, travel, loss, charity, expenditure, punishment, unconsciousness, dog, fish, salvation, foreign travel, enjoyment, opulence, lustful wife, vain travel, etc. If Ketu is with benefic influence, then very auspicious results are obtained and Ketu with inauspicious and sinful effects gives very inauspicious results.


If you know about the physical structure of the person in Aries ascendant, you can also know about it. If you want to know more about the effect of planets in Aries ascendant then you can talk to Astrologer.

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