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Venus in Aries Ascendant

Venus in Aries Ascendant

How Venus gives results in 12 houses in the Kundali of Aries Ascendant. Venus is the lord of the second and seventh house in Aries's ascendant Kundali creates an antidote. Therefore, in such a situation, the house in which Venus will go and the house it sees will affect or decrease the results related to those houses in a negative way. If Venus is strong and situated in the Kundali of Aries ascendant, then more inauspicious results are obtained. In this Ascendant Kundli, Venus is not strong in degree, then its inauspiciousness decreases. Therefore, the weakening of Venus in this Lagna Kundli is auspicious. Let us tell you here that yoga karaka planets also lose their auspiciousness and are bound to give inauspicious results if they move into the 6th, 8th, or 12th house of the Kundali. It is only in the condition of Viparita Raja Yoga that the planets in 6, 8, and 12 houses come in a position to give auspicious results. If the planet becomes debilitated, it will give mostly inauspicious results.


Venus in all 12 Houses for Aries Ascendant



Venus in 1st house Aries Ascendant


The person will be handsome. If one looks at his house from the seventh point of view, then the husband/wife becomes beautiful. The person is always itinerant and has a fickle nature. Aggressiveness will decrease and problems will have to be faced at work.


Venus in 2nd house Aries Ascendant


Being in Taurus in the second house, Venus provides essential wealth, and family happiness and speech remain melodious. With the sight of the eighth house, there is a possibility of obstruction in every auspicious work. There is trouble from in-laws and mother-like women.


Venus in 3rd house Aries Ascendant


Being a female planet and having a sense of younger brother and sister, Venus forms the sum of younger sister here. There is a possibility of discord between a wife, and partner.


Venus in 4th house Aries Ascendant


Due to the strength of direction in the fourth house, happiness gives the benefit of all the means of prosperity, but there is a conflict with the mother, and tension remains in professional life. When Venus is in the fourth house, in the Dasha of Venus, the person is proficient in their work, entrepreneurial and eager, and grateful for his woman.


Venus in 5th house Aries Ascendant


With the arrival of Venus in the fifth house and Venus being also the lord of the seventh house in the Kundali of Aries ascendant, the sum of love marriage is formed here. Due to the combination of intellect and speech, the person's speech shows understanding and understanding. I don't get love from my elder brothers and sisters. When Venus is in the fifth house, in the Dasha of Venus, one who receives money from women, leads a life with foreign money.


Venus in 6th house Aries Ascendant


There is a shortage of money. The wife remains ill. Expenditure remains constant. When Venus is in the 6th house, there is the destruction of happiness, lack of money, restlessness in the mind, destruction of desires, and deviation from its place.


Venus in 7th house Aries Ascendant


The native gets a beautiful life partner due to Venus being in a position. Income keeps increasing. Being Venus in the seventh house, the person is a farmer, rich in vehicles, and gets respect and prestige in their caste.


Venus in 8th house Aries Ascendant


There is a lack of money in the family and married life is also not happy. When Venus is in the eighth house, the person becomes majestic and a foreigner.


Venus in 9th house Aries Ascendant


Relations are not cordial, the person does not believe in religion or is an atheist. When Venus is in the ninth house, they get respect and prestige and are skilled in craftsmanship, but his enemies increase and he remains unhappy.


Venus in 10th house Aries Ascendant


Being a malefic planet does not allow the work to be settled. There is also a situation of demotion. Work may also change. In the Mahadasha of Venus, there is also a loss in the changed work.


Venus in 11th house Aries Ascendant


There is no shortage of money here. There is a sum of money and profit, there is benefit from partners as well, as well as there is some problem with elder siblings. When Venus is in the eleventh house, in the Dasha of Venus, one is troubled by addictions, sick, devoid of noble deeds and falsehood.


Venus in 12th house Aries Ascendant


In the Kundali of Aries ascendant, Venus is exalted in the twelfth house. Marriage takes place abroad and married life remains happy, as well as problems related to the sixth house have to be faced. 


Venus gives results according to its position in Aries ascendant. Talk to an astrologer to know more about the effects of Venus on Aries ascendant

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