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Taurus Sun Gemini Rising

Taurus Sun Gemini Rising

Sun in Taurus Rising in Gemini people often fall into the trap of being overly harsh and critical of themselves. The Gemini rising encourages Taurus to consider things without plunging into the unknown. These natives feel the need to calculate things before making any revolutionary decisions, which is why they sometimes make slow progress. Keeping their motivation high may be a difficult challenge for them, but if they are surrounded by optimistic and positive people, they will eventually succeed. Taurus people are naturally quite hesitant when it comes to love, although the Gemini rising does a good job of reassuring your feelings. This gives Taurus people the opportunity to be confident in their feelings towards their partner.

As other people recognize you, they begin to understand that you are talking about things about which you know little. You are too lazy to find out the real facts, and you are too mysterious when it comes to your deepest feelings. God knows what you think about yourself when you appear so eccentric, but you rarely let the people around you get close. Not surprisingly, for the most part, your relationships with others are a real disaster. In short, you are a sweet but stupid child, and you have no hope until you understand that in order to get something, you have to give something.

Taurus Sun Gemini Rising Personality

According to Personalized PredictionTaurus Sun rising in Gemini makes you compassionate, executive, honest, and humanitarian. You easily become anxious and irritable, although this is just as easy and calming. Your temper can be very fierce, but you are always ready to apologize. You are inventive, knowledgeable, flexible, and observant. You are talkative when developing your favorite topic, otherwise, you may become withdrawn and nervous if you are forced to talk. Hidden and silent, you will never be obvious with the first counter. You find solitude very tonic and you always take the opportunity to retire from the hustle and bustle.

While most people have developed either logic or intuition, both of these principles can co-exist in you depending on your mood. You will be lucky if you follow your premonitions. Other people think you are difficult to understand, but you have the same opinion. There were frequent fights in your family, and probably, it was difficult for you to live with your father. Still, you are the cause of your misfortune, and you must understand this clearly. Make sure you are smart with the intelligence that nature has given you.

Taurus Sun Gemini Rising Woman

The woman rising with the Taurus Sun in Gemini is hardworking and helpful. They do not speak the truth about fundamental, doctrinal questions very willingly; Their mind is focused on the problems of life. Here they easily find profitable offers, and they have skillful hands, which allows them to save on maintenance; They know how to find where gasoline is a dime cheaper, and if the way is not too far they will go there.

These are excellent workers if they are provided with remuneration for their work, and they always have the opportunity to do so. Their skills can be used well, and on occasion, they can show tenacity. However, they willingly hinder the work; Life without joy - thank you very much, only without me! Everyone is ready to take up such an important post.

Taurus Sun Gemini Rising Man

A man with the Sun in Taurus and rising in Gemini does not appear to others to be as active as he actually is. They appear to be somewhat disrupted. Their very lively attitude towards everything spiritual, they can convey to others only when they feel peace among themselves. They don't want to hurt anyone because it would put their safety at risk; While they themselves make communication a little more difficult.

At first, they approach people with enthusiasm, but they quickly turn away out of fear that they have said too much. As far as practical things go, they are really friendly and respond immediately, although after that they tend to hide in their forts.

Taurus Sun and Gemini Rising Compatibility

In matters of the heart, they will attract different signs. Sagittarius rules their 7th house of relationships and will excite this person by taking them to a world of adventure. Other Taurus and Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer, Libra, Aquarius, Aries, and Leo all work well too! There will be a lot of attraction with Scorpio, but Taurus' Gemini energy can't handle Scorpio's intensity constantly. Gemini people are very flexible in relationships and make friends even before falling in love.

Taurus Sun Gemini Rising Love

According to Love Marriage Prediction, you need stability as much as you need freedom, yet sometimes you have trouble knowing what you want. You also have a tendency to overanalyze your own and your partner's emotions, which explains why your emotional pathways are often confused. In a relationship, you are difficult to recognize because you alternate between attention and complete detachment from time to time. Both solid and unstable, you are creative, original, and brutally classic.

Your luck depends on the opposite sex. Your love affairs are shrouded in mystery, and children cause complications. Possibly, you may marry more than once, and one of the spouses will be a foreigner. You are flirtatious and love when you are challenged, you always believe that it is better to be where you are not, and this attitude leads to an endless struggle. Your ideal partner should be for you and a friend, parent, teacher, and lover, that is, the person who, of course, is difficult to find. If your struggle is crowned with victory, you will rejoice. But these searches will not be easy. Your children will be attractive in appearance and will achieve success in the field of fine arts. They will reveal the loving side of your nature and give you the warmth you didn't have.

Taurus Sun Gemini Rising Health

According to Health Prediction, you become prone to anxiety that can lead to illness and are especially prone to nervous illnesses. Other problem areas include diseases of the gall bladder and excretory system and allergies. Twins rule the lungs, and complications after a cold will certainly affect this organ, especially if you have dark hair. As a Gemini man, you are suffering from lung disease and your hands are restless and nervous, this could mean that you smoke. This combination of signs brings a certain danger to health. Taurus often suffers from being overweight, but Gemini protects you from this by burning calories with the help of nervous energy. Finally, the Gemini zodiac sign means that your growth may be above average.

Taurus Sun Gemini Rising Career

According to Career PredictionGeminis have some writing skills, so you may gain recognition in literature, art, or science, all subjects that interest you. You are also a fan of traveling and this could be your vocation. You are creative and have original ideas, have competence in the fields of law, and business, and know the art of negotiation. You will definitely reach a good position in life and probably have two professions. However, be wary of sitting "on two chairs" or getting bogged down by indecision. Critics may hinder your career, but your spouse may benefit from it. Success will come to you eventually, but make sure you don't destroy it with your own hands. It is possible that you may inherit some property.


You can be as focused and disciplined as you are scattered and serious. You are adaptable, you know how to easily cope with different situations that come your way, even if it generates stress and anxiety. As a curious person, you don't like sitting around doing anything, and it's not unusual to see that you tend to accumulate experiences. Your sense of teamwork makes you an excellent colleague. If you want to know more about Taurus Sun Gemini rising then talk to astrology.

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