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Sun Numbers in Numerology

Sun Numbers in Numerology

Date of birth has special importance in numerology i.e. number astrology. On the basis of this, the radix and birth number, etc. are determined. Today we will tell you about Suryank i.e. Sun Number. In numerology, the Sun Number has been given the same importance as your zodiac sign. It tells a lot about your personality and nature.

How to Find Sun Number

To know your Sun Number, add the date and month of your birth. For example, if you were born on May 23, then your Sun Number is 22+6 = 28 (2+8 = 10 = 1). That means your Sun Number is 1. In the same way, you can calculate your sun number. Know nature and the future from Suryank ahead

Sun Number 1

People with the Sun Number 1 are firm in principles. Things that are not right for you, relationships that hurt you, you don't feel bothered to end them. You move forward only by learning from the mistakes of your past. With a positive attitude and unwavering self-determination, this Sun number excels at achieving its goals and being appreciated. Read More about Sun Number 1

Sun Number 2

People with Sun Number 2 lead their lives very carefully. They do not like change and are afraid of change. You do not want to come out of your comfort zone and do any work. You should move forward by getting control of your fear. Sun Number 2 can pick up energies at a very deep and subconscious level, which normally cannot be seen, only felt. Read More about Sun Number 2

Sun Number 3

People with Sun Number 3 are very creative and nature lovers. They keep their relations with feelings till the end. Their inner curiosity leads them to the truth of any subject. They are also ambitious in nature just like the people of Radix 1. These people can never be satisfied by working under someone's influence or authority. They love their freedom very much. Read More about Sun Number 3

Sun Number 4

People with Sun Number 4 have big goals. They also achieve them with passion and dedication. They have the ability to take the right decision at the right time. Instead of looking for perfection in everything, you should make things perfect according to you. They are very reliable and provide stability to any person or situation, and are dedicated to moving forward. Read More about Sun Number 4

Sun Number 5

People with Sun Number 5 adapt to change very well. For this reason, these people keep on experiencing new things from time to time. You should increase your patience more, this thing will help you to get successful. These people believe in making money as soon as possible and to a large extent, these people are also experts in this art. Read More about Sun Number 5

Sun Number 6

People who have Sun Number 6 try to keep everyone around them happy. These people think about their loved ones before themselves in everything, and only then take decisions. You should bring a little change in this nature of yours because of this many times you end up doing a big loss to yourself. These people have great respect for the feelings of others, which helps them to establish very intimate relations with others.  Read More about Sun Number 6

Sun Number 7

People with Sun Number 7 can sense the situation very well from the surrounding environment and things. Due to this, you save yourself from the remaining losses many times and this quality of yours also becomes the cause of benefits for you. These people do not stop until they get this knowledge. Asking questions, researching, listening and sensing are all specialized skills to base your findings on.  Read More about Sun Number 7

Sun Number 8

People with Sun Number 8 get maximum happiness from material things. You try to keep everything under your control. This habit of yours sometimes benefits you, but sometimes it also proves to be harmful to you. It takes good business sense, a powerful presence, and the ability to drive a strong drive for success.  Read More about Sun Number 8

Sun Number 9

People with the Sun Number 9 always try to improve the lives of their families and the people around them. Your quality here makes you popular among your people and for this reason many people like you a lot. People with this Sun number are supposed to show a human aspect from the heart. These people are extremely compassionate in nature and are intent on making the best out of their efforts.  Read More about Sun Number 9


Sun numbers in numerology are very important in our life. The Sun Number tells how a Sun can affect a person's life. It also acts as a guiding star in the universe. Sun number in numerology tells all the feelings of a person. Along with this it also tells about the constant changes that a person will see in his life and adapt to them accordingly. If you want to know more about the Sun Numbers then talk to Astrologer.

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