Sun Mahadasha for Aries Ascendant

Sun Mahadasha for Aries Ascendant

Sun is the lord of the fifth house in the birth chart of Aries ascendant. The people of Aries ascendant have some roundness physically. Mostly it has been seen that the people born in Aries ascendant look younger than their age. The people of Aries ascendant are fierce by nature but soon become happy with others. Traveling by nature, but suffers from knee diseases. You are very quick-tempered and clever in getting your work done. You do not hesitate to debate on any subject. The people of Aries ascendant do not hesitate to show off unnecessarily in front of others. Since the planet Sun rules the fifth house, it is naturally a benefic planet for the native.

If you belong to the Aries ascendant and you are under Surya Mahadasha, you will definitely get good results from Vimshottari Surya Mahadasha. It will bring wealth, respect, knowledge, power, position, and contact with people. You will also get child happiness during Sun Dasha.

If the planet Sun is afflicted or weak, then auspicious results cannot be obtained. However, you can get good results by taking remedial measures.

Result of Sun Mahadasha for Aries Ascendant

Jatak's intelligence, soul, memory power, power to acquire knowledge, policy, self-confidence, management system, devotion to God, patriotism, renunciation of job, ways to get money, getting money easily, gambling, lottery, betting, son Child, worship by the mantra, fast fasting, the fame of hand, self-respect, express ego. According to the good or bad condition of the Sun in the Janma Kundali or Dashakaal, these fruits remain in moderation. By studying the position of the Sun very well, it is known how much benefit the person will be able to take from these things. If the Sun is strong, then there is an increase in good fruits and a weak Sun causes a decrease in these fruits.

Positive Effects of Sun Mahadasha for Aries Ascendant

The effects of Surya Mahadasha are grand. It gives you a very high position in your career and increases your business revenue with a simple swipe and flick. Sun is highly favorable if you want to take up politics as a career. Big appreciation can be earned if you go for some administrative posts. The personality given to you by Sun in Mahadasha attracts everyone wherever you go.

Pleasant and positive results can be seen everywhere around you. Surya Mahadasha brings together the stars to give you a life like a king. You will have all the happiness in your life that you need. Glory, knowledge, spirituality, reputation, social status, honor, authority, power, prestige, and respect are some of the things that come with Dasha.

Your mindset will be very broad and comprehensive and you will be able to see things in a better way than ever before. Highly optimistic behavior is guaranteed good social standing and recognition.

Negative Effects of Sun Mahadasha for Aries Ascendant

If you have done any bad deeds in the previous Dasha then the negative Sun Mahadasha effect will increase. You may lose whatever wealth and money you had. The influence of the Sun brings prestige and fame to your life, with the wrong position of the Sun in your chart, all fame and name will go away. Scandals and humiliation may indeed be common in your life. Since Sun is a fiery planet it is important that you remain calm, or else you will face trouble with your family and companions.

Not getting any achievements and losing what you already had can cause a lot of unhappiness in your life. You will feel unhappy with almost everything in your life. Many diseases can make your body your home like mental stress, anxiety, and headache. Due to excessive thinking and increased exertion, you will be prone to become depressed and highly stressed during Sun Mahadasha. Fire in Sun can make you prone to aggression and arrogance. You will easily lose your temper at times. This may increase the number of opposition.


Sun is exalted in Aries. If there is Sun in the ascendant, then the person is energetic and proud. Skilled in making efficient decisions, intelligent, and respected in society. Sun is high here. The person will be successful and bright. Such people achieve tremendous success in the government sector. From politics to administrative fields, the Sun located here gives the best results. If there is a relation of malefic planets above the Sun located here, then the person will have problems related to eyes, problems in bones, and hair fall. There will be some sourness in the relationship with the father as well. There will be more ego inside the person. If Sun has a relationship with Jupiter, then such a person is far-sighted and visionary. If you want detailed information about Sun's Mahadasha for Aries ascendant, then talk to astrologer.

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