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Sun in Aries Ascendant

Sun in Aries Ascendant

Aries Ascendant means the presence of the number 1 in the first house of the Ascendant. Aries ascendant is owned by the planet Mars, Mars is an aggressive, warrior, and hardworking planet, similar nature is seen in the people of Aries ascendant, if Mars is afflicted by sin in the Kundali of the Aries ascendant or Rahu or Saturn. Or if Mars is aspected by Saturn or Rahu, then Mars becomes aggressive and makes the native aggressive, the person can become very angry and lose his temper very quickly. In the horoscope of Aries ascendant, Sun is the fifth lord, Mars is the lord of the Aries ascendant and the Sun is friendly with you, Sun is the king of the planets and Mars is the commander of the planets. 

In the Kundali of Aries Ascendant, the Sun is the giver of auspicious effects, the Sun is the factor of children's happiness, good children, marriage, love, poets and speculative business, advisors in government institutions, tact, attainment of mantras, etc. If Aries is in the 1st, 4th, 5th, and 9th house in the Ascendant, then the Sun will get all its benefits, apart from this it will provide money benefits, social prestige, economic progress, political and government benefits.


If the Sun enters the 6th, 7th, 8th, 10th, 11th, and 12th house in Aries ascendant, then the Sun becomes incapable of giving its auspicious effects.



Sun in all 12 Houses for Aries Ascendant


Sun in 1st house Aries Ascendant


If the Sun is in the first house in Aries ascendant, then it will be exalted. The person will get a lot of fame, money will be beneficial, the person will be famous, will be bright on his face, the person will be physically very powerful, energetic, and Will be stunning. In Aries ascendant, the Sun in the first house creates ego in the person, the person gets angry very quickly, the person wants to keep everyone under his control, the person may have eye disease and there may be differences in the married life of the person.


Sun in 2nd house Aries Ascendant


In the second house of Aries ascendant, the Sun belongs to Taurus, in the second house, the Sun causes estrangement, fights, fights with family, family and neighboring neighbors, and also causes a lack of social respect and respect, the second Sun of Aries ascendant also interferes with education. It is lacking in education. Sun is generally auspicious in monetary gain and financial matters. Expenses can be high and children can also become the reason for more expenses.


Sun in 3rd house Aries Ascendant


In the Kundali of Aries ascendant, if the Sun is in the third mighty house, then it will be in the Gemini sign of Mercury, here the Sun will give its auspicious effects, and the person will be very hardworking and hardworking, will get progress and fame by going away from his place of birth, love from siblings And cooperation will be received, there may be differences of mutual views with the father. The Sun in the third house in Aries ascendant is supposed to give knowledge and wisdom to the native.


Sun in 4th house Aries Ascendant


In Aries Ascendant, the Sun sits in the fourth house in the Cancer sign of its friend Moon, the Sun in the fourth house is supposed to provide the native with life, land, a house, and a mother's happiness, the person gets financial benefits in his life. And the person enjoys the pleasures of a big and well-equipped house, gets business benefits and economic benefits, the person also travels abroad.


Sun in 5th house Aries Ascendant


In the Kundali of Aries Ascendant, Sun is the lord of the fifth house, if the Sun is in the fifth house, then the Sun in its own Leo sign gives very auspicious results. Fifth Sun provides higher education to the person, provides brilliant children, intelligence, social wealth, and sudden economic benefits, and organizes auspicious works in the house. The native enjoys love affairs and receives affection from their elder siblings.


Sun in 6th house Aries Ascendant


In the Kundali of Aries ascendant, if Sun is in Virgo sign of Mercury in the 6th house, then Sun here will not give its auspicious results, Sun will give its inauspicious results here, the Sun here will be harmful to the child, or else to the native as a child. Problems will be found, if the person is getting an education, then there may be trouble in education or interruption in education. The person may have to face the problems of the court, may give heart-related disease, may be in debt due to financial losses, and there is also the fear of losing their job.


Sun in 7th house Aries Ascendant


In the Kundali of Aries ascendant, if the fifth house lord Sun is in the seventh house, then here the Sun becomes debilitated in the Libra sign of Venus, here the Sun is unable to give any auspicious results, the Sun fights in the married life. , separation can give marital discord, and business problems and creates problems like estrangement and break in partnership. The health of the native may remain weak.


Sun in 8th house Aries Ascendant


In the Kundali of Aries Ascendant, the Sun placed in the eighth house is not auspicious, gives bodily pains and diseases, causes loss in business, the person has to face more struggle in any work, the person remains entangled in the entanglements. The person may have to face loss of honor in Their life, the ancestral property can be lost, and children give trouble in life.


Sun in 9th house Aries Ascendant


In Aries ascendant, when the Sun, the lord of the fifth house, is placed in the ninth house, then the Sun in the ninth house gives very auspicious results in the rich sign of Jupiter. The Sun here provides very obedient and educated children to the native, the person gets happiness from the children, the native gets the ancestral property from his father, and the father's cooperation is received in the profit. It also gives birth to the native to study abroad, education abroad, higher education, job or business, and the person must travel abroad.


Sun in 10th house Aries Ascendant


In the Aries ascendant Kundali, if the fifth Sun comes in the tenth house in the sign of Saturn in Capricorn i.e. in the karmic house, then the person definitely gets success in business, business or job in life, but for that, the person has a lot in his life. One has to struggle, and the person also achieves success in politics, but the people around him are his enemies, they keep trying to bring them down. If the person works somewhere, then his own colleagues do not like them.


Sun in 11th house Aries Ascendant


In Aries ascendant, if the fifth lord Sun is situated in Aquarius sign in the eleventh house. in the house of profit, then one has to work harder in business work, and also there is a loss of profit, there is a decrease in relations with elder siblings, It takes a lot of hard work to get benefits from government departments.


Sun in 12th house Aries Ascendant


In the Kundali of Aries ascendant, when the fifth lord Sun sits in the twelfth house, then it is not considered good, here the Sun gives loss, and gets involved in unnecessary expenses, demotion in jobs, and business losses. It is a factor, that produces physical disease, keeps the person involved in some or the other troubles and the fear of accident remains.


If the Sun becomes weak in Aries ascendant, or if it suffers from sin, then it becomes necessary to take measures for it. Talk to Astrologer to know about the remedies.

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