Sun and Mercury Conjunction in The 12th House

Sun and Mercury Conjunction in The 12th House

Sun, also called the “Agni Devta”. It is the real source of Jeevan. The sun represents the soul, the Father, and power. It is reflected as one of the celebrities in the world. Sun gives you the ability to fight all the evils in your life. It is the ruler of all the planets. You can get an astrology phone consultation for more information.

Mercury plays a significant role in astrology. It confers an individual with wealth and intelligence. It brings happiness into an individual’s life by taking down different obstacles in his course of life. Mercury influences the 12 houses in the horoscope. It has been the source of positive thoughts in an individual’s mind. Mercury by different planets gives different fruits. If Mercury is effective in an individual’s horoscope, then the communication skills of the native are efficient.

Effects of Sun and Mercury Conjunction in 12th House

The Twelfth house or the house governs the subconscious mind of an individual. The twelfth house majorly governs things that are not physically present but influence an individual’s life. It is associated with fear, misery, anxiety, and an inferiority complex. The twelfth house is the last house out of the houses and also is associated with the soul leaving the body. The twelfth house is also responsible for an individual’s divine knowledge and what spiritual values the individual has but the twelfth house also tells us about the materialistic desires of a person. The twelfth house also deals with the emotions of a human being like sympathy and unhappiness.

Positive effect of Sun and Mercury Conjunction in 12th House 

  • The individual may be involved in religious activities and is inclined to their beliefs. The individual might also be involved in spiritual activities.

  • The individual may be a good orator and has good communication skills. The individual has acquired different skills.

  • The individual may have self-respect. The individual is aware of his self-reputation.

  • The individual may be kind of his nature and is also helpful. The individual may have a charming personality. He may be also intelligent.

  • The individual might have a good financial condition and a good flow of cash

Negative effects of Sun and Mercury Conjunction in 12th House

  • The individual may not be broad-minded. Even if the individual is intelligent but he might lack morality and may not properly use his intelligence. The individual may lack moral values. The individual thoughts may be evil and not fit for society.

  • The individual can also be defamed because of his immoral acts and may be humiliated for such acts.

  • The individual may have family issues wherein he may be not compatible with his father. There might be differences in ideologies with his father. Therefore, the individual may be living away from his father at a distance.

  • The individual may lack a stable state of mind. He lacks peace of mind and has psychological disorders too.

  • The individual may suffer from insomnia, eyesight problems, and also migraine.

  • The individual can suffer from financial crisis and loss in business. The individual may have enemies and he may also have no compatibility with government authority.


The individual seems to have an unsteady state of mind and may be involved in immoral activities. The solution to this is having the mind of the individual conditioned. The individual is required to be constantly monitored to ensure he does not get involved in malicious activities. The individual should be guided properly during the course of his life. The individual may be facing a financial crisis; therefore, he should prefer staying on the safe side to safeguard his money during such a crisis and he should try to be not involved in risky businesses.

For a one-on-one consultation ask our astrologer to get the best potential solution and remedies for the issue. The best part for a person with this conjunction is to believe in things and not take astrology for granted. Ask one question for particular insights.

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